The United Kingdom (U.K) is a kind of Mecca for postgraduate education across the globe. The U.K (consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) attracts hundred of thousands of students with intention of studying for a Masters or PhD degree. What are the advantages of doing a Masters or PhD programme in the U.K?

1. World Class Universities: The U.K is home to some of the best universities in the world. Institutions like Cambridge and Oxford have existed before the 18th century. Postgraduate education and research in these schools are top notch. Many of them have produced nobel laureates, like Alexander Flemming from Imperial college. Even recent and lesser known U.K universities still have the touch of scholastic excellence, far better than any Nigerian university. Studying for a Master or PhD in the U.K is surely an avenue to be moulded and certified by age-long citadels of excellence indeed.

2. Short Duration for Masters: It takes a year (some times, 11 months) to earn a Masters degree in a U.K university. Almost impossible to achieve in any Nigerian university. It’s a major benefit, because it is unlike the US, Canada and other European countries where a Masters programme is 2 years. Although, the Masters programme in the U.K is loaded, 9 months for two semesters lectures, and 3 months for project. For a Nigerian studying abroad, a programme with shorter duration is better. As they say, “time na money oo”

3. International Collaboration and Networking:

The world is a global village, and modern postgraduate education is beyond class rooms and research laboratories. A U.K postgraduate education gives you the priviledge to rub mind with scholars from divers background across the world. Networking opportunities abound at regularly organized conferences, research paper presentation e.t.c. All these brighten the postgraduate students’ horizon, and stimulates the mind for creative and collaborative progress

4. Employment and Scholarship:

Depending on your academic performance, there are opportunities that can make you a permanent resident in the U.K after your schooling. Postgraduate education in the U.K rewards excellence, whether black or white, Nigerian or Togolese. A good performance at PhD can automatically earn you a faculty position. Employment opportunities are also available, although few.

5. Vast Nigerian Community:

Doing your Masters/PhD in the U.K is also good because, you may not miss home at all. Yes, if you study in London, dont be surprised when you hear a couple speaking yoruba loosely like its Ibadan. Having the Nigerian community gives you a little social and emotional support, compare to studying in Russia, for instance, with the intolerance and racism. Even on university campuses, you should run into fellow Nigerians, and you “hail” each other.

With these highlights,  you would appreciate the benefits of a postgraduate study in the U.K.


  1. First off all – why first two paragraphs are in smaller font then the last three? Are they less important? Do we need to get more attention on another three?
    But back to the point. Us educational system is as good as GB, and if you considering Massachusetts Inst of Technology, they are far better then everyone else in the world. A friend of mine is studying there, and yes he is using this sort of thing from time to time, but only for the boring stuff, and then spends almost all his free time in lab.

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