University of Ilorin had advertised her 2014/15 since Feburary 2014. (Sorry, PostgraduateNigeria didn’t publish it then). This post is to give our esteemed reader specific information about the postgraduate admission process into University of Ilorin – Better by far, as its called.

  1. The Postgraduate Application form is still on sale and would close on 30th June, 2014. The form online, and can be filled in a four step process by visiting here
  2. All accompanying documents like referee forms and transcript must reach the postgraduate school before 31 July, 2014
  3. Master card and verve card are used in purchasing the form. Visa is not allowed. The form is 25,000 naira while a processing fee of 250 is charged.
  4. There are NO past screening exams questions for University of Ilorin. The exam is answered inside the question paper and submitted. Smuggling the questions out is an almost impossibility. Don’t even attempt it.
  5. The screening exam is for ALL postgraduate applicants irrespective of class of degree. Last year, not all applicant wrote the screening exams based on academic performance in their first degree.
  6. The screening exam is involves Science, Management and General question. Science consist of physics, chemistry and biology. Management; economics, commerce and government and General question involve English, mathematics and current affairs.
  7. The questions are multiple choice and the English language has comprehension passages and summary.
  8. The qualifying/screening exam for 2014/15 postgraduate session into University of Ilorin will take place on Saturday, 5th July, 2014 by 8:30am.

We wish all postgraduate applicants best of luck. Ask your question in the comment box for any clarification.


  1. for the screening exam at university of ilorin, prepare for current affiars, practice GMAT and bbrush up you mathematics and general english. Just an advise

  2. Thanks for the info. I am putting in for soil sci. Those that mean I will be doing the same exam as someone in another field?

  3. the questions for postgraduate screening into university of ilorin is broad based. you should be doing the same exam as those applying into the same faculty.


  5. Pls am putin in for chemistry science wat are the posible subjects I wil do. And are they the topics we did for undergraduate Or secondary sch topics

  6. @theophilus, send it through fast courier, address it to the secretary of the postgraduate school. But i think it is better to take it to th P.G school your self by hand, your can avoid any error.

  7. i dont think university of ilorin does any masters degree programme called chemistry science. Do you mean masters in science education (chemistry option) or MSc in the department of Chemistry?

  8. i would advice you not to apply for UNILORIN postgraduate programme. If you were batch B, then you could. Registration for the new postgraduate session should have begun by october.

  9. i want to apply but my school is on strike action. i've applied for the transcript, but i"m not sure the can be ready before we write the exam. Do you think i can still proceed with the purchasing of the form?

  10. Plz i was told that there is a possibility of signing undertaken if the school that should send the transcript is on strike. Is this true?

  11. about unilorin postgraduate admission, it depends on if you can take the risk. I'll advice you to visit the HOD of the department you want to apply into and explain to him/her. Note that you would not be granted admission without your academic transcript, it very important.

  12. How definite is the date of the qualifying exam? Is it for sure that its 5th July…or would those who applied get notified?

  13. I ve posted my referee's letter $ my school has sent my transcript to pg school. But on pg school site it is showing that my transcript $ referee's report is NOT YET RECEIVED. Pls what can I do $ how do I know they have receive it.

  14. It's a great deal to have visited this site. Great job well done to you @admin.
    but pls I'll like to know about an applicant who falls under exemption from NYSC, n his yet to get his certificate. Would Unilorin accept letter from his graduating school instead?

  15. pls, i want to apply for peace and strategic studies, would i need to study Science subjects also.and when is d form closing, July 4th or June 30th.

  16. @Tunde, thanks, you'll surely need the NYSC document during registration, You could visit your undergraduate school to collect a attestation/to whom it may concern letter. Better still, rapport with folks at the postgraduate school if they can cover you.
    @ the postgraduate application form for unilorin would close on 30th June.
    @ fisayo; your transcript is the major consideration for your admission, you
    wont be given admission without it. send it to the postgraduate school
    at UNILORIN asap
    @ Prepare with GMAT

  17. Goodmornin, my name is Toye. Please I want to know if d referee form is only available after paying online or its Somewhere on d application website and accessible before payment? Thanks

  18. @Anon 8:03..,U can onli access ur refree form after payment cos ur passport nd info will be on d form which u print after paying..,am a prospective applicant as well…,|sevantex|

  19. Pls what are the courses or subject one should prepare for as an applicant for MSc Accounting

  20. @ susan pls has any1 submitted their transcipt $ referee's form to pg school. Pls I want to know maybe it reflect on ur account that it has been received. Cos ve posted mine for the past 1 month now $ it has not reflected that it has been received on my account after login. Pls I need reply

  21. @susan..,U shuld confirm frm PG. Schl nxt week wether dy got it so u knw wia d hitch came frm..,U probabli shuld have deliverd d ref forms urself while mailing d transcripts knowin schls dnt give transcripts by hand..U can always reprint d ref form nd get it resigned nd submitted b4 july 30 which is d deadline for submission of docs…Hope dt helped?…,Pls Who applied for any agric course here?..Me na. Agric extension nd I taya for all d rumours of wetin to prepare wit oo..lol…Wish us all d best…|sevantex|

  22. Haba..,its a saturday na…,u can either go on friday nd submit or chill till monday to submit or drop dem wit a sure person to help u. Submit…,|sevantex|

  23. pls what is the first degree qualification for someone who want to apply for Msc in business economics and do you have any idea for the tution fee?

  24. I sent my transcripts since last month,and i v nt bin notified if they v recieved it,shld i still pay for the form? M jus so confused

  25. @adeola..,am not sure u can get notification concernin ur transcripts witout payin first oo..,It mite have gotten to PG schl but u must pay first b4 u will be officiali notified of it..,I advice u payup nd then confirm later on if dy got it since d deadline for sendin transcripts nd docs is still far (july 30)….|sevantex|

  26. pls iwant to know how the format of the entrance exam.Is it Olevel or undergraduate aspect.I'm applying for PGDchemistry.Thanks

  27. thanks @ sevantex. Does anyone know the rates/numbers of nearby guesthouse/hotel…I will be coming from PH for the exam on Saturday.

  28. @ admin..ur number 5 point….'not all applicants wrote d exam', is it dt ppl wv third class applied straight for masters and r disqualified or what? Pls try n explain

  29. @boma, when you arrive at ilorin, go to 'TANKE', there are many nice accomodation there. From tanke to unilorin is a straight drive, buses are available there too.
    @vivian, unilorin postgraduate screening exams is for all masters applicants, unlike previous years

  30. @ ayodele…Yes boss!..,am an applicant also preparin for d exams wey we nor too sure wetin to expect..I advice peeps to also go tru their final year notes incase…,as per ma email..,I'll send u an email asapm.,wishin us all d best..|sevantex|

    For candidates seeking admissions into the Faculties of Management Science and Social Sciences.

    FACULTY OF EDUCATION LECTURE THEATRE – For candidates seeking admissions into Faculties of Education and Agriculture.

    For candidates seeking admissions into the Faculties of Arts, Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Physical and Life Science.

  32. I have my transcript with me that is sealed and stamped, will the school accept it if i decide to submit it by myself? i intend going there on Friday to submit it with other documents of mine

  33. They will accept ur transcript as far as its urs nd stamped frm ur schl…,U even lucky ur schl gave u urs cos most schls dnt give it by hand..All d best to us all in d exams…sevantex

  34. Good morning @all, I applied for an M.A. in Lit-in-English. Pls, what's d exam format for Arts applicants. Is there need to study GMAT or maths. Tnx 4 ur anticipated reply.

  35. Art students are exempted frm gmat last year. Read courses that are related to ur specialisation.

  36. Hi all, has anyone receive any fresh email that reschedule their exam date to 12th of this month. Cos I just receive one. I'm applying for Env'tal Mgt.

  37. This a copy of the mail I received….

    The Postgraduate Qualifying Examination for ALL applicants to the Department of Geography & Environmental Management will now take place on Saturday 12/07/2014. This applies ONLY to those who have applied for various courses in the Department of Geography & Environmental Management. Signed, Dean, PG School

    From: UNILORIN Postgraduate School

  38. The exam is subject based; if you're applying for Msc. Mathematics just am mine, you will be tested in your Degree mathematics with manu questions and attempt a few… Gmat is not true. Its not an objective question for faculty of physical science. Admin get good info before you start publishing here. # I stand to be corrected#. Tomao will proof how true I am… Go to your undergraduates books and brush up! Don't be decieved… I have my source.

    1. Thanks for your input, we also stand to be corrected, and ready to be too, thats why we need you here. See the latest info on the home page, it was put there even before you commented. Thanks.

    2. Hi Admin, pls as I wrote in the comment box before now that I won't be writing this weekend till next weekend 12th…… So Pls I'll like to know how the paper was structured.
      thank you

  39. It was strictly field based questions and it was theory as well..,I wrote for agric extension and we were given 7 questions to answer 5..,Its mainli ur undergrad work so revise well..,all d best..|sevantex|

    1. Hello house, I applied for Msc Environmental Management. Where should I concentrate my studies on?

  40. We bless God for d exams nd prayin for d best..As per d transcripts.,a secretary at the Pgschl said they will start to notify us via our portals online very soon about recievin our transcripts so all we can do is check online frm time to time…,We can also ensure our transcripts has actuali left our various schls by calling to confirm as well..,We'll all be succesful IJN..Amin!…TRANSCRIPTS nd 3REFREE forms are veri veri important for gainin d admission even if u wrote heaven in d exams!!!…|sevantex|

  41. Well done sevantex. Did they give any specific time for receiving the mails. But we hope this their mail will come in latest by next week so that one may know how to run before the deadline if the documents have not reached the school.

  42. Did some people actually post their documents. On the saturday of the exam many people used tht opportunity to submit it, and we had to sign on a sheet. They didnt even attend to us on time. I asked one of the pgschool officials if another person cud submit on my behalf and they said no. So I really dont understand hw some folks wud get by with posting their docs.

  43. From the adverts..,july31 is the deadline for receiving transcripts and documents..,Some ppl actuali sent all their documents tru post which altho isn't a smart move considering u. Cnt control its arrival..,is still a way of sending documents..,The problem is the slow rate of sorting goin on at the pgschl cos I expect that by nw.,some ppl shuld start seeing "Transcripts nd Refs form received" on their portals..This is probabli due to the no of applicants sha..,All we can do now is keep CHECKING our portals.,CALL ur schls to be sure urtranscripts have been sent..,At least,most of us submitted our docs nd refs. Form by hand last week so no fear on that front..,We will be successful by Gods grace..amen!..|sevantex|

  44. Alright Sevantex, Once we start receiving the confirmation mails let's try to update this thread so as to keep ourselves on alert. One love.
    @Boma, Yeah U may be right but even at that there was nothing wrong with posting the documents. The signing was just a formality and to lay claim that Ur documents were submitted in case there is mix up.
    Success all the way. One love

  45. good day, pls i sat for the unilorin entrance exam, but my school is yet to finish the processing of my transcript, and the deadline for submission is fast approaching, what can i do? i need your advice please?

  46. @tolex,If u really need the admission would advice you go to your school and explain to them.I travelled to ABU,Zaria Myself for the sake of the Transcript.So be fast bro.

  47. Pls do i need my nysc discharge certificate to apply for Msc or i can apply as a corper..i av been looking for where to ask this question,i hope u answer me.tanks..my name is tope

  48. tope, i think you need your NYSC certificate to apply for any master programme and its really a necessary requirement…

    1. Ok tanks a lot, needed to kw,bcos sm1 told me d nysc discharge certificate is not required in uni ilorin b4 applying for masters.dats why i need dis info.

  49. Quick question? Is there possibility for one to do late registration for unilorin postgraduate school if he or she misses the registration earlier?

  50. I greet everyone, i seek information on admission. i want to know if the school has released names of successful students into the followings programmes(masters and pgd)?

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