This is the amazing story of a young chap with a great intellectual prowess, who earned a docotrate degree (PhD) at age 25. Her name; Opeyemi Shodipe (yes, a lady). If she can achieve this, then there is no limitation for you. 
The event was the 10th convocation ceremony of Babcock University, Ilishan remo, Ogun state. 25 year old Opeyemi is the first graduate of the university to bag a PhD at that age. Her inspiring achievement did
not start on a positive note, as she was once considered a dullard by a teacher, back in her secondary school. An insult by her school teacher, and scolding by her mother, who incidentally is also a teacher was the wake up call she needed. Her academic result turned around.
She got admitted into Babcock University aged 15, to study information science, and graduate 4years after with a CGPA of 4.4. After the compulsory NYSC programme, she had her masters at University of Ibadan, and was the best student in the class. Sorrounded by her happy parents, the young scholar said she hopes to be a professor in the future.
Her story is a example of focus, tenacity, hard work and sweet success. While we may have complaints of the Nigerian factor, among other excuses, if anybody can achieve greatness, why not you. YES, YOU CAN!.

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