The postgraduate school at the University of Ibadan is calling for applications from suitably qualified candidates for admission to Doctoral, Academic and Professional Master Degree and Diploma programmes for the 2014/15 academic session.
For details about the postgraduate application, visit www.pgschool.ui.edu.ng/images/form/CURRENT%20ADMISSION%20GUIDE%2014.15.pdf   There would be a test of proficiency in English Language for all prospective postgraduate student except doctoral applicants. Check www.pgschool.ui.ed.ng/news to get information about date for the test. Print out your photo card after completing the form. You would present it at the examination or application venue.
Drop your questions on any issue postgraduate study at U.I in the comments box to receive a reply.


  1. Good morning, i had my HND in marketing 2013 with (upper credit) i just want to confirm if it is possible for me to apply for PGD program in UI, and if possible for me to do industrial social work, i mean part time

  2. The test of proficiency in English language for all prospective postgraduate student will include student from English speaking country like Nigeria,or not?

  3. Hello ayodele, plz does UI offer environmental microbiology at MSc level? And what are my chances of getting admitted with a 2.2 (cgpa 2.47) from OAU mcb.. Or do I have to go through postgraduate diploma?

  4. Hello Mr Ayodele! Pls I intend to apply for a master in Animal Science. I finished with a second class lower division (CGPA of 2.94), do you think I stand a chance to be admitted? Thanks

  5. -The test of profiency is for all postgraduate applicants (except PhD) irrespective of your course or country.
    -The U.I PG form costs 15500 naira.
    @Ayomide, yes U.I offers environmental microbiology, my advice is, don't bother to apply, try other universities
    -Yes, you have a chance of being admitted

  6. I have been trying to download d prospectus via the link u highlighted above but I can't. Pls. I want to make a request if you can in box me with d pdf file. My mail: walexcool83@gmail.com. Thanks for been there

  7. I want to apply for MBA but the above links aint going tru. I really need to know d procedures. Pls help.

  8. Plz kindly confirm if someone with HND Electrical Engineering (Lower Credit) and B.Sc Physics Electronics (Second class lower) could be admitted to UI.

  9. Plz kindly confirm if someone with HND Electrical Engineering (Lower Credit) and B.Sc Physics Electronics (Second class lower) could be admitted to M.Sc. Electrical Engineering in UI.

  10. ayodele, thanks for the good job
    pls can you help post the date for the proficiency test
    also, do you have an idea of when the programme will commence

  11. @Mr. Ayodele- Please with 2^1 in Sociology and who is anticipating to study Medical Sociology but having pass(D7) in my O/L Maths. Sir, what is the probability of getting admission? By Olaoluwa

  12. Toye. Kudos to u Mr. Ayodele. Pls i graduated 2.2(3.16cgpa) in botany, can i apply for masters in pharmacognosy UI??

  13. Plz,am a graduate of economics from Ambrose Alli Univ,wit a 2:1.what are my chances…and please d procedures for the Msc registration because the link provided its not working…and u can help pls to send the prospectus to my email(charliesun39@yahoo.com)…tanks for being there Ayodele.

  14. Enya is my name, am passing out of NYSC by oct…and i undastnd d form ends sept. Am i elligible to aply?

  15. Hello,pls I graduated wit a 3.9/5.0 in soil science frm oau and I wish to study agric economics in ui postgraduate, pls is dere a chance and secondly is it before admission list is out or after dat someone wil need to submit nysc certificate,thank u. Toyin

  16. Adebola is my name. Please i need a list of courses that a B.A English graduate can apply for in masters.Thanks

    1. Contrastive Analysis
      Varieties of English
      English as a Second Language
      Socio Linguistics
      Discourse Analysis
      Phonology/Phonetics of English

  17. Pls i graduated with a 2:1 in ed/religion and want to apply for a course in d dept of educational foundation, but i have a D7 in maths, am i legible to apply? What are my chances of getting admission? Thanks

  18. hi, i just want to know, given the current delay in the academic calender due to last year's ASUU strike, if i do get admitted when would lectures start proper. would it be this year or next year, and which month to be specific

  19. Hi, I obtained 2.1 in Economics from a private University and wants to start MSc Economics in UI.

    Is this possible and when is the admission forms coming out.

  20. ^^^ Are you asking when? 2014/15 university of Ibadan PG forms are already on sale. You should be admitted with a 2.1, although, Economics is very competitive at U.I

  21. sir, am asking if admitted, when would lectures start proper this year or next year. also the particular month. sorry am asking this but timing is everything for me.

    Thanks again

  22. Mr Ayodele John, First of all I mist commend you for your untiring effort n bringing news to us. it helps me a lot.
    please and please do you know or have an idea when uniben post graduate form will be on sale? thanks in anticipation.

  23. Thanx man for ur prompt response. I will do just that. I'm grateful, cos their were ppl faking that the form is on sale not just uniben they do that to get peoples money.

  24. Does UI discriminate between graduates that attended full time degree program and part time program while considering applicants for masters programs? Thanks

  25. Good morning Mr. Ayodele. Pls I'll like to know the total amount required to run a MSc course in Applied Geophysics in UI. My sponsor wants the figure. I'm a 2.1 graduate of Geosciences Dept(option in Geophysics) (FUTO). Thanks

  26. @wale, except 'part time' is written on your cert, you shouldn't be discriminated against.
    @Adebola, you can apply, both courses are related.
    @IamJames, you'd surely expect changes in fees, but I can assure you that with 150,000naira, you'd be fine for am MSC programme.

  27. Hy mr ayodele, i hd a strong 2.1 in health education nd wnt to do public health buh didn't av phy nd chem in o level.. dnt knw if dt can disqualify.

  28. Hi Mr Ayodele, weldone for the good work. pls how do i download the forms to be filled online or I need the site for the actual form to fill for the post graduate course

  29. Hello sir, I heard that d u.I form will only be out for 6 weeks. Pls, I wanna know when the form was out for sale & d closing date for d form. Thanks

  30. What are the options in political science. Also i had 2.99 in M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ GPDA will i fit in U.I masters program. Samuel

  31. Mr john i need your reply based on if i should proceed with the purchase of U.I form. I graduated with 2.99 GP Second class in political science. And i want to apply for Professional Master in Election Administration. Samuel.

  32. Hello Mr Ayodele, I'm a 3rd class graduate of Industrial Chemistry… Do I stand any chance of getting admitted to study Masters of Information Resource Management? (M.I.R.M).. Thanks!

  33. am ENYA, Pls hw soon wud d transcript b needed,and wch partticular addres of the university of ibadan can i order it to?

  34. working experience. Pls, do I stand a chance in getting admitted to study masters in public health( environmental health). Thanks

  35. Hello!! I graduated with 2.2(2.49) in physiology and I don't have any working experience. Pls, do I stand a chance in getting admitted to study masters in public health( environmental health). Thanks

  36. am babatunde do I stand a chance of gaining admission for Masters in edu.mgt with o'level in NECO/ GCE waec n strong 2:1 in edu mgt.pls I need d reply very urgent. thanks Mr ay

  37. its me Babatunde again want to confirm whether ui accept combination of GCE waec and NECO as o'level requirements (2 sittings) before I proceeds with d purchasing of d form. thanks in a million Mr ayodele

  38. Hello mr Ayo, I have completed the form, but there wasn't any request for transcript or how am I gonna get it to PG?

  39. Hello Mr. Ayodele. Please sir, your candid advice will be appreciated. Am a graduate with 2.2 in Cooperative and Business Management. What are my chances if i apply for Masters in Business Administration?

  40. Hello Mr. Ayodele. Please sir, your candid advice will be appreciated. Am a graduate with 2.2 in Cooperative and Business Management. What are my chances if i apply for Masters in Business Administration?

  41. am ENYA, Pls hw soon wud d transcript b needed,and wch partticular addres of the university
    of ibadan can i order it to?

  42. Am Habeeb. Pls mr Ayo, i have little challenge. After payment to the bank. How wil i commence application procedure . It jst kept displayin invoice page each time i log in. Pls ur info wil b helpful. Thnks

  43. pls Mr Ayo. am still currently serving with batch b.will be done by July 2015.am I still eligible to apply. thnx

  44. Hello Mr Ayo, good morning
    Pls, graduated with 2.2(2.49) in physiology and I don't have any working experience. Pls, do I stand a chance in getting admitted to study masters in public health( environmental health). Thanks

  45. Gud morning, welldone, pls I have started the application but I have nt purchased d invoice but now I need to change the course, what do I do? Plssssss I need d reply urgently

  46. @ shade, I had similar experience, dia is no cause for alarm, u need to change ur mail address and d fone number dt u used for registration then start afresh.

  47. I'm Lewa. @ Mr Ayo,weldone sir. I ve 2.1 in Biology (storage tech), Pls can i apply wt 2 sittings O level WAEC/NECO for Envinronmental health?

  48. Sir, I graduated with a 2.1 in English language. I'll like to apply for msc sociolinguistics in U.I. I want to know if a pass in o'level mathematics can be considered for admission into U.I's pg school. Also, I will like to know the closing date for the purchase of form. Thanks

  49. please Ayodele, i seriously need your help. i have paid for the form and have started the application process but when i got to the point where i will upload my passport, the site started misbehaving. initially i thought it was from the cafe but for like 4days now, i have been unable to continue. if the school site opens and i click on "Continue existing application", it takes me to a fresh page like a fresh applicant, please what do i do?

    the information officers number has NEVER gone through at all and am in SERIOUS NEED OF HELP AND ADVICE. WHAT DO I DO?

    As fort he REFEREES, do they type the letter and post or is there an online referee form that needs to be printed and taken to them? am at a loss here. please those that have completed the form, what did I do? The SITE is seriously pissing me off. I NEED URGENT and SERIOUS ADVICE. please help me.

    1. the site is terrible. i tried modifying my credential it refuses to. how did u escape the professional certificate section. the information officers number and site is useless. even when it is ringing they will not pick it.

    2. for the referee u will fill in their email address and it will automatically send the form to them electronically. there is always a response message sent to ur email address to tell you if the form has been filled by your refree electronically and sent back to the school.

  50. Thanks Mr Ayodele for the info, I finished sociology with a first class in Houdegbe university in Benin republic, please do you know if the university is recognised as I want to do a masters program in industrial sociology.

  51. A.Y good day. thanks for the wonderful job u have been doing here. please i have finished the application process and have "Locked my data". But how do i go about the referees? should i ask them to write and post to the school? I was thinking we will print the referee from from the site and take it to the referees but there is nothing like that.

    About the transcript label, do i send for my transcript without that label and what address do one send it to? Awaiting your reply

    1. the literature madam, how are you? Depends on the school you graduate from, but most schools would not hand your transcript to you on hand, better put the transcript label cos it show geniueness. about address, "Secretary, School of postgraduate studies, University of Ibadan. Ibadan-Oyo State." I advice you to send it by courier, or take it there yourself. Thanks

  52. hello A.Y, pls I came out with 3rd class in bus. Admin. Can I apply for M.sc management or do I go for diploma. Thanks

  53. Mr AY, tanks for dis good work.
    I graduated with a 2.1 (3.83) in metallurgical and materials engineering, from FUTA, now i wana obtain msc. In industrial and production eng.
    Pleese wat are d chances, and wat are d entrance exams one shud prepare for.

  54. Mr. Ay good morning to you and thank you so much for all of ur assistance.

    I graduated from Lagos State Unviersity with 2.2 in History and International relations. I want to put in for Masters in Bus. Admin. what are my chances of being accepted for the programme, if yes when will the forms go on sale? Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.

  55. I graduated with a 2.1 in Genetics and Biotechnology from the University of Calabar and would love to pursue an m.sc in Molecular Biology but UI doesnt seem to offer the course. Which other related course can i do and what are the chances of admission? thanks!

    1. Please i already have my transcript with me because i intend using it for foreign schools application too for scholarship sake and they accept scanned documents. The transcript from my former school was addressed to a lab close where i live and that was where i got it from. The problem is how do i get to send this same transcript to UI because getting transcript from my former school costs a whole lot and that was why i did it like this in the first place

  56. Just want to ask if environmental health science is a professional or academics programme and if there are academics programmes in public health

  57. Hi Ayodele, my name is leks, I graduated with 2.1 in pure and applied Mathematics. What are my chances of being admitted for a professional masters in financial mathematics? Thanks

  58. plz I graduated with Bsc busadmin wit 2.1, I need courses related for masters in U.I. Secondly I need info on change of courses, aidy picked msc economics..Thank U very much

    1. @Seyi, at U.I, you can do M.B.A, management e.t.c Check the U.I brochure. If you want to change course, open a new email, and start the postgraduate application process again.

  59. Pls every1 dat knws wat to do shd pls help me ooo. I ve been encountering problem wt Master form registration process: asking 4 matric number aftr i enterd my data. I will appreciate quick response 2 dis

  60. @All, sorry for my absence/silence here, was seriously busy with offline activities. Those who have completed the forms or have any info should assist in answering other people's questions. Lets build a community here. Thanks

  61. Pls I'm a hnd holder in insurance with upper credit (3.34) but i'm presently serving and wil be rounding off by next year feb, what are my chances of applying for a pgd program in UI and what course can relate to my field of study?

  62. Hi Mr Ayodele,
    Pls did UI also give HND graduates chance to run master degree with them if they graduated with Upper Credit without pgd stuff???

  63. Hello Mr Ayodele, a 3rd class graduate of chemistry wants to go for Masters of Information resources management (professional masters tho), do I stand any chance?
    do I need to lock up my data online before the closing date of Sales of forms?
    Pls do u av an idea of the tuition fee for Masters of Information resources management?
    Lastly, I have a pass (D7) in my o'level physics, would that be an issue?
    Thanks for ur assistance, it's been so helpful!

  64. -Those with Higher National Diploma (HND), I would advice you not to apply, except you a going for a professional course and have a good result at HND. PDG is your surety to do a master programme.
    -Temitope, the application forms should be closing soon, you can apply for that course. I cant say if your D7 in English Lang. would affect you.

  65. Pls I finished with a 2.2 in industrial chemistry is it possible for me to be admitted for Masters in enviromental chemistry

  66. Hello Mr AYo, pls my transcript is not yet sent but I have applied for the Pg form. Pls, hope it won't affect my application coz I think 2day is d last day for the application. When is the last day for the transcript to be sent. Thanks….

  67. Mr John,pls i ave ad issue with d application page.i started applying yesteday hoping to complete it today but it stoped responding.pls i need help as i learnt d applicatin wud soon b ova.thanks

  68. Hello Mr Ayodele,
    I'm a graduate of Surveying and Geoinformatics with 2:1, can I apply for MSc Applied Geophysics?

  69. Welldone Mr Ayo.Pls what are the options available for master's level in Electrical /electronics engineering. I want to apply for 2015/2016 section. Also,which address am i to send my transcript to?..i am presently a NYSC corp member.i hope i can send my transcript now,and later make reference to it during application for 2015/2016? section

  70. -Visit the PG school to confirm
    -UK, i'll advice you to wait till then, so that there wont be a mix up, options in elec/elec engineering are, PROFESSIONAL M.Sc. IN MICROPROCESSOR & CONTROL ENGINEERING, Instrumentation and Control Electrical, Power Systems, Telecommunication.

  71. I have a strong upper credit in insurance and what course can relate to my field, I want to run a pgd full time programme in Ui using my hnd

    1. Good day sir, pls i want to know if d PGD form is still out and if am eligible to apply because i finished with a lower credit.

  72. Mr Ay. Gooday, am a p.hd applicant just want to et a clarification about my application status. just 2 of my referre have filled the form still waiting for the last person i hope it will not in any way affect my status.

  73. Hello Sir. Please I'm HND graduate and I graduated with Upper Credit can I obtain Form for Msc or MBA at UI?

  74. Hello mr Ayo, pls how can I confirm if my transcript has been sent to UI and do u have any idea on wen we would do d proficiency test.. Thanks

  75. Hello, pls what are my chances of being admitted to study computer science? I finshed with a 2:1 in mathematics.

  76. Pls sir, I heard dat Ui doesn't accept Hnd, hw true is the statement, a friend of mine told me dat she visited the dean of pgd sch nd they told her so nd i want to do pgd statistics wt my hnd 3.34, pls I need your advise

  77. good afternoon, my name is Jadesola. I obtained my B.Sc in microbiology and finished with a 2:1. I want to asked if I can be offered admission to study developmental psychology as it is not a science course. secondly, can I do it as a part time course and not full time. Thanks, will be looking forward to hearing from you

  78. Good morning, I am a graduate of Accounting with 2.1, I want to know if UI will offer me admission into Msc Economics.
    Yusuph Taofeeq

  79. Hello Ayodele John. I've applied for the PG programme but I was asked to print out a transcript label and transcript request form by the Pg info webmaster. Pls where do i print these from? I mean which url can i get it from?

  80. Hello Mr Ayo, please when is the closing date of the form or is it closed already a friend is disturbing me seriously

  81. Helo mr ayo pls when is the next sale of postgraduate form for 2015/2016 session i have missed dat of this yr. Thanks

  82. Hello. Please I am having some problems in printing my photo card as it is not showing on my profile. I have tried to contact the information officer and even sent mails, but am not getting any reply. Any advice in solving this problem will be appreciated. Thank you

  83. I think your photo card is suppose to show on your profile. Have you submitted the form online? Make print outs of the online forms and attach your passport to it as a last recourse. Better still, visit the PG school in Ibadan

  84. I Have Diploma In Social Work & 2:2 Degree In Mass Comm. I Wants To Run Master In Social Work, Can I Be Admitted?

  85. Well-done sir, i graduated with 2.2 in Chemistry, is there any chance for me to apply for master degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  86. Pls I want to know when pg forms for 2015/2016 will b out, because I am still serving so I won't be able to partake in this years admission. Pls I really need info. Thanks

  87. pls I wish to apply for msc in public health I havea 2.5gpa in mcb don't know if I am eligible and still intime to apply

  88. pls what is the cut off mark for the english proficiency test? I scored 46% and i applied for M.sc Industrial chemistry.

    1. The general cut off mark is 40%. However, departments are at will of increasing their cut-off marks especially where competitive (there are high number of candidates). As of writing this, names of eligible candidates have already being sent to the various departments after which there will be another written and/or oral interview before the final selection. Therefore, it is best to know the cut-off mark for the department in which you applied to so as to take timely and necessary action such as changing to another preferred course with a moderate cut-off mark should you not be able to meet the cut off mark of your initial course applied to to avoid waste of time and money.

  89. Hello, pls I scored 40% in the proficiency test and I applied for public health in environmental science. Pls, do you think I will be able to proceed to the next stage. 10nks.

  90. Sir, my credential is showing ST except for my NYSC certificate. Also, my transcript is still in transit but i went to my former school to get status last week friday. How do we know when admission is being offered?

  91. sir kindly assist me to know my admission application status. i have problem with uploading my credentials. by adeleye adebanjo (application no: pgx14091811403996) phd science education

  92. Hello Mr Ayo. My friends told me dy got a mail 4rm UI concerning Dr application status and abt Dr transcript dat has not been sent, but I didn't get any 4rm dem.. I applied for public health in environmental science and I scored 40 in d English test… Pls is dr still hope for me… 10nks

  93. when are we expecting the result of the 2nd stage result of the 2014/15 ui pg departmental screening result?

  94. Hy Mr Ayodele.I have sent my transcript to pg school for over a month now and i havnt received any proof of receival. And again, can i change from full time to part time after been admitted.wen is d session expected to start?..Thanks for ur supportive info

  95. Helloooo… Pls I just got a mail 4rm UI abt my eligibility status dat am eligible. But I didn't pass the departmental test for my department (MPH environmental Health science). Does it mean I still have hope since am eligible

  96. Hello, I am mayor. I got a text that my department has a written exam on Saturday. What are the likely questions ? Its managerial physcology . thanks for ur prompt response

  97. hello sir….i m Moses, i ve third class in Elect/elect….and i was told to go for post-graduat diploma: sir, i m presently in my NYSC service & i m engaged with a project that keeps me busy during week days,..plz sir, is there a part-time programme for pgd-diploma

  98. Hello sir, this is really important to me, so i lld appreciate if i get a reply asap. I have a 3.42gpa in English language, slightly missed 2ndclass upper. but i want to have my masters in Public health. how possible is this pls? what are the requirements?

  99. my name is Joshua. pls i'd like to know when is next admission for Ui,OAU and FUTA. also pls with a PGD from NOUN gpa 3.45 do i stand a chance.

  100. Hi, Ayo. Im Elijah. Pls, I'll like to know if UI offers a PGD program that I can do to qualify me for a MSC in nutritional and industrial biochemistry, that is being a HND graduate (yabatech) and what are my chances at getting admitted. Tanx.

    1. Hello, U.I doesn't offer any postgarduate diploma PGD in nutritional biochemistry.
      You can apply for a MSc in nutrition biochemistry, in the department of nutrition

  101. Hello sir,
    I would like to know when the admission for the 2014/2015 will be closing because I have met all the criteria like the cut off marks, eligibility and my transcript has been received but I have not heard any thing from the PG school even after sending a mail to the information officer.
    What do I do next.
    Thank you.

  102. Will HND upper credit in food tech and PGD distinction eligible for admission to MSC micro in ui

  103. hello sir….i m Moses, i ve third class in Elect/elect….and i was told to go for post-graduat diploma: sir, i m presently in my NYSC service & i m engaged with a project that keeps me busy during week days,..plz sir, is there a part-time programme for pgd-diploma

  104. What is the cost of the acceptance fee for professional masters in engineering in University of Ibadan for 2014/2015 session?

  105. please Mr. Ayodele John, if you could please attach your phone number ASAP so I can call to get relevant details with respect to a masters degree in UI for the current session. thanks

  106. Good morning,
    Please i have just completed payments for my Msc transcript, and would like to know what next. I have initiated process and continued process after payment. Thanks.

  107. Plz I need urgent answer

    Just want to know if any university can offer me Msc program in microbiology my first degree was in food science with 3.48 cgpa

  108. Good day mr Ayo,
    will like to make enquiry on PGD for HND MICROBIOLOGY With upper credit,please what the available course for PGD program and what their requirement also when will the form be out

  109. plz can i apply for any professional masters without Bsc but professional qualification and work experience.

  110. pls about transcript label. if your transcript didn't come with the label what is the consequence. i have already requested for my transcript in my school cos it takes a long time to come. if i should wait till i lock up it will be late.

    1. Try as much as possible that the transcript label is attached to your transcript, because it helps authenticate that the envelpo has not been tampered with.you can make photocopies of th transcript labels and give people in your former school for them to attached it along with the transcript

  111. Good morning,
    Please i have just completed payments for my Msc transcript, and would like to know what next. I have initiated process and continued process after payment. Thanks. michael

  112. Pls Tunde kindly assist me with info, can i use my HND cert for Msc? i finished with Lower credit.

  113. Do you need admission into any Nigeria university? simply contact the Nigeria minister of personal assistance for help. he has done it for me before and i believe he will do it for you. please don’t flash this honorable man.
    note : you must at least score 180 in your jamb before he will listen to you.
    don’t flash this man again please. his contact is 08116241978.
    he is ready to help.

  114. Mr. Ayo
    Please,i am unable to apply for PGD through the normal link. How do i go about it, i have B.Sc Physics and i want to apply for PGD Elect/Elect (mail me pls (kolaenter4real@yahoo.com)

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