Education has often been defined as the sum total of learning experiences an individual acquires in life; this behooves us that as long as there is life, education should continue.

For many, tertiary education is seen to be climaxed, at earning a HND/Degree. Going for NYSC, with all its excitement and adventure is the icing on the cake. Unfortunately, for many who do not prepare for life after NYSC, they are usually shocked to face the unfriendly Nigerian reality- on your own with unemployment, accommodation rent, feeding e.t.c The worse is that many don’t (or decided not to) know of pursuing their education for a Master degree. Going for a Masters education can be the turning point that could set you on a pedestal for success.

Masters education is a formal education programme, subsequent to a first degree (Bachelors), in Nigeria, it is mandated for every prospective master’s student to have completed/ be exempted from the NYSC. Hence it is not possible to study for a Nigerian masters without a NYSC certificate.

Making an early decision to go for a Masters education is important. Such a decision can be made, and concretized during the NYSC. With vision and a bit of self-discipline, you can begin to save as much as you would need for postgraduate forms, transcript, accommodation and even a part of your initial school fees. The problem is, many corp members blow away their alawee, in hope that there would always be another, next month. Investing in your immediate future should be more important to you during NYSC.

During the year of NYSC, corp members should be on the lookout for postgraduate advertisements, just as they also search for jobs, it’s better to adopt the open mind policy of whichever comes first- job or masters. This is because the first few months after NYSC could be depressing, if you are idle. By then you must have run out of any reserve cash saved during NYSC.

Also, leaving NYSC straight for Masters studies is good as your mind is still in sharp. Adapting to the rigors of university education is easy, as you probably left school over a year ago.

I believe it’s a wise decision for any individual to continue straight from NYSC to Masters. The tough Nigerian economy, high unemployment rate, among others things are reasons for that. And if you must work with you first degree, you could still be writing your application letters and attending interviews from your Master’s class, did you lose?

5 thoughts on “AFTER NYSC, MASTERS?

    1. Yes…. It’s even better to begin the postgraduate application before the end of NYSC

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