Resident/Postgraduate Doctor’s Strike Continues, as Patients leave Teaching Hospital

The strike action embarked upon by residents doctors in Nigeria, continues with no end in sight yet. Negotiations between the federal government team, led by Minister of labour, Dr. Chris Ngige and his health counterpart, Prof. Isaac Adewole seems not to be having a truce in the discussions with the National Association of Resident Doctors.

It should be noted that Residency is like a postgraduate training for Medical doctors. The Doctors specialize in a field of practice, and graduate to become consultants. This training is usually done in teaching hospitals, and other upgraded & accredited medical institutions. The Doctors are paid during this medical postgraduate programme.

The Resident Doctors accuse the federal government of not funding the training of doctors which has caused frustration in the profession. Also, the non implementation of past aggrements is a a major grouse.

The Resident Doctors assert that funding medical postgraduate education in the country stem the trend of current brain drain in the profession, while the number of those going for medical tourism abroad reduced to the barest minimum.

Nigerian Doctors on exit for Greener pastures

A recent survey conducted by credible polling organization, NOI Polls has shown that at least 80 percent of medical doctors in Nigeria are currently seeking work opportunities abroad. This worrisome statistics revealed that the quest for overseas career relocation cuts accross the rank and file of Medical Doctors, including Resident Doctors. NOI Polls futher revealed that the reasons range from  low work satisfaction, poor salaries and emoluments and the huge knowledge gap that exists in the medical practice abroad amongst others. Hence, the need  for urgent pragmatic policy steps to remedy the situation.

Patients seek Alternative Hospitals

Daily Post reports that patients at University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, are already moving to general and private hospitals to seek healthcare they need.  The consultants are reported to be offering skeletal services.


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