Prospective postgraduate students seeking admission in University of Ibadan should be prepared for higher fees, as the university senate at University of Ibadan has approved an increase of various fees for postgraduate students. The increament announced on the website of the postgraduate school at U.I showed an increase of 50 – 100 percent for different items like departmental registration, library fees among others. The newly admitted 2013/14 postgraduate students would begin the new payment. No doubt, this would surely push up the cummulative fees for doing masters/Ph.D programme at U.I. See the breakdown below.

  1. Department Registration                Current fee            % Increase               New fee
             Academic (Masters/Ph.D)               5,000                       50%                     7,500
             Professional (Masters)                     10,000                    50%                      15,000

     2.   Faculty Registration
             Academic (Masters/Ph.D)               3,000                      50%                      4500
             Professional (Masters)                     4,000                      50%                     6,000

    3. Bench fee for lab. based programmes   10,000                     50%                    15,000
            (M.Phil/Ph.D, MSc.)

     4. Library fee                                              2,000                    100%                     4,000

     5. Acceptance fee                                           –                          –                          20,200
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