Before You Apply for a Masters Degree….

Masters degree in NigeriaOluwakemi Makun, a 2016 Master of Business Administration graduate, has lend her advice to prospective postgraduate students, emphasising the need for preparation.

The Pulse reports that Makun, who bagged an Executive MBA programme of the Business School Netherlands, Abuja, where she finished top of her class, with four distinctions.
Drawing from her personal experience, she didn’t go straight for a Master degree after NYSC. She took her time and practised as a Lawyer and a Business woman for thirteen years. She insist that this gap made her realize what she needed from her wants.
In Nigerian today, many fresh graduates enroll for Masters degree programmes immediately after NYSC. A holistic needs assessment is necessary before undertaking a Master’s degree course. This would avoid frustration many postgraduate students face as well as help in alligning your postgraduate ambition with your career and life goals.

Comments: Do you think unemployment is increasing the number of postgraduate admission seekers?

The high percentage of graduate unemployment had led to increased enrollment in master’s degree. There are few advantages in proceeding directly for further studies. When done with the right perspective, the result would be satisfying.

Therefore, before applying for a master’s degree, make sure that it is not to ease boredom, keep up with friends and peers nor as it is in some weird cases, meeting a potential spouse.

During or after NYSC, a master’s degree admission form can be purchased after thorough asking these questions.

1. For my career, which is better? A master’s degree or a professional certificate.

2. Is a master degree need to get a job?

3. Are you by any chance interested in academia, that is becoming a lecturer.

4. What is the  cost implication of the masters degree?

These  questions would assist evaluate your need for a postgraduate degree. A postgraduate student can give clues to clarify issues. Hopefully, with their sincerity and openness, a wholesome decision can be made.

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