UPDATE: 2014/15 U.I PG FORM IS FINNALY OUT. Drop your questions click ==>here
We appreciate the regular readers on this blog and their questions. There seems to be a lot of expectation about when the University of Ibadan would begin sales of its 2014/15 postgraduate forms. This is a summary of the questions asked on .

  1. AMAKA IZUOBA6 May 2014 08:39morning..plz wats d latest on mastas form sales? how much is the tuition fee? is it per semeter or per section?
  2. pls, kip me informed, once the sale of pgd forms start in u.i, for 2014/2015 academic year.thanks. Can a person apply if deficient in English Language and Mathematics?
    Thanks for ur helpful info. I’m hoping for the 2014/2015 form sale. But pls, what is the duration for msc in soil sci and can a 2:2( >3.0) grade be accepted? Thanks

– We will definitelt keep you informed when University if Ibadan begin sales of its 2014/15 postgraduate forms. But it seems it would still take a while. For the 2013/14 postgraduate applicant into U.I, their recommendation/admission letters are still being processed. That is, last year postgraduate applicants who passed the entry exams have not began lectures. So, take your time and make sure you visit the blog regularly. Tuition fees for postgraduate studies in U.I is about 30,000 to 120,000 depending the course. Note, this is tuition fees alone, the consolidated fees should not be less the 90,000 for the lowest. The postgraduate fees are per session. This is the postgraduate fees for 2012/13 session at University of Ibadan. [click here]
– Some one who is deficient in English Language and Mathematics need not apply. You would be screened out. You should have at least 5 credits at O’ level including English Language and Mathematics. Don’t dash U.I postgraduate school you money.
– Duration for masters programme at U.I is normally 18 months, except for some professional courses and part time. Admission into postgraduate programme at University of Ibadan is very competitive. Your best shot at being admitted is to have a 2.1. Even some 2.1 may be denied if the competition is high and you are not a U.I graduate.
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  1. Are their some courses that are run on part time at the post graduate programme. please kindly mention them.

    1. Please is it possible for someone who just started internship to apply for master’s in UI for pharmacy

      1. It’s possible if you have done your oath taking and induction. But UI will require NYSC certificate to process your Master’s admission

  2. Am a chemistry graduate with a third class,want to do my postgraduate program in ui,pharmaceutical chemistry…is that possible and what are the chances of getting admitted

  3. maryam, i dont really know what you mean by postgraduate programme, but you cant do a masters in university of ibadan for that course because of your class of degree. i'd advise you to do a postgraduate diploma.

  4. Please can someone with a 2'1 in Electronics & Computer Engneering from FUTO be able to do Msc in Computer Science at University of Ibadan? Thanks

  5. you should be be easilty admitted at U.I in computer science, since you made 2.1, just make sure you pass the profiency exams well. Msc specialization at university of ibadan in computer science are
    Computer Architecture
    Operating Systems
    Programming Language
    Data Communications/Computer Network
    Computer embedded System
    Algorithms & Computational Theory
    Database/Data Warehousing/Data Mining
    Functional & Logic Programming
    Computer Information Systems
    Human Computer Interaction.

  6. please when is the masters form going on sale? most schools have started selling their forms and I wonder what's delaying that of UI. please is there anyway that one can get the English Proficiency test online and if not, what should one expect? at least to start preparing for the exams? what do u think should be the estimate for the forms? you have really been of great help, thanks a whole lot

  7. Celiapinky, those that bought the postgraduate forms last year are just about resuming, ASUU strike affect them at U.I. Also, its only UNILORIN and UNN that have sold forms this year (as much as i know). Just chill, okay? the form should not go beyond 22k

  8. @emma, you should, but a 2.1 would have made your admission more certain.
    @toyin, keep follow this blog, we should here for you.

  9. Please do UI offer an MSc in Software engineering or Information Technology under Computer Science

  10. Please I want to do the masters of engineering management in industrial and production engr (logistics and supply chain mgt) in UI. I have a 2:2 (3.26) in Shipping Mgt Technology (B.Tech) from FUTO. I also intend on grabbing a pgd in production engr from uniben then applying to UI for the prof masters. Is this a good step? Pls advice. Thanks

  11. @all, post comments with a name or an alais, makes it easier to quote you
    – U.I does not offer software engineering/I.T but other similar courses exists
    -U.I does engineering management under industrual&production engineering. your other question is not clear
    -U.I cannot take entrance exams when they did not sell form.

  12. Pls wats the requirement for masters in public health in UI, do 2:2 candidate in microbiology has hope? Pls i nid an urgent reply.Tanxs

  13. Pls was told dat those applying 4 masters in English language need not 2 write d exams. How true is this? Secondly can u help me list the courses in Masters in English offered by UI?

  14. Pls the proficiency Exams is it for al? Because Someone told me that people going for masters in English need not 2 write the Exams. Pls how true is this. Secondly can u help me list d courses for masters in English been offered in UI

    1. @Deborah, as far as I know, the proficiency test is for all postgraduate masters applicants into university of Ibadan.
      Courses in masters are
      Contrastive Analysis
      Varieties of English
      English as a Second Language
      Socio Linguistics
      Discourse Analysis
      Phonology/Phonetics of English

      1. Please I need to know the exact things to read those topics mentioned ,because those courses are rather to broad .

  15. GdM,pls want to enquire ,if a 2.2 in biochem can apply for public health and i want to know wether the school is offering part-time in PH and when is the next pgd form is coming out.tnks

  16. @meetubgneeds, a 60% Ph.D grade at masters level is needed for your Ph.D admission
    @grace, I don't think university if Ibadan offers part time masters in MPH, also, as an advice, is your biochemistry majored in the medical aspect, cos that might help admission to do MPH
    @Moji, U.I forms is not out yet, visit this blog regularly
    @Sanmi, yes, form is not out yet.

  17. My name is biola ,i have HND in Accounting with lower credit from The polytechnic Ibadan i want to know if i can do my master or PG in UI ,2014/2015 admmission. please.

  18. when exactly is d pg form for UI 2014/2015 goin 2 come out? also can someone on 2.2 apply? does d university offer a course in Biotechnology and molecular biology?

  19. i heard that ui pgd form was meant to come out on the 15th of this month, please how true is this and if not will it be sold before the end of the year? what does pgd in education entail and the total cost please

  20. please what is the duration of pgd in ui? Will the entrance exam be written before the end of the year? thanks

  21. Hi, am wale, I want to ask if someone with 2.1 in economics education can be admitted to do Msc in Economics? If no, is there any way of making it possible. Thanks in advance.

  22. I'm mide, pls I want to knw if dere is a chance fr me in ui postgraduate fr agric econs , I graduated frn OAU wit 2:1 in soil sc, and pls wen is d closing date fr d form

  23. Please, I have First Class in Demography and Social Statistics, do you think I can be admitted to do Msc in Economics. Thanks in anticipation

  24. Meanwhile, information have not been made available online as I said in my last comment. However, you can get detail information on Guardian Newspaper of 19 August, 2014 and their PG School. Thanks.

  25. Good morning Mr.Ayodele pls how possible is it for me to do my PGD in industrial social work in ui. i mean part time.cos i will be coming from lagos every weekend,I had my HND in 2013 in marketing with (Upper credit), pls need a reply

  26. Good day. I want to run an MBA programme in UI on a part time level and I need pointers. I am in Lagos and I have only worked for 2 years.

  27. university of Ibadan does not offer biotechnology and molecular biology, similar courses there are membrane biochemistry and biotechnology in the department of biochemistry.

  28. @James, UI options in geology are
    Mineral Exploration (with options in Geophysics, Geochemistry and
    Economic/Mining Geology)
    Industrial Mineralogy
    Economic Geology
    Geochemistry/Petrology/Soil Mineralogy
    Quaternary Geology
    Petroleum Geology/Sedimentology
    Applied Geophysics
    Economic Geology
    Petrology/Structural Geology
    Hydrogeology/Engineering Geology.

  29. @Wale, I would advice you no to apply for Economics, it is very competitive at U.I, and you BSc(ed) is a disadvantage.
    @olamide, apply quickly. UI PG form would close the last week of September.
    @Lakintan. You can apply to economics, but I advice you to select options related to your first degree course like development economics etc

  30. I have a in mathematics. want to put in for masters in educational management. Is it advisable to put in for this course or my background course? Your advise will greatly be of help. Thanks

  31. I am Efe, plis can I know the cost of the form and if UI does Strategic management and planning @ M.Sc or M.Ed?
    What alternative course do they do @ M.Sc and M.Ed?

    1. Related courses at MED in U.I
      Educational Systems Administration
      Institutional Administration
      Educational Planning and Policy
      Personnel Administration
      Economics of Education

  32. I'm TONIA. i have 2:2 in microbiology from Unizik and i want to put in for masters in public health. Can it be done?

  33. I want to appreciate d effort of Mr Ayodele for d info and d advice, in fact, it been helpful, thanks so much. Wale

  34. I have 2.1 in Accounting from UNAD,can I do my masters in UI,what are the options for Accounting in UI masters degree programme, can anyone help me.

  35. pls can i do G$C or Educational management as masters in u.i with Bsc(ed)physics(2.2 as 3.3cgpa).can i do part time

  36. what are the Industrial Mathematics relative courses in computer science department available for Msc in UI (with 2:2 in Ind. Maths)? or in Mathematics department as well?

  37. ^^^ Elasticity
    Continuum Mechanics
    Mathematical Biology
    Mathematical Modeling
    Quantum Field Theory
    Electromagnetic Theory
    Financial Mathematics
    Mathematical Programming
    Operation Research

  38. Pls how much is the school fees for the centre for petroleum energy economics and law, i heard its up to 1million? Am applying for LLM in Energy Law.

    Furthermore, I am currently doing my NYSC and will be passing out by mid october, by then the application for PG school will be over. we are required to scan and upload our nysc discharge certificate, what do i do?

  39. Mr Ayodele, pls I would like to know my chances of being admitted into UI for masters in public health. Am a graduate of human physiology with 2:2(2.59)

  40. Pls i am currently serving in d NYSC batch B,with a 2.1 in sociology can i apply for Masters in U.I,and if yes after filling my bio data and confirmation of my app.code and password 4rm my email,the server took me to the page where u hv print card,activate card, stuck,confused dnt knw wat 2 click and do..i need help pls Mr Ayo

  41. pls my NYSC certificate wouldn't be ready until October. can I still apply? because the are asking for the cert. as part of the requirement.

    1. Thanks for your response. Though I had already chosen MSC sociology before I saw your response,I will like to change to MSC development economics on the strength of your response.Pls, how can I reach you peradventure I need assistance as regards change of course cum registration. Kind respond on your blog or send a mail to thanks a million sir. God bless you sir

    2. Hello Mr ayodele, I'm still on NYSC service hoping to be tru by July,2015. I studied mechanical engineering with CGPA of 3.20 pls can I apply now for Msc in Mechanical Engineerin(thermoflow option) (2014/2015)? Please are my eligible with that CGPA

  42. moderator, you doing a very good job, God bless you. I graduated with a second class upper in English Education, i want to apply for msc psycholinguistics in ui. what are the prerequisites, both in o'level and first degree.

  43. Please I want to know if it is possible for one with a p7 in mathematics at the 0'level but with a 2:1 in Pol. Sc/ Pub Admin (B.Sc.) to do masters program in UI? Thanks.

  44. Pls can someone with pass in o level mathematics who has a degree in public administration qualify to do MSC in Psychology in UI

  45. helo sir,my name is funsho and i finished wit 3rd class, is it possible 4 me to apply 4 masters or pgd first, because i heard its not all courses dat requires 2.1. pls i nid dis information before i get d form

  46. hello, my name is TONIA, pls im trying to upload my documents in the application page for MSc after i've made payment but the instruction is that the doc must be in Png or JPEG file with minimum of 10kb and maximum of 500kb but my documents are all more than 500kb. can i upload like that or what can i do?

  47. Pls I will like to know if UI offers any applied or industrial maths courses in their postgraduate courses, and I have a 2:2 in my wit pure maths, how possible is the admission

  48. Hello,my name is ife.pls i want to know if the masters form for faculty of education is still on sale,the amount ,closing date,requirements and tuition fee.pls its urgent.thanks

  49. My name is Michael, I am an HND graduate in mechanical engineering from the fed. poly idah, am i eligible for PGD program in university of ibadan. What are my options pls.

  50. Hello Mr Ayodele,
    My name is George, I have my HND in Engineering with Upper Credit from Federal Poly Offa Kwara state in 2012.Pls Can I b admitted to do my master program directly in UI without Pgd???

  51. Hy Mr Ayodele I m a pakistani national. i did my B A from Punjab University Pakiatan. I want to do MASTERS in Islamic Studies and Arabic Language. can u tell me the courses offered under it. And plz tell me what will be d proceedure for me. Azeem

  52. @Ife, the postgraduate forms into university of Ibadan is not based on faculty basis. U.I is presently selling her 2014/15 forms.
    @Micheal, you are definitely eligible for a postgraduate diploma, apply quickly.
    @George UI would not accept you except you do a postgraduate diploma.

  53. I have 3 Qes:
    1. What PGD course is available and which i can apply for in UI PGD with my 3rd class Pure and Industrial chemistry with ICT 3 years working Exp.
    2. How much is The Form and The School fees duration
    3.Can i run the PGD and be working and am close to the sch Environ.

  54. Hello,My name is femi,
    Pls I ve 3rd class in chemistry,
    pls which PGD cos can i apply for and which one is avail. and the sch fees infor:
    pls Urgent

  55. Good aft Mr ayodele john,thanks for being there to answer our questions!pls my name is Ruth,i finished with a 2:2(< 3.00) in Applied Physics from Lautech,and I want to do Msc information Science,pls can I apply for the course?thanks

  56. My name is blessing, please which masters can I apply for, having graduated with a 3rd class from ATBU Bauchi and have worked for more than 10 years now. thank you

  57. Hello Mr ayodele, I'm still on NYSC service hoping to be tru by July,2015. I studied mechanical engineering with CGPA of 3.20 pls can I apply now for Msc in Mechanical Engineerin(thermoflow option) (2014/2015)? Please are my eligible with that CGPA

  58. Good evening sir
    please when will online registration close
    I have paid for the form but not yet through with registration

  59. Please i would like to know the chances of being offered admission for Phd program with the following qualifications: HND, PGD, Msc and MBA. Thanks for your quick response.

    1. Admission criteria for a PhD programme is not based on the plethora of certificate, but on the condition that you meet a PhD grade in your Masters programme. PhD grade is normally 60% in Masters work for most universities

  60. Plz which of the language and communication depts is less competitive for an english language student of 2.60 cgpa(2.2) to be admitted?

  61. My name is junior. I read crop science in school, I want to study toxicology which is under crop protection and environmental biology. What are my chances of getting admitted.
    I graduated with 2 1

  62. Hi Ayodele has uni Ibadan commenced sales of forms for 2014/2015 masters degree programmes; if yes, when is the closing date and how can one obtain a form? Fwangwar

  63. Hi Mr Ayodele,i will like to find out about Masters in Haematology in UI. (duration, tution fees and other necessary details pleaseeee).Am a medical Doctor,i have primaries in Pathology with the Nigerian Postgraduate college of Physicians too.And to know when the forms will be out fo sale. Thank you and God bless

  64. Dear Ayodeji,
    I had HND in banking and finance and Upper credit. can I apply for a Partime PGD programme ?

  65. Hello Ayodeji,
    I have second class upper in Crop production (option horticulture), can I apply for M. Sc. in Botany? Thanks.

  66. Hi Ayodeji
    Does rank of lecturer affect someone chances of getting admission. Becos I did not use any professor as my referee.

  67. Were you given a course outside the one you wanted? You need not to be worried for you can do a change of course in any of the university, polytechnics colleges hear in Nigeria. Contact Mr. Derrick on 08159550624 or email at to do a change of course to any one of your choice.

  68. For anyone that is still interested in getting U.I form, d new closing date is on 17th October check d website to confirm.

  69. Good evening. Iam a 2.1 graduate of health education. Can I be allowed to study msc educational psychology. Also, I want to know if you have a study centre in Lagos for the above mentioned program,pls.

  70. good afternoon, my name is Jadesola. I obtained my B.Sc in microbiology and finished with a 2:1. I want to asked if I can be offered admission to study developmental psychology as it is not a science course. secondly, can I do it as a part time course and not full time. Thanks, will be looking forward to hearing from you.

  71. Hi Mr Ayodele, my name is Nkechi. Pls confirm to me if the PhD form is still on sale and how much. Also, I did Edu Admin and planning, kindly confirm UI do offer the course. Thank you

  72. is there a late registration 4m if there is how much does it cost & what is d chance of getin admission on late registration for a masters program in new testament studies with an upper credit

  73. i want to know about the test s the faculty of computer science are planning to do, do u have any idea of the questions they might ask or that they av asked before. cos they are saying we should read the basics and that is not good enough

  74. Please I just applied for msc virology during this last sale of forms. Please I would lik to know when a new session would commence? Please what are the challenges in running as full time student compared to part time? Thank you

  75. My name is Eniola; would lik to know if it is possible to apply for d masters prgm in financial mathematics directly ;finishd wit (3.49) 2 2 in mathematics.thank u

  76. hey Ayodele, i am Chris, a foreign trained graduate with a first class degree in international business. can i be admitted into masters of economics at ui or oau without NYSC certificate? though i have not gone for my youth service yet. many thanks!

  77. Chris, you would not be admitted into any Nigerian university for a postgraduate programme without a NYSC discharge certificate or exemption letter. Its better you go for NYSC

  78. Hi, am joy Please when is the result coming out for the English proficiency test that was written on the 22 of November 2014.

  79. Hello mr Ayodele….am tobi and I graduated with a 3rd class in physics..can I go for a pgd in theatre arts in ui….pls I would appreciate your response..thanks

  80. Pls, I'm a Library and Information Science graduate from University of Abuja with 2.1(3.62). What are the other criteria needed to be admitted for masters in U.I. In addition, how much is the school fees. Thanks.

  81. my name is Joshua. pls i'd like to know when is next admission for Ui,OAU and FUTA. also pls with a PGD from NOUN gpa 3.45 do i stand a chance.

  82. Hello, am Mojisola. Pls I want to know when UI will start selling their pdg form for this year and also I studies Economics (ed). Pls what course is available in pdg in education in UI. Thanks

  83. Hello…am a graduate of obafemi awolowo university ile ife. Studied dramatic arts n had a 2.2. I want to apply for master in medical sociology in ui and I want to know if I would be taken. Tx

  84. Hello, am TAIWO, i have HND statistics with Upper Credit and has been working for the past 6years, can i apply (PART-TIME) for MBA OR Master in FINANCIAL MATHS would ui take me without going through pdg??

  85. Hello, am TAIWO, i have HND statistics with Upper Credit and has been working for the past 6years, can i apply (PART-TIME) for MBA OR Master in FINANCIAL MATHS would ui take me without going through pdg??

  86. greetings doing a great job. i studied chemical engineering in my undergraduate study. does ui offer any environmental related course and which?

  87. greetings bro I studied applied microbiology with a 2.1 I want to pursue a MSC IN PHARMACEUTICAL micobiology .pls do i stand a chance?

  88. Good day Mr Ayo, my question is that I studied Chemical Engineering in Lagos State Polytechnic, and I graduated with 2.51. Is there any chance in UI to do my PGD in Petroleum Engineering in part time, with the background in Chemical Engineering?

  89. I'm a 3rd class graduate of microbiology from LASU, will like to enrol for pgd in drug analysis from dept of pharmaceutical chemistry, my problem is that there is a mistake with my first name in my WAEC certificate dec 1996 , hope it won't disturb my eligibility to be a student in university of ibadan

    1. pls mr ayo, can someone with professional pgd in drug development from Centre For Drug Discovery, Development and Production in university of ibadan apply for masters in pharmaceutical microbiology…pls reply asap

  90. Mr ayo , am about getting Master form but want to be sure my Chance.I studied SLT biochemistry option with cgpa of 3.20, want to apply for masters in biochemistry… will need your reply urgently.. thanks for your help

    1. Go ahead and apply. My advice- get your past lecturer and another on in the department at U.I to sign your refree form, also make sure you pass the English screening test

  91. Mr ayo, will I b admitted to do my masters in petroleum geology with a BSc degree(3.4 gpa) in botany from uniben? Please ur reply is needed urgently. thanks.

  92. Mr Ayo, I am a graduate of insurance from poly ibadan wt 4.05cgpa wt a year working experience….I wish to apply for professional master in managerial psychology, ll i b admited or should I go for postgraduate diploma first

  93. Mr Ayo,
    I am mayowa a graduate of Elect/Elect Eng Futa. i wish to apply for Master in Information Resource Management. Do i stand a chance of getting admitted with a cgpa of 2.86

  94. my name is joseph,a graduate of physics (cgpa 4.17) i will like to obtain a masters degree from ui in instrumentation and control engineering, will it be possible?

  95. I am graduate of Urban and Regional Planning (3.42) from FUT Minna. Pls is facility mgt available for Msc and if not which other curse is available in that category and will I be admitted.

  96. Hello Sir.
    Pls I have applied for my masters program in University of Ibadan,I've already made payments too… I had a 1st degree in Biochemistry, finished with a 3rd class and applied for a M.Sc in Pharmaceutical Microbiology, I want to know if that would be possible and what advice you can give me.
    Your reply would be much appreciated.

  97. Dear John.My name is Emma Vernyuy and I am a Cameroonian and wish to pursue an Msc in Environmental health.Does UI offer this course and if yes what could be the fee for a foreign student like me.Thanks

  98. Good mrng Mr John , Pls I want to knw if UI offers Msc in Housing management as a course or any related courses to it.

  99. hi, i'm folayemi, a graduate of economics with cgpa 2.8. pls can i apply for masters in economics without a pg diploma in UI. a reply will be appreciated.thanks

    1. From experience, U.I may not admit you because of your CGPA. Msc Economics is very competitive at university of Ibadan

  100. morning, Mr John, i want to enquire about Phd application for 2015/2016.DETAILS; HEALTH EDUCATION (2.1), M.SC (3.57) UNILAG

  101. hello mr ayo,am segun,i read mining engineering from kadpoly with upper credit.can i apply for masters directly in environmental chemistry and pollution control or mining geology?or does UI run PGD in these courses i have mentioned.better still,what advice could u give on these courses.thanks

  102. any idea on what the written test looks like @ the computer science department for masters students. please i need help. thanks.

  103. I am olaniyi I did economics edu in ma first degreeand ended with 3.0 and wish to do my MSc in agricultural ecnomics or educational management hope I will be taken and hope the form is still availableee?thanks

  104. I'm a graduate 2.80 CGPA from a Fed.Uni(2012) I don't have an Olevel in Lit-in-eng. What are my chances for a professional Masters of Communication Art at UI?and even an academic masters in same field.

  105. I have BSc. In physics & industrial physics from Nnamdi Azikiwe University and I wish to do masters in mechanical engineering,what are my chances? When will forms be on sale again

  106. Hello Mr. Ayodele, i will like to apply for masters in computer science at u.i. I have a in mathematics (3rd class) and a pgd in computer science. I will like to know if this enough criteria fro admission into the masters program

  107. Pls sir,can I study chemistry science masters level in university of Ibadan ,having an undergraduate degree in chemistry education with 3.92.

  108. I have 2.1 in English from N.O.U.N pls I want to know my chances of being admitted into U.I pgs. Then which course can I apply for and be sure of admission? I really want to have my masters from this school. Help me pls.

      1. Yes sir, I studied English. But I asked the other question for my brother who doesn’t live in Ibadan but wants to come for his post graduate and masters here in Ibadan.

  109. Pls can someone who did business admin in HND and Bsc do public administration in masters here in U.I?
    If not what do u advice such a person to go for?

  110. The part time in UI for PROFESSIONAL MASTERS IN BUSINESS COMPUTING. is it weekend or week days. I need detail info about it

  111. Please I need to ask you this
    I graduated with second class upper in mass communication from a private Univeristy which is Wesley Univeristy
    I have the intention of doing my post graduate of communication language and Art please what is the chances of me being admitted to the school
    And please can you tell me the way the result is being calculated so that I can prepare ahead of time
    Thank you.

    1. For university of Ibadan, make sure your transcript get to the department. Als score high in the EPT. Your chances are high with a 2.1

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