UPDATE: 2014/15 U.I PG FORMS ARE ON SALE. visit for more info
Presently, the postgraduate school at the University of Ibadan is advertising and receiving applications for its 2013/14 academic session. The University of Ibadan is a “Harvard” of some sort to many Nigerians. Within Nigeria and West Africa region, University of Ibadan has stood out, and is still standing tall within its academic equals. The following is to assist all those applying for postgraduate studies at U.I
1. The Sale of Forms for the 2013/14 academic session commenced on 10th June, 2013 (this includes the sale of scratch cards) and is going to close on the 19th July, 2013.
2. On-line registration is better done using the latest Internet explorer, goggle chrome or opera web browser. Mozilla firefox does not work for the registration.
3. On-line Registration is done at . The first step is to fill in your bio-data, print out your invoice and pay at the bank. The form fee is 13,000 naira for academic and 18,000 naira for professional programmes.
4. Those registering for academic Masters will pay 2,500 naira for English Proficiency  Test. All these payments are done at designated banks.
5. After getting the scratch cards from the banks, you can continue your on-line registration using the codes (pin and serial numbers) on the scratch cards.
6. All Prospective Applicants should submit all credentials including NYSC discharged certificate or exemption letter. Corps members who would have completed the NYSC programme by the start of registration (especially batch C ‘corpers’) can apply as their certificate would be ready for presentation by the start of the registration process.
7. For an academically good student, (CGPA>3.0/5), the chances of getting admitted into University of Ibadan are bright,but it still depends on the competition into the department being applied to.
8. For The English Proficiency Test, it was only introduced last year (i.e 2012/13 session). The test was based on basic English language which includes lexis and structure, antonyms e.t.c. A revision of JAMB use of English would help.
9. Prospective Postgraduate Students can take the sample proficiency test for revision. After submission of the form, download the English Proficiency test sample question from the website.
Wishing you all a successful application into the Postgraduate School at University of Ibadan, Nigeria’s Premier University.
Follow this blog for up-to-date information about Postgraduate studies in Nigeria. God Bless.


  1. Please I don't know if you have 1st hand info on the guidelines especially for Post Graduate Diploma. I have a deficiency in Maths (O'level) is there anyway to remedy that? Thank you

  2. well this is not first hand, but it depends on the dept you are applying to. If you are applying for a postgraduate diploma in fields outside engineering, maths and related courses, then there should be no problem. What the department you are applying to?

  3. Pls, because of the ASUU strike I can't get my lecturer to sign my refree form and also to request for my transcript. I heard submission of application forms end on the 31st of August, and transcripts must have reached UI by then…I'm in a fix, I don't know what to do, pls advise.

  4. ^^ The postgraduate school at university of Ibadan is on strike so it would still take some time before registration finally closes, but why not give a call personally to your referees so they would fill the form privately for you? Also for your transcript, it ASUU that is on strike not NASU, your school's exams and records should be working. Thanks.

  5. I clicked on the link & I saw a notice that sale of pg forms will be from 27/12/13-10/01/14. Is that for 2013/2014 or 2014/2015?

  6. Amaka, the postgraduate forms for the university of Ibadan will not commence anytime soon. The previous successful postgraduate students have not resumen because of ASUU strike. Subscribe to postgraduatenigeria for latest news.

  7. Ok. I'm really sorry to write this but I have to ask, I didn't get an email notification of when the proficiency test is going to be held and I just recently found out that the one for my department has been written, last saturday. What should I do?

  8. pls, kip me informed, once the sale of pgd forms start in u.i, for 2014/2015 academic year.thanks

  9. Pls kip us infomed on the date that the sale of masters form for 2014/2015 session will commence….thanks

  10. Thanks for ur helpful info. I'm hoping for the 2014/2015 form sale. But pls, what is the duration for msc in soil sci and can a 2:2( >3.0) grade be accepted? Thanks

  11. Ayodele John plz update us o when the sale of forms for the 2014/2015 Academic session will commence. Thank you

  12. I applied for Msc industry chemistry.but i hvnt heard any news concerning recommendation from d dept.hw can you be of help?

  13. pls I want to know if admission letter for the 2013/14 session is ready & if it is so,how can one print it from ui website

  14. pls Ayodele John, tell me if d admission letter for the 2013/14 is out & how one print it out online. Pls tell me now

  15. Ayodele John, greetings to u for ur updates. Pls i'll like to know if u.i do part-time programe at all. Pls allow me drop my mobile for a quicker response. U can text me, tnx i appreciate u a lot. Oluremi. 07030174511

  16. Greetings.please i will like to know when the maters form will be on sale for 2014/2015session. And also how much is the form? please would you please give me a run-down of all the payments that need to be made if one is finally admitted as a second degree student(masters degree), as well as the accommodation fee. thanks in advance. awaiting your reply

  17. celianpinky, the university if ibadan surely offers a masters in literature. but note that U.I has different options in literature, so know the area you want to specialize in

  18. @Ayodele. thanks for the reply. please when will the MAsters form be on sale? please can u give me the available options available for literature? and also how much does the form cost?

  19. celiapinky, literature options at the university of ibadan for masters are
    Oral Literature
    African Literature in English
    English Literature
    Caribbean Literature
    American Literature
    Literature Theory and Criticism

  20. the school fees for postgraduate studies into university of ibadan depends on the course you are applying for. it is between about 90,000 -120,000. professional programmes may be costlier.

  21. I had hnd in business administation/mgt can I apply directly for masters programme without having to do a pgd programme?I graduated with an upper credit along side other professional is my contact for the update.07032108380

  22. Please, I will like to know if UI offer PGD in Mechanical Engineering and if there's any information about the form sales. Is there any chances of getting admission with lower credit?

  23. I wouldnt know if you can be admitted for a PGD in psychology. You are changing totally from sciences to social sciences. Its better if you can visit the admission office at university of Ibadan

  24. Please i want to know if someone with HND Distinction in Quantity Surveying with less than 2 years experience can put in for professional M.Sc in housing dev & mgt?. How much is d school fee

  25. the school fees for postgraduate studies into university of ibadan depends on the course you are applying for. ranges between about 90,000 -120,000. professional programmes may be costlier

  26. Pls i had HND in food science n technology n i had lower credit. Can i be able to apply for PGD in UI? Fanks

  27. Thanks for your gud work.pls am a current serving batch C corper.I intend to apply for U I masters 2014/2015 session when the forms come out.hope I am eligible? What's their Law post graduate programme like. How is transcript sent? Is it during purchasing the forms or registration or after admission and is it by hand or post…plz what's the differnce between professional and academic masters in U.I

  28. Post questions with name/tag
    -University of Ibadan should easily admit you for postgraduate diploma
    -Yea, you should through with NYSC by then. transcript is requested from the school you graduated from. Professional masters is for those who would not do Ph.D afterwards/lecture e.g MBA, while academic masters is the opposite.

  29. Hello house, can u.i allow me to work and also do my full time prog. in biochemical pharmacology(

  30. Greetings mr Ayodele! Pls does ui offer master's degree prog in political science? If yes, what are the various areas of specializatn, the duration and d tuition fee; and also can a 2:2(2.5) grade be accepted tnx

  31. It would be difficult to do a full time MSc programme in university of ibadan and still hold a regular job, except the work is in ibadan.
    university of ibadan surely does a master degree programme in political science, but your cgpa is too low, i wouldnt even advise you to apply.

  32. pls, am a batch C corper and i want to know if i can apply for master at ui and also want to know if they offer agronomy and the tuition fee

  33. @Ayodele. please does UI offer Comparative literature at post graduate level? i mean for masters. And does the school have affordable post graduate hostel? whats the cost of the hostel accommodation per session? thanks

  34. @Ayodele. I am a graduate from nuhubamalli polytechnic zaria,kaduna state and my CPGA is 3.14. I want to know if UI accepts applicants from my school so I can apply for post graduate degree. Thanks.

  35. ^^ Did you graduate with a bachelors degree of HND. Well, you can apply to university of ibadan, but i need more details to know your chances of admission

  36. I graduated from the department of fine art with a 2.2. can i apply for a PGD in Social Sciences or Management?

  37. I graduated with a 3rd class in industrial chemistry, is it possible for me to delve into another field entirely to do a master's program directly?

  38. Possibly marketing but haven't made up my mind yet.. I just followed/added u on G+, would u mind if I talk to u directly on phone pls?

  39. hello, please does UI have any PGD programme related to human resource management and when will 2014/2015 forms come out. being a 3rd class graduate in Geography (social science) can i do masters or i have to go through PGD first

  40. Please when will the 2014/2015 PG forms be out. And please do you have any information on the major requirements for Professional Master Of Engineering Management ( M.E.M ) in Department Of lndustrial and Production Engineering.

  41. How soon will the 2014/2015 forms be on sale for foreign students and how much is the school fees for the CPEEL? Is there accommodation on campus for foreign students and how much is charged for one?

  42. Good day Mr ayodele i just want to confirm when the time that PGD form will be available for sale. And how possible for me to do PGD in marketing of business administration, i have HND in marketing from Lagos state poly with CGPA 3.02 .

  43. Please is there Department of Vocational and Technical Education Department in University of Ibadan because that is my area of specialization and need to be sure. Thank you

  44. pls kip me inform, once d sale of ui pg 2014/2015 form is out.what is the duration 4 MSC Ed in maths and MSC in maths.can 2 o'level results be combined 4 admission 4 this course?

  45. Good day i had HND in marketing with UPPER CREDIT, i will like to know when is UI PGD form will be out for sale. more over i will like to confirm if it it possible for me do either INDUSTRIAL SOCIAL WELFARE, Or INDUSTRIAL AND LABOUR RELATION, at PGD LEVEL and still be able to do MBA in future (pls this information is very important to me i need an urgent reply,

  46. Hello, do UI offer Public Administration at PGD level? How possible is it for me to offer this course, having an HND in Business Administration (Upper Credit)

  47. @ Ayodele John, please i have B.Eng in elect/elect and i graduated with 3.8/5.0 and i have a combined o level result (waec and neco) and i intend to do master in elect/elect. what are chances of getting admitted? please when in the pg admission for 2014/15 goin gto be out?

  48. @Mr/Mrs/Miss Anonymous, Do not meddle in what you don't know by saying that I am lying about my initial post. I don't need to clarify issues with you. For those that are not the doubting thomas. You can check the Guardian Newspaper of 19 August, 2014 (Page 24, to be precise) and consult the PG School of UI because the information is not available online yet.

  49. Moreover, I can as well confirmed to you that the sales for the CPEEL form as asked by one of the questioner will be closing by October 6 (As depicted in the Guardian Newspaper of 19 August, 2014; Page 24).

  50. Pls I want to know how much the school fees for 'pgde in institute of Education' is. I got admission for d 2013/2014 session but hv not been able to resume because of lack of funds. I hear their exams start in september. If u can give me a detailed breakdown of their fees, I'll be very grateful.

  51. Please, is credit pass in mathematics needed for admission into post graduate in linguistics. And can I apply if without my nysc discharged certificate. I will finish nysc february. Also, how much is the form please. Thank you

  52. @Mr. Ayodele- Please with 2^1 in Sociology and who is anticipating to study Medical Sociology but having pass(D7) in my O/L Maths. Sir, what is the probability of getting admission?

  53. thanks so much mr Ayodele.i intend to do M.ed Edu mgt plz can it be done as academic masters?i want to put in for dis yr admision.plz txt me tru .i beg u.08077797275

  54. Pls mr ayodele, do u kn¤w if UI accepts tw¤ sittings @ Oº°˚˚°'level, waec & Neco respectively @ their masters level

  55. hello sir ,pls i ve been trying to fill the contact info/ religion form online but d webpage kept telling me to fill my matric no, i ve already paid and i want to finish filling the form as soon as possible. thanks

  56. plz sir i have a bsc ed degree in biology education cgpa(2.5) n wud luv to apply for an MPH programme wat are my chances…

  57. I graduated with cgpa less than 2.80, what are the chances of admission for Msc in computer science. plz i need quick reply.

  58. ayodele thanks 4 ur apt n profound humane exercise.Please how competitive is masters program in Economics in UI.

  59. Hello, Mr Ayodele John. I'm Olufemi. Please when is the deadline of the purchase/submission of post graduate forms in U.I.?

  60. can an HND holder apply for master in managerial psychology without NYSC exemption because it was a part time programmed i run

  61. am a graduate of nursing at ABU with 3rd class . is it possible for me to apply for my master and registered nurse/ midwife. thanx

  62. Am graduate of biological science wit 2:2(2.7) what r my chances into medical microbiology or med lab science in ui

  63. Thanks 4d info @ayodele, I ll like to know under which department is information system management? and is it d same with computer information system in UI….besides I made a wrong choice of course while filling my form, what ll u advice me do as regards changing it to my right course of choice

  64. hi am kayode a graduate of statistics with grade 2.2 (2.99) want program in econometrics in UI pls need more infor abt it..

  65. Hello! please what is ui cut off mark in d english proficiency text for pg nursing program, most specially midwifery

  66. pls i studied S.L.T (Biochemistry option) and i graduated with a distinction, can i put in for PGD in U.I for Nutritional Biochemistry or i will have to do Biochemistry then at masters level will do Nutritional biochemistry.

  67. I graduated from Yaba college of Technology with upper credit in Accounting, I will like to know if it is possible for me to study International Relations……..PGD

    Admission is currently going on into Federal university and private university such as • University of Ado-Ekiti.Call 08140793849 for 2015/2016 Admission. Covenant University• University of Benin • University of Calabar • University of Education, Ikere-Ekiti • University of Ibadan • University of Ilorin • University of Jos• University of Lagos • University of Maiduguri • University of Mkar, Mkar • University of Nigeria • University of port-harcourt.Call 08140793849 for 2015/2016 Admission… if you have any problem to upgrade you gamb kindly contact 08140793849

  69. Please is d form for university of ibadan postgraduate admission still available?if it is hw does someone in Zaria gets it and I studied biochemistry buh want to switch to pharmacy,is dia any postgraduate diploma course in pharmacy or its related fields?thank you.

  70. Please i have good CGPA in my undergraduate result but here are my o level grades
    Chemistry D7
    Mathematics C6
    Physics C5
    Biology C5
    English C5
    Geography C4

    Please any chance for Msc Computer Science?

  71. Hello,so I have been offered an admission to a pG program in Ui,but I only have my transcript,I’m having an issue getting my school certificate. Can I substitute the transcript for the certificate at the clearance level?

    1. If you don’t have the school certificate, you can get a statement of result. Transcript is for a different reason. I’m not sure it is acceptable for clearance

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