Getting a PhD, especially in Nigeria is known to be rigorous and stressful. But between the course of the study, we can still have fun, moreso, when it inspires us to strive on to get the PhD. Enter in- PHD MOVIE.
The film, The PhD Movie is produced by Jorge Cham and focuses on the lives of four postgraduate students as they navigate the tricky world of post-graduate education. The cast, setting and plot feel authentic; and virtually all the actors are actual graduate students. The movie was shot at the California Institute of Technology.
The Nameless Grad Student and his group must travel to an important academic conference and square off against a rival group as they compete for results and grant money. Meanwhile, Cecilia’s advisor is going on sabbatical, which means she has to finish writing her thesis or be stuck in grad school another year. There are some great lines throughout the movie, such as when The Nameless Gradaute Student explains to his father, “I’m basically paying the university so I can do free work for them.” The target audience is of course students that can identify with graduate school life; however, the humor, quick pace, and convincing acting ensure that the film can appeal to just about anyone.

Struggling with a work-life balance, uncertainty about the future, and deflated expectations are all parts of life that we have to deal with. Add to that an unimpressed advisor, failing laboratory equipment, and a lack of academic job openings, and you’re talking about grad school.

Sometimes the best ideas arise when we are distracted, so the solution to your academic problems could be a bowl of popcorn and The PhD Movie. Enjoy!
You can stream the video by clicking here
Excerpt here
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