This blog post is in response to series of questions about the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree at the University of Ibadan. This would give our esteemed readers general and specific information  about studying for an MBA degree- specifically related to University of Ibadan. The information here may change with time, so exercise due diligence.

  1. The MBA degree programme is a professional masters degree and not academic. It is aimed at people in business and executives. You would not be able to take up a lecturing job with an MBA without an MPhil.
  2. All prospective MBA applicants into University of Ibadan would take an English Proficiency Screening Test before admission
  3. Beyond your bachelors degree, other qualifications accepted by U.I for MBA admission are; A.C.A, A.C.C.A, A.C.M.A,  C.F.A (USA). A HND graduate with 5 year experience in management would also be considered.
  4. Duration for full time MBA is 18 months,
  5. The areas of specializations in U.I MBA are Marketing, Finance, Operation, Personnel and Portfolio (Managements), Operations Research, Investment Analysis, and Labour Economics.
  6. The UI, MBA programme is conducted by the Department of Economics, in the Faculty of Social Sciences.
  7. The tuition fees for full time MBA is about 120,000 naira and Executive MBA is about 175,000 naira for the first session. (2years ago)

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How does the executive MBA run? when is the form out? How much is it and what is the tuition like? Thanks

Nice to see this information about the MBA program of the University of Ibadan. It is good to share such information so that people can find it easy to apply. Also for the better understanding of the essay writing so many students use to buy essay at essaymama to get the detail information. It is good to do so because when we will have the full information it is easy for us to get admission.

HAVE GOT BSC IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION(3rd class) can i go for the MBA directly without PGD?

Is 2017/2017 MBA is available?because what i saw on the site – M.Phil/Ph.D. Please help urgently..

I have HND in accounting Upper credit, with over 8years experience. can i run MBA in Finance and Accounting directly? and if yes when will the form be available?

Good morning sir,according to what you posted, are u saying that there is no academic Mba?

The program is not well analuzed.
1. Does UI run it o ly on full time?
2. What of part time and executive class?
3. How Mich is the total cost?
4. How do you pay(fully once or installmentally)?

Please how much is the school fees for MBA 2018/2019 session and what’s the duration for full-time student?

Pls is there a study center in lagos for UI MBA programmes. Just got this infor about CEMAR center for 2018/2019 UI MBA, and the news claims that the form is already on sale.

Please when will you start selling form for 2019/2020 academic year? How much is the form?

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