The postgraduate qualifying exams in University of Ilorin, in Kwara State holds this weekend, 5th July, 2014. We wish to give our readers latest information they may need concerning the postgraduate examination. You can drop your questions in the comment box to get clarification on any related issue.
1. The postgraduate exams hold on 5th July, at the University of Ilorin main campus by 8.30am.
2. You should arrive early to avoid any disappointment. There should be an increase in population/traffic going towards the campus, so getting a vehicle may not come easy.
3. If you would be arriving from outside Ilorin, it is advisable to be in Ilorin by Friday, take a taxi to Tanke area, lodge in a hotel/guest house till saturday, and from tanke, take a bus straight to UNILORIN campus.
4. The venue for the qualifying examination are as follows; FACULTY OF ARTS LECTURE HALLS AND FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES LECTURE THEATRES – Postgraduate candidates seeking admissions into the Faculties of Management Science and Social Sciences. FACULTY OF EDUCATION LECTURE THEATRE Postgraduate candidates seeking admissions into Faculties of Education and Agriculture. LECTURE THEATRE I, NEW SCIENCE LECTURE THEATRE & ENGINEERING LECTURE THEATRE Postgraduate candidates seeking admissions into the Faculties of Arts, Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Physical and Life Science.
5. Transcript and other documents would still be received after the postgraduate qualifying examinations. The last day for the submission of all related documents is on 31th July, 2014.
6. Latest information has it that prospective candidates applying into Geography and Environmental Science would not be partaking in the qualifyiing exams this weekend, their’s would take place on 12th July, 2014 (next week saturday)
7. There are no past questions for this exams, brush up your final year courses, know the latest info in current affiars, and prepare for English Comprehension.
 8. PostgraduateNigeria wishes all candidates good luck. If there are questions, drop them in the comments box.

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