A thesis is an academic long essay, written as part of an academic programme to present verifiable conclusions/facts. It is some times called dissertation, or in Nigeria language, project work.

Thesis is an important part of a postgraduate programme. Infact PhD programmes always consist entirely of thesis work. In many Nigerian universities, thesis/project takes as much as
half of the total credit unit for a Masters degree programme. This means, if you were to complete 30 credit units to earn a Masters, the thesis credit unit can be as much as 15. So a fail in thesis work equals an automatic fail of the Masters.
Ability to successfully complete a thesis/project work underscores the point that the student is able to carry out independent research, and communicate same clearly. This is a major aim of a postgraduate education world-wide.
The aim of postgraduate thesis obviously goes beyond the language’s grammer, but it sure has it own writing rules, some times, as strigent as grammatical rules. Some of the most popular thesis writing styles are APA (American Psychological Association) and MLA (Modern Language Association).
In conclusion, whether you are going for a Masters in Engineering, or a PhD in Veterinary Medicine, be prepared. Its rigorous and can be challenging, but it benefits are enormous.

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