What is M.PHIL all about?

M.Phil masters of philosophyThere are myraids of postgraduate degrees at Masters and PhD levels and in various disciplines. At Masters degree, your degree comes in one of many academic codes as M.Sc, MBA, M.Pharm, LL.M, MILS and so forth. These all show in a broad sense, your academic discipline at Masters.
A popular and more generic Masters degree is the M.Phil. That’s the short for Master of Philosophy. It cut across various disciplines from sciences, to education, art, business and engineering.


Master of Philosophy, M.Phil in…..

Master of Philosophy, Mphil is usually an academic and research based Masters degree programme. A MPhil is earned prior to a PhD. In Nigeria and many other countries, it is a sort of PhD foundation program. It can also be a bridge between an average Masters degree and a PhD.
A postgraduate student can only continue to the PhD component of the program upon satisfactory completion of requirements in the MPhil. Many Nigerian university often put a B-grade (or 60%) in cumulative grade point of course work as a minimum.

Conditions when MPhil is needed

A prospective PhD student can enroll for a M.Phil degree programme, and upon good academic performance continue for a PhD without seeking re-admission. This means the student must already have a master degree. After initial course work, students proceed for a research work. The research work at M.Phil is simply deepened and broadened for the PhD thesis.
Essentially, you will need a M.Phil degree in these ocassion.
  1. Where your transcript for a previous Master degree show poor academic performance. Presently, the Nigerian University Commision has stipulated a minimum of 3.5 grade point average at Master degree before anyone is admitted for a PhD. Anything below 3.5, you will be heading towards a M.Phil programme.
  2. Course switch. In this case, a prospective PhD student seeks to switch between similar but different fields of study. A M.Phil is recommended. A good friend at University of Nigeria, who bagged a M.A in philosphy, but was dissatisfied continuing for a PhD in his specialization. Seeking a PhD in philosophy of education, which is quite similar, but an entirely different faculty, he enrolled for a M.Phil with hope of subsequently continuing at PhD.
  3. Professional Masters to a PhD. This is also a switch but of a different kind. A candidate with a professional masters degree like a MBA cannot be directly admitted to a PhD. Professional masters degree lack the research component, hence postgraduate student need to be grounded in research.
The advantage of the M.Phil is that it gives the solid academic foundation, before entering the wild wild west of research and thesis writing.
Master of Philosophy, M.Phil lasts the normal Masters duration. In Nigeria, this depends on the Postgraduate school. It can range from 1 year to above 2 years.

Terminal and Non Terminal M.Phil

In virtually all cases, a MPhil program is to lead to a doctoral studentship. Where this doesn’t work out, some department in a university can award a terminal MPhil degree.
A terminal MPhil means that the student is awarded a stand alone Master of philosophy degree. When a student does not meet the minimum department requirements for continuation to the PhD, a terminal MPhil is awarded. In rare cases, a MPhil degree can be awarded despite proceeding to a PhD.
The more likely situation that the non terminal MPhil. Here, no certificate is awarded. Postgraduate student either ends up in the PhD program or is withdrawn from the course.
If you have any questions or need clarification, don’t hesitate to drop it in the comments below.

130 thoughts on “What is M.PHIL all about?

    1. However my name is dotun Ojo, I have Bsc Ed in economics and M. ed in educational administration and planning with CGP of 3.499 in NOUN, pls how do go about my MPhil program related to my field unilag please guide me.

  1. I like this group, please I want to know how Nigeria universities grade Msc result is Master degrees results

    1. Thanks. Nigerian universities grade Master result using GPA just like the undergraduate. But it does not reflect in the certificate, so no 1st class Master or thing like that

  2. My name is Cynthia Juwah. I recently did my LLM but intend to further my education. I wish to do an Mphil law, then upgrade to a Phd! How do I go about it? My Gpa is around 3.5. Can you recommend a Nigerian university for me to apply?

    1. Hello Cynthia, I don’t think your Masters GPA is too low for a PhD in law. For Mphil in law, check UNILAG or UNN postgraduate brochure

  3. I stumbled on this page and I hope it would be helpful in giving me the right advice. I had a 2.1 @B.Sc, but didn’t really had time to focus on M. sc so l had a CGPA of 2.5, wish to proceed for a PHD, how do l achieve that with this low CGPA? thanks in anticipation of your response.

  4. I obtained B.sc (Ed)Economics, M.Ed measurement and Evaluation.can I run PhD in Economics with this qualification? joel

    1. I am having interest to pick the pg form in university of Abuja. My cgpa was around 3.80, m.ed measurement and Evaluation. Will this qualify me for admission in mphil in Economics

  5. Pls, can I run mphil in Economics with this qualification, In university of Abuja? B.sc (Ed) Economics, M.Ed measurement and evaluation with about 3.80 cgpa

      1. I have a B.Sc in business administration, Masters in Treasury management and a certified national accountant can I be given admission to read M.Sc Economic or M.Sc Accounting and finance at University of Abuja or can I get a master of phi

      2. With a BSc in business administration, you should surely get a MSc economics or accounting.

        You CGPA and transcript will support/disapprove your application

  6. Dear Ayo,
    I have B.Sc (Economics and Statistics) and MBA (finance). Am I eligible for direct MPhil or I have go through another M.Sc program all over again?

    I will appreciate feedback.

    Ikponmwosa G Imade

    1. Yes, you can go directly for a M.phil. but it must be in a specialization related to Economics or statistics.
      Thanks for stopping by

  7. Please A.Y, am an M.Sc holder in Social Work from university of Jos and my results are as follow: C,A,B,C.B,B,C,B,B,C,C,B,C,B,C,& 55.Cumulative Score Average=57.60 Please help me to recalculate this tell me the result if my result will qualify me for M.Phil or Ph.D . Thanks

  8. Had 3.8 over 7.00 at M.Sc which is graded as proceed to MPhil in elect/elect from UI but my BEng is 2.1(3.74/5.00) from Unilorin.Can’t proceed in UI cos its a professional masters awarded.I need to proceed in another university in the west.Pls which do you advice (unilag,funnab,lautech,oau)and will I apply for MPhil or MPhil/PhD or PhD in elect/elect?

      1. Had BSc Health Edu, MSc Public Health in Environmental Mgt. Wish to proceed but don’t know my Msc grade. What course can I do in UI ?

  9. Hello. this is really educative. I have a MSc with advise to proceed for a MPhil. But I want to study for the MPhil in UK. Do I qualify or would I be expected to repeat a Masters to study in a UK university?

    1. My M.Sc. Bus. Admin cgpa is 3.48 any versity that can offer phd program direct with that.

      God bless this forum>

  10. Really sorry to bother us with this. My daughter had cgpd of 2.3 in her Ist degree in “international relations”. How can she progress academically? Thanks

  11. Hello bro

    Plz I jst finish my master in economics from Unilag with CGPA of 3.23 plz how eligible am I for m.phil

  12. Good evening Mr. John, I finished with a cgpa of 2.89 in unilag English literature. can I run a MPhil? Thank you Sir

  13. Hello, pls can i use MBA with a 4.14 CGPA to apply for an Mphil/PhD in a business/management related course ?

    1. Yes, you can. Not because of low cgpa,but because you are crossing from a professional degree MBA into academic line

  14. Please, can you be specific with Universities accepting direct entry into PH.D program with a CGPA of 3.5. Almost all are bent on 4.0

  15. Pls I have a 3.2 frm Unilag. Can I use this result to further for an MPhil in Literature or any other art related subject in any Nigerian university preferably in the S/west?

  16. Hello sir

    I did did my first degree in demography and statistic with a cgpa of 2.2 from ife,after that I did my pdg from isi in business Administration and then further for mba from ajayi Crowther university,can I enroll for MPhil/phd?Please advise which university I can attend

    1. Hello Dina, yes you can enroll for a Mphil/PhD.

      Tell me your interest. Do you want to continue in business administration or related?

  17. Goodmorning

    Please, I have an MBA with major in Human Resources, what Mphil/PhD options are available for me?

  18. Hello sir. Thank you for your effort. I have a CGPA of 3.7 in Economics from Unilag. I thought one needs a CGPA of at least 4.0 for direct PhD, at least 3.5 for MPhil/PhD and just a terminal MPhil (without proceeding to PhD) with a CGPA of 3.49 and below. please clarify. Thanks and God bless.

  19. My first degree is in Chemical Engineering from Unilag. I have an Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business from ACCA. Then an MBA (Finance) – Executive from OAU. Can I apply for MPhil Finance in Unilag?

    1. Yes. Apply for a Mphil/PhD. Make sure you quote your years of experience in finance area. That could be the determining factor.

  20. This is very educative, thanks for a good job. my name is Jeremiah please what is the duration of mphill/phd in Nigeria.

  21. Hi, I have B.Sc Microbiology and Professional master’s degree in “Infection Prevention and Control”, please can I apply for MPhil in microbiology?

  22. Morning sir, having CGPA of 3.85 in B.Sc and CGPA of 3.94 in Pro. Masters (MIPC), I can apply for MPhil alone without furthering for PhD? Thanks for giving time to attend us.

  23. I have an M.P.A and M.A in History and Diplomatic Studies with CGPA of 3..3 each. Can I apply for an M.Phil/ Ph. D in Unilag ?

    1. Hello Ike, you can study for a mhil anywhere you choose. Tell me your course, so I can get schools offering it

      1. MSc.Statistics. I base in Ebonyi. Most of the adverts I saw online require a minimum of 3.0 cgpa for state school and 3.5 for federal

      2. Your cgpa of 2.5 is very low, but I believe you still have a chance for mphil. in less competitive universities. Try FUAM makurdi

  24. Hi. My name is kelvin and I have a Bsc Accounting and an MBA from the university of Jos. It seems that I may not be able to apply for PHD direct without MPhil. Is that correct? Or are there institutions that provide combined MPhil/phd or take MBA. Thanks

    1. Hello Kelvin,
      1. Yes, you can’t apply directly for PhD with MBA
      2. All Federal Universities of good worth offer a Mphil/PhD .

  25. I have my B. Tech at first degree, I also have MBA (Finance) at second degree and currently doing my PhD accounting.
    But in my place of work as academic staff are complaining about my MBA being a professional masters not academic masters.
    The question here is that: Can MPhil serve aacademic masters in my case? Or I have to go M.Sc?

    1. Saidu, sorry for the late response.
      Your situation is unique and I wish we can interact to give you a better answer.

      Yes, MBA is a professional master’s degree. If you had been admitted for a MPhil/PhD, the MPhil would serve since you have a previous master’s degree i.e MBA.

      But if it’s a straight PhD admission, your career as an academic will be questioned

  26. Hello Ayodele, I just finished my B.Eng in Electrical Engineering with 4.20cpga. I would like to study for masters but a little confused about MSC or M.Phil? Which comes first. Look forward for your reply, thanks.

    1. MSc is first. Master of science. It can also be M.Eng. Masters of Engineering.

      MPhil is a bridge to PhD

  27. Hello sir, I have a CGPA of 3.8 for M.sc. at U.I. and I was advised to proceed to M.phil. I will like to know if this means I can’t further to PhD even after completing the m.phil or can I take same result to another school and then apply directly for PhD?. I am in the academics line. Thank you.

    1. Hello Opeyemi,
      It means that you need a MPhil to continue PhD.
      Apply for a MPhil/PhD combined admission. When you meet the MPhil requirements, you continue at PhD

  28. I am currently considering an offer for PhD degree admission from a foreign university in Paris, France but operated through an Institution here in Nigeria.
    Generally, I am in doubt as to the recognition status of foreign Universities/Certificates by NUC in Nigeria.
    Can someone help me out with list of Foreign Universities recognised by NUC?

    1. Hello Destiny, I took time to make findings.

      HTIB Atlantis is not accredited in Nigeria and Togo from the information available to me. Don’t have any to do with it.

      1. Sir my experience is same with Opeyemi, pls can you drop your email address

  29. I have a GPA of 3.35 at masters level Law at Unilag. Do you know of any private university that will accept me for PHD direct. I was told igbenidion will take me . What do you think?

    1. Hello Ibiene, sorry for the late response.

      Yes, private universities would gladly accept you.

      Babcock, Afe Babalola ABUAD or Igbinedion as you mentioned

      1. Mr. Ayodele John, you are very wrong on this. No private university takes anything less than 4.0 for direct PhD admission. Pls, check again.

  30. Good day Sir.
    I finished with 3.17 at the Masters level from UNILAG. Can I apply for UNILORIN MPhil/PhD?
    Thank you for the quick reply.

  31. Good day sir,
    Please I finished with a CGPA of 3:35 from faculty of law, university of Lagos. What other university can accept my grade for mphil/phd?.

    1. Hello,
      Apply to university of Nigeria, Unijos or other good state universities.

      UI, OAU are very competitive and may not accept based on the grade point

      1. Thanks for the counselling
        I also have a 58 score in my M.A program at OAU. How can this be categorized and can I further my academics for a PHD?

      2. Hello Gbenga,you need 60% to proceed to PhD.

        If your former department can accept you directly for PhD as a former student or apply for MPhil/PhD to any university

  32. Actually I am very happy with this policy because it would offer many potential Ph.D applicants the opportunity to realize their dreams

  33. With this policy, insha ALLAH i will obtain Ph.D in Public Administration because Firstly i have my Diploma in Public Admin, Bsc. in Public Admin, Masters Degree in Public Admin (MPA) i will now use the opportunity provided by this policy and enrol in to M.Phil program which is part of my journey toward obtaining Ph.D, Insha ALLAH.

  34. Good evening Sir,
    I have Bsc. Ed in Business Education with the CGPA of 4.00. I want to further my masters in Measurement and Evaluation. Will I be given admission? Any recommendable university? Thanks in anticipation for your reply Sir

  35. Good evening Sir,
    I have Bsc. Ed in Business Education with the CGPA of 4.00. I want to further my masters in Measurement and Evaluation. Will I be given admission? Any recommendable university? Thanks in anticipation for your reply Sir

    1. Yes, you would be given admission in measurement and evaluation. Although the department prefers people who are very good in mathematics and statistics.

      M&E is in faculty of education and same with Business Edu., Your admission should be straight forward

  36. Am ken. I am HND holder having MBA from Crawford university with CGPA 3.89 , can i proceed for PHD ?

    1. Hello Ken,

      You can’t proceed directly to PhD. If you had your HND is the same subject area, then you can purchase a MPhil/PhD form.

      If you need more counseling and information, book for a clarity session. But it would cost you a token

  37. I have a master degree inTheology with 64.4 points do i still need an M. Phil before my PhD?

      1. Hello Mr John,
        Thanks for helping people out in situations like this.
        Please I would like to know if M. Phil. transcript is available for collection @ ui.

  38. Good afternoon, I have HND (Statistics), PGD (Management), B.Sc (Economics), & MBA (Business Administration). I prefer to do Mhil/PhD in Economics, can I be given admission? Which University can you recommend within the South Western Nigeria?

  39. I have Bsc in Economics with CGPA 4.20 in EKITI STATE UNIVERSITY, ADO-EKITI .I want to know maybe I can proceed for my PhD through M.Phil in any university in Nigeria including University of Ibadan or OAU?

    1. No. With a BSc, you would need a Master’s first.

      MPhil is for those who couldn’t meet PhD entry requirements

  40. 1. Good day sir! Can i apply to any university for Mphil/Phd with a 2.55 CGPA 2.55 in science education?
    2. Can i apply for my area of interest e.g Mathematics in my Mphil/Phd
    3. Will i write exam in my Mphil to contimue for my Phd?

    1. Your CGPA is low but you will surely get a MPhil/PhD admission.

      Depending on the university, you might be asked to write an examination. Some university will require a proposal defence before continuing to PhD

  41. So sorry sir! I forgot to say that i had the grade in M.ED ( SCIENCE EDUCATION ). Thanks and God bless.
    Please i need answer to this question sir.
    Well done for a job well done sir.

  42. Can i go for MPHIL/P.HD with a 2.55 CGPA in masters level?
    Can i choose my intended area of specialization in P.HD e.g Mathematics in MPHIL level?
    Will i seat exam in MPHIL level to go for P.HD?
    Please sir i need answer to these question.
    Thanks and God bless for your quick response.
    Well done sir.

  43. I had 4.4 for M.Ed which is interpreted as Phil/PHd. My question can I change from adult education to other courses in education with this result. I will appreciate feedback. Thanks

    1. Yes, you can change course since your Masters is in th same faculty. You might be forced to do a MPhil/PhD.

      Confirm from the adult education department

    1. Top federal universities will not grant you a direct PhD admission. You might have to consider a MPhil PhD

  44. I’m interested in academia and I have a B.sc in mass communication (2.1) can I do my MPhil without an Msc in unilag.

  45. Mr Ayodele John, good day you are doing a very good job sir. I finished from UI in the year 2011 with a weighted average score of 57.8% what CGPA does that translate to? Sir, can I get any school abroad that will be willing to admit me for straight PhD. in Civil Engineering. Thirdly apart from UI which school will admit me for MPhil/PhD in Nigeria.

  46. I know this is almost 5 years after this post. But i am so desperate and hope i do get help. I just found out 2 weeks ago that my graduating cgpa of my msc Information technology is 2.61 meaning i can’t proceed to phd. I was devastated till i researched online and found out i have a leeway through hard study for mphil.now my problem is with 2 weeks of constant search online i have been unable to find a school in Nigeria that has an admission requirement for mphil for less than 3point.pls anybody with this info pls help me. You can reach me aswell on 08064407079 incase i miss your response. Am sorry am asking for a call or text but bear with me as am so desperate and moving through so many sites i may not recognize this to return back🙏🙏🙏

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