It’s the dawn of a new year, and many have made resolutions towards a change they desire. It is important to note that, “he who fails to plan, already plans to fail”. So I ask, what are your postgraduate plans for the new year. This post can act as a guide.
  1. Pick a PG Form: Make up your mind now, save ahead and begin to browse in preparation for the sale of postgraduate forms for your desired school. Don’t let job, family, finance hinder you this year. If you need advice on PG school choice, ask here, and we can help.
  2. Round up your course work/project: This is for postgraduate students already. Prepare a time line of daily/weekly/monthly activity you would engage in to complete your work. I understand how stressful it can be, but plan for the best. For PhD programme, plan ahead to avoid the stress of discouragment that comes with such lenghty programme.
  3. Apply for Scholarship: I would advice every postgraduate student to actively search and apply to the various scholarships, grants, student exchanges and fellowships that abound. Many Nigerians are currently enjoying these benefits, especially women. Go to online directories, send emails and ask question. Some scholarship opportunities will also be posted here.
  4. Impact your World: What’s the purpose of a postgraduate degree that has no impact on society? Your learning should make the world a better place. As you bask in the sunrise of a new year, what would be your meaningful contribution to society by year end? Food for thought.

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