The result of the Postgraduate entrance exams written by those applying for various postgraduate programmes have been released. But for the many applicants, there have been many complaints and questions remain about the conduct of the exams, the result released and the postgraduate admission process  into  University of Nigeria, Nsukka. This blog would give you first hand information about the Postgraduate school at university of Nigeria.
1. The Postgraduate entrance exams was conducted for the first time by the university, and is probably a trial    test, BUT IT WOULD BE USED FOR THE ADMISSION PROCESS, except anything goes            .otherwise.
2.The Postgraduate school marked the scripts of  all postgraduate applicants, and the file of those deemed    qualified were sent to the various department to further sift the applicants to their desired standard.    (transcript e.t.c)
3. A scratch card of one thousand naira (1000) plus about one hundred naira bank commission is needed access the result. (don’t mind UNN money making gimmicks. lol)
4. For those having difficulty checking their result, depending on the problem, send an e-mail with your complaints to I would advise you to send repeated mails to them as you may not get a quick response.
5. Your inability to find/print your result online would not likely affect your admission if you are qualified. But  it would surely be needed when registration process begins.
6. According to a staff at the ICT center, a lot of students made mistakes in filling in their application forms, this is the reason why many may not see their result.
7. Work on admission process for regular Postgraduate applicants have not commenced, this is because the postgraduate school is treating the admission of postgraduate sand wish students, who are presently in session.
8. About the cut-off mark for admission, there has not been a definite comment yet, but your prayer should be that your name appear in the final admission list. That is what guarantees you admission (personal opinion based on findings) because only those adjudge to have passed (based on an already set cut-off by PG school) were those sent to the various department.
9. The schools fees for academic masters was 76,000 thousand, and bed space in hostel costs 34,000 in the 2012/13 session. This gives you an idea of how much you would need for your financial preparation.
Regularly visit this blog for up date about you postgraduate admissions. God bless


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