For those who wish to apply to the Center  for Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law (CPEEL) at the university of Ibadan [see advert here]. This post is to present information that would help your application. Take note of the following.
1. The postgraduate programme offered by the Center for Petroleum,Energy Economics and Law are       multidisciplinary, hence they dont fit in strictly into any faculty. When filling your application form, you shouldnt select law, social science or technology, rather fill in Center for Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law.
2. Postgraduate applicant need not worry about late application fees. They are excluded from paying late application fees.
3. Those who have third class either from University of Ibadan or any other school need not apply as they would not be admitted.
4. Applicant for Phd programme whose MSc is not from University of Ibadan, irrespective of their grades can only apply for MPhil/PhD and not direct PhD.
5. Application is done online at University of Ibadab postgraduate school’s website
6. Applicants should attach certified copies of academic transcript for both bachelors and masters degree and a detailed curriculum vitae.
God Bless


  1. Greetings to you. I am a student of university of Ibadan. I am presently reading Meng Elect-elect Engineering.
    I wish to further with my career with PhD energy studies.
    Am I eligible for the Phd Energy studies if I score 60% & above at my Meng level?
    It is worth mentioning that I am also a holder of Msc Renewable Energy,Mtech InformationTechnology, MBA,PGD Project Management,PGD finance . I have also a
    Professional Master in Energy Efficiency and Renewable energy.

    1. Hello Hassan. You’re more than qualified for a PhD with the grade.

      With your many other masters, I believe you would have good enough research experience. So that would count too

    2. Hello, I am interested in studying an LLM in Energy Law at the University of Ibadan. Please, I’ll like to know when the next available session will begin and how much the tuition will cost. Thank you.

      PS: I didn’t conclude my undergraduate studies at the University of Ibadan.

      1. Hello Davies, when the next UI postgraduate form go on sale. Follow this blog for update

  2. Hello, I graduated from UNN with a degree in economics (second class lower) and I want to further my education in Energy Economics at Msc level. I want to know if I’m qualified and the tuition cost!

    1. If you’re interested in CPEEL. With a degree in Economics, you are qualified. It is a specialised program. I don’t have the updated tuition fee but it is costly

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