University of Chicago offers ‘TRUMP 101’

The election win and inaguration of President Donald J. Trump of the United states has come as a rude shock to ultra liberal college students across the U.S. Many are battling a hangover, expressed in racist attacks, depression or protests.

To help students cope with these down time, University of Chicago has gone the academic route. The institution is offering an introductory course, named, ‘TRUMP 101’ under the speciality of anthropology.
In Nigeria, where the losers of the presidential election began a politics of bitterness & tribal outburst, such educational approach would have had a calming effect.
Huffington Post reports that an email sent to students ‘about a new course called “Trump 101” being taught by Anthropology professor William Mazzarella in the spring of 2017. The course addresses “Trumpism as a symptom of our political present. Where are we? How did we get here? Where do we go from here?”
The course is still tentative, and is based on student interest.

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