POSTGRADUATE NIGERIA: For The Latest Information About Postgraduate Studies In Nigeria.


Welcome to Postgraduate Nigeria, your one stop website for quality, breaking news and up to date information about postgraduate education in Nigeria. Through this medium, we would offer you concise, in-depth and behind the scenes information about Postgraduate studies in Nigeria. Postgraduate degrees in Nigeria include Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), Postgraduate Diploma (PGD), Masters (MSc, M.A,  MPH, LLM, MLS, e.t.c ) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Though there may be other specialised postgraduate education programme, we shall be limited to the main ones.
The information you would be getting on Postgraduate Nigeria includes Postgraduate admission advertisment, tips and advise to help your Postgraduate admission application, review on different postgraduate schools and programmes, guide on having a successful postgraduate programme, links and suggestions to various scholarship opportunities and many more. All these are aimed at making you have success in your quest for a higher degree.
The website would be updated regularly, and student in various Postgraduate schools in Nigeria with helpful information should contact admin so that the information can be posted. Bookmark this site and make sure you visit us regularly. God bless.

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  1. Hello,pls I have a 3rd class in biochemistry and I'm looking to do a pgd in english in unilag. Do I stand any chance? And are there universities in the uk that can offer admission to a 3rd class bsc grad into a pgd program? Thanks

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