Toughest, or slowest, or most difficult, anything you call it, but its not just NICE. Postgraduate programmes are by design, made intellectually tasking. It is expected to stretch the postgraduate scholar in a rigorous education that involves research, either at masters, doctoral (PhD) or post doctoral fellowship.

However, any thing Nigerian bears its flavour. Postgraduate study in some Nigerian Universities is the definition of frustration, in an environment filled with sadist. Stories abound of students spending 5/6 years for a Masters degree or between 10-12 years for a PhD. This is a list of our Nigerian universities notorous for intentionally frustrating students. You can add yours based on your experience.
    1. OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY, ILE IFE (OAU): This first generation Nigerian university tops the list for the toughest school to obtain a Masters/M.Phil/PhD. OAU has no known academic calender that it follows
      . Student activism that ends up in disruption and school shut down is rife. For a Postgraduate student, you only know when you get matriculated, as graduation can be timeless. Beyond this, OAU is an institution filled with a lot of sadists lecturers. They take pleasure in making students frustrated, all in the name of building standards.  Though, a little cheap in tuition, postgraduate students pay in form of emotion break down and extra long years. Obtaining a PhD in record time is abnormal in OAU.
    1. UNIVERSITY OF CALABAR: UNICAL as it is fondly called is not a welcoming university for good postgraduate study. The school is rife with a lot of corruption, that frustrates diligent students. In some cases, thesis supervisors demand cash in order to read their students’ thesis work. Even with all the cash/yam/bush meat for marks, it is still difficult to round up a Master study within 2 years.
    1. AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY: ABU is one of Nigeria’s best universities located in Zaria. ABU’s stress comes mainly from the religious angle. Non muslims must be prepared to go extra mile, especially when dealing with fanatic Muslim lecturers, who have an unreasonable hatred for non Muslims. Also, Ahmadu Bello University and other research institute around Zaria have some of the top grade functional science/medical research facilities in Nigeria, so a thorough postgraduate work is expected, no matter the cost or time constraint.
    1. OLABISI ONABANJO UNIVERSITY: OOU or OSU is an all comers school. It seems like the school was established to rake in money for the people in charge. OOU has all kinds of part time, sand wish, and weekend programmes at undergraduate and some times postgraduate level. This is aside the regular postgraduate programme. Unfortunately, the school does not have the academic man power to cater for it large student population.
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