Meet the Most Educated Nigerian: 6 Masters, 3 PhDs and Counting

educated nigerian phdNigerians are the third most educated immigrants by college degree in the United States, behind the Chinese and Indians. A Nigerian Osatohanmwen Osemwengie (Osato for short) is blazing the trail in the field and academia.

Dr. Osato has 6 Masters degrees and 3 Doctorates, yes, you heard right! The amazing thing is, Osato isn’t stopping, infact he is on his postgraduate program, 7th master degree in January 2017, at University of Texas at Dallas.
Well, before you conclude, Osato is a jerk, piling certificates….Nah. Dr. Osato has achieved alot in the field of engineering, business and philantropy.
Dr. Osato is a robotics engineer par excellence. He has worked with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and has succeeded in sending drones to different planets, Mars and Jupiter inclusive.

His impact is felt in the military and security fields. A drone company founded by him has alliance with the US Army.Where did he bag those postgraduate degrees? You may ask….

  1. Doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Cincinnati.
  2. Master’s degree in software engineering at Regis University.
  3. Master’s degree in Information Systems at the Keller Graduate School of Management.
  4. MBA from Ohio state university.
  5. Currently, undergoing a Masters programme at University of Texas
  6. Currently, a PhD, also at University of Texas.

Postgraduate Nigeria celebrates this marvel of a man.

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