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All About PGD In Nigerian Universities

postgraduate diploma pgdOne commonly used acronym relating to postgraduate study is PGD. It simply means Postgraduate Diploma. Hopefully, you are used to M.philM.B.A
and few others.
Postgraduate diploma (PGD) is an advanced certificate, awarded by the school of postgraduate studies of the respective University (in Nigeria). A PGD is not a degree per se.  Then comes the question…..

Why PGD anyway?

A PGD serves more as a entry qualification for a Masters degree programme. While having a Bachelor degrees would suffice for postgraduate admission, certain situations warrant the need for a PGD.

Majorly, a PGD is needed when seeking Masters admission to a specialization that your is outside the scope of the Bachelors degree. This means, it is possible to switch course of study or career paths, without  restarting a new four/five years Bachelors degree.

No matter your new fancy or interest. PGD makes the switch possible and maybe faster. Note didn’t say easier. Case in point, bachelors graduate of chemistry, can do a Masters in Chemical Engineering after a postgraduate diploma PGD in Chemical Engineering.

In addition, a PGD is needed if there was a poor or below standard academic performance. In this case, PGD is needed to prove that the certain prerequisite grade. Its is also needed to show that the student can meet the intellectual demands of doing the Masters degree of the course of study, and the poor performance at previous Bachelors degrees was probably due to exigencies. Doing a PGD, serves as a foundation programme in this respect. Many Universities outside Nigeria called PGD, Foundation Masters or Pre-Masters. They all serve the same purpose.

In Nigeria in particular, PGD is required for HND (Higher National Diploma) graduate by some University before proceeding for a Masters programme.

What type of PGD should you study for?

The are PGD programmes in virtually every course of study. But the most popular seems to be the postgraduate diploma in education (PGDE). This is necessary for all who desire to be teachers at any level (primary – university) but did not study education. There are also PGD in Journalism, PGD in Engineering, PGD in some medical fields and PGD Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, Economics etc.

How long for a PGD?

Duration for a PGD programme depends on specific schools. It ranges from a year to two. The shortest time would not be less than 9 months. The duration for a PGD is also dependent types of study, full time, part time, sandwish or distance learning. Do note the unlike M.Phil. PGD is a terminal programme, except in rare cases. Admission for a Masters degree is not automatic, and this prospective student needs to apply formally.

Whatever your choices are, sure you are better informed about what PGD is all about. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

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Pls Sir I graduated with distinction in nutrition and dietetics, is there any uni that can take me for MSc? Or can I gain direct entry admission into 3ooL and which school?

Hello, please I finished with 2.79 cgpa from oau….microbiology… Can I do PGD in microbiology and then do direct entry into health sciences courses…dnt know if universities take PGD as direct entry into medicine, nursing or pharmacy

You can’t get into medicine, pharmacy and nursing through pgd. They are professionals courses. You have to start from JAMB

Please, is it possible to apply for a masters programme outside nigeria (in Australia) , with a postgraduate diploma certificate from Nigeria.

pls a frd of mine graduated with HND pass result…he read business administration …does he stil have any chance of doing PGD in any Nigeria universities..

Nice Post. Short and educative. But please, can one get a list of credible PGDE centres, including universities and if you can, tuition fees. God bless

thanks. list of PGDE centers will be a tough but possible one. Check the home page as some will surely come

please which University or schools give admission for masters directly after HND without all dis PGD stuff

Its very difficult to get a Nigerian university. But your course would determine its finite possibility of a direct Masters admission

Good day sir.
I am a graduate of building technology in polytechnic with lower credit. Please sir, wish to know the University In South East of Nigeria or any other geo political region that offers admission into Pgd in estate management or any other course in environmental

Are they any universities in Nigeria that can give admission to HND distinction holders without PGD?

Please, I am a degree holder, finished from fine arts OAU, specialized in painting, now I want to do masters in graphic design but in another school, couldn’t find my course in Unilag, but yabatech has graphic design as a department,..but offers only PGD, what should I do?

Hello, there are other institution that offer graphic design at masters. check UNN and UI

I graduated with 3rd class in education any Nigeria institution that can give me Master degree program direct without deplooma?

pls i graduated with HND upper in Banking and finance and i want to do PGD in accounting or finance only. which university can i get it

What is the lowest CGPA that will qualify one to enroll for an M.Sc with the new NUC grading system. And the list of such schools. Thanks.

Unilag, LASU, OOU,Adekule Ajasin university.

Unilag is the most expensive. I can advise you to do the PGDE with NTI. They have a lot of satellite campus around and not too costly

Please which universities can I enroll for PGD am a graduate with HND in chemical engineering With lower credit

I am graduate of Electrical Electronic engineering in (Power option) – HND lower credit and intend going for PGD in measurement and instrumentation, please, which school will be ok for students leaving in PH ? And is it advisable for engineering students to do this kind of program in a satellite campuses?
In an estimate what could be the cost estimate for running this kind of program?

FUTO or Rsust would are good schools for pgd. I can’t tell you about the cost. Just prepare for 3 semesters work

Hello sir what about someone who studied Architecture in the polytechnic and I’m on 3.0 do I need to go for pgd.
Be for masters

I don’t think there’s a pgd in Architecture. In the university, is a professional course and Architects are already like master degree holders cos they spend 6years.

hello i graduated wit pass nd i studied public admin,currently serving,bt wnt to knw which university can accept pass result nd which course do u think i cn do. at d pgd level

which university can I go for PGD in Nigeria cause I graduated with 3rd class in political science and international relations ?
And can I apply for masters after that?

Sir,i studied public Admin in hnd and graduated with pass,pis i want to knw hw many yrs wil it take mi b4 i enroll for pgd,and which course do u think i can do at d university 4 my pgd

wat i mean is dat,somepple do say dat 4 some1 who graduated wit pass,it we take dat person like 2yrs after nysc b4 he or she cn proceed to pgd,wnt to knw hw tru is dis statement..cos i also came out wit pass in public admin @ ibpoly,which course do u think i cn do at pgd level nd which university,thanks.

1 what is the difference between post graduated diploma and bachelor science?
2 how many years can it takes someone to run post graduated programme part time

How can someone who graduated with pass can enroll for pdg programme in other related field to computer engineering.. which school fee among this various universities are cheaper for the pdg programme and how many years will it take to acquired pgd certificate.

Hello Rasheed, next time make your questions clearer.

You can do a computer pgd at National Open University of Nigeria. NOUN.

It’s cost effective

Good day Sir, please I’m very much in need of a helpful information.
I graduated with CGP of 3.41 in Public Administration from polytechnic and wish to advance my study in the same field.
My questions :
1. What’s the duration for undergoing PGD?
2. Do you think uniport is a better option since I live in PortHarcourt?
3. Will it be possible to switch into law ,if yes, what’s the anticipated duration of the study.
Thanks as I wait for your kind response.

pls I want to knw duration for PGD in engineering and education, and is it possible to cross from engineering(HND) to education(PGD)

Plz is pgd form on sale now UNN precisely..? If yes when they recruit. On serving now but I want to buy the form against next yr

Pls I have upper credit in accounting from polytechnic (HND). Is it possible to go for master directly or must I do PGD before I can qualify for master degree?

Good day.
Is there any university which does Construction Technology PGD program. I have UPPER credit in Architecture and will like to apply for PGD in construction technology.

Nice and succuint post.
Is there a particular CGPA one has to reach to be able to do PGD after finishing with a 3rd class from the university.

For instance, I heard if one’s Gp is lower than 2.0, one won’t be able to do PGD at all. How true is this please?

hello Tiwatope, you can always do a PGD with a 3rd class degree. The CGPA scale had be revised by NUC and presently, there is no more pass degree

Please I will like to know the universities that can accept a HND graduate with distinction in marketing for masters programme in marketing too without doing pgd

Hello ayodele, I want to go for masters in public health but I finished with a 3rd class. Which type of pgd can I go for that would be accepted to study MPH. Cos I can’t seem to find any pgd in public health

I want to study Masters in Public health (MPH) but i graduated with a 3rd class in physiology. what PGD course can i do to qualify for an MPH in Nigeria. Could you also please recommend Universities. Thanks!

I graduated with a second class lower in electrical/electronics engineering. What I want to find out I can I use it to enroll for master degree.

Hello admin uni port do they offer PGD in public administration or is there any related course I can do I graduated with HND pls I need urgent answer.

I can’t get correct info on uniport at this time. If you graduated with a HND upper credit with 3year experience, apply directly for MPA in Uniben

I have HND in banking and finance with upper credit, which university accept HND holders for PGD program and how many years it.

If you want to do a PGD in Banking and Finance, virtually all Nigerian university offering the course would accept you. UNILAG, UNIBEN, OOU, OAU

i have upper credit in banking and finance (HND) i wish to do masters in finance/economics in the united states of America in few years and i am in my early 30s.
1. should i do top-up (HND-Bsc) while i am still in the country?
if yes,
i. which school is preferable?
ii. duration?
2. should i apply for my PGD?
if yes,
i. which school?
ii. duration?
N.B: i live in Lagos

Hello Ben,
Do a pgd in a school with fast and stable academic calendar. Preferably private university or NOUN. Maximum of 18 months.

During this time, prepare and write GRE. With a good score you can apply for Masters in US with scholarship

Upper/lower credit for Polytechnics, and first/second class for Uni.
Please what is the grading system like for PGD?

Please sir I graduated with lower credit in surveying and geoinformatics from the polytechnic and am asking if I can apply for the pgd in same course at unilag

I studied Agricultural engr. in polytechnic and graduated with upper credit. Is it possible to apply for PGD with statement of result without NYSC certificate? 2. can one go direct to master’s degree with statement of result?

It depends on the university you applying to for the PGD. Generally, after 12 months, you should not be using statement of result again

Yes you can apply, but you would need your NYSC certificate when registration begins. Except it’s an affiliated or distant learning PGD

Pls as an HND holder in Pub Admin currently teaching, should I apply for NTI PGDE then go for M. Edu? Or PGD then MSc Public admin?

I made an online payment for the purchase of PGDE form. My network was bad so I couldn’t complete the registration. Now I want to continue after logging in, I was asked to confirm my RRR which I did, but it’s not working. Was prompted to pay again. Pls help

Please can one who graduated with 3rd class in political science apply for pgd in psychology or law….. If no, please which other courses can the person go for?

There is no PGD in Law. Its a professional course. You can study for a PGD in public administration, political science and sociology

I graduated with Pass in Business Administration and Management (HND), 2015.
Which University can I Apply for PGDE in Business Administration and Management in Niger Delta region.

I have a Bsc in Geophysics but I have been teaching english language & communication skills with passionate proficiency for a while now.
As it is, I need to switch career path to my passion for teaching the English language and I’m working on running a PGD programme.
Please,can I actually run a PGD in either English, communication arts or journalism to make me eligible for a subsequent masters degree either in English studies, communication arts or mass communication ?
I anticipate your kind response!

Can a graduate of natural sciences (who now wants to change career line to teaching communication & English skills ) run a PGD in mass communication , PGD in English or PGDE in English education ?

Please sir, I graduated with Second class lower in Education management, which course can I enroll for in PGD If am going to apply for masters in Human Resource Management.
2. And which university can accept me. Thanks

You may try a Pgd in business administration. So schools may accept you directly if you have years of experience in management

Thanks for the update, can you please give me at least names of three good schools that dose PGD in Engineering and computer sciences with tuition fees if you can.

Finished with a third class in civil engineering. Can I do pgd without nysc certification? And, is there pgd for civil engineering in futminna, ABU and Unijos?

Am a graduate in Geography and environmental management, I want 2 know d cut off mark or 2 know d qualification 2 help me run my masters in pgde in NTI or is it automatic masters after PGDE in NTI?

Mr. Ayodele ,

I have a Bsc in Geophysics but I have been teaching english language & communication skills with passionate proficiency for a while now.
As it is, I need to switch career path to my passion for teaching the English language and I’m working on running a PGD programme.
Please,can I actually run a PGD in either English, communication arts or journalism to make me eligible for a subsequent masters degree either in English studies, communication arts or mass communication ?

Wow! Kudos Irabor for the confidence to switch. As an English teacher, you need a pgd in Education which would allow you to be a teacher… but in a subject related to Geophysics like physics. This is a total change of direction. To be accepted in English, you would need a pgd in English, which is rare.

Better still, as you suggested, a pgd in journalism would be good, and can grant you acceptance for a masters in media, mass communication or journalism. But you can use it for a masters in English.

Hope my answer is not complicated

No complications at all…

Rather, your response is insightful & valuable!

Many,many thanks !

I graduated with 2nd class lower in electrical/electronics engineeering (power option) .please tell me which Nigeria university with low cost will accept pdg program for this.

please which course can I enroll for with higher national diploma in chemical engineering graduated with lower credit……..i want to know universities dat offers that and preferable course I can go for

Please Sir, I graduated with a 2nd class upper in the department of public administration. For my PG study I moved from my area of study, so I applied for a PGD in Business administration. Hope I’ll be get the admission?

Hello, please I have a brother who had Pass in Accountancy (Part time) ,which school can accept him for PGD

IS it a pass in HND or a pass Degree? It is difficult to be accepted for a PGD with a pass degree, infact it does not exist again.

i have distinction in banking and finance in HND is it possible to do a masters degree directly.

also can some one who is serving go for d pgd ?

yes, someone serving can do a pdg, but not on full time. Its almost impossible to be accepted for a direct masters. Don’t even try any Federal university, except the new ones

I must commend your advice/assistance in respective questions,you doing a great job.
I graduated with distinction in graphics art (HND), and I am currently serving in kaduna state to finish by June. I would like to know:
Which University or institutions in Nigeria can I Apply for PGDE and what course would you advice?

Thanks for the compliments. Why not apply for a PGDE at ABU while serving. Check around for any of their satellite campuses that offers that. Also you Can do a PGDE with NOUN/NTI. Hope you know PGDE is for education

Pls sir
I finished with a 3rd class in mathematics and statistics, with 2.20CGPA. Pls can i do my PGD in Computer science and later that do my masters in Computer engineering abroad..
Your reply will be greatly appreciated.. Thanks.

Please sir,
I have HND in Computer Science.
Is it possible for me to do my PGD in Computer science with lower credit (2.89)
Please sir, Your reply will be highly appreciated.. Thanks.

pls Mr ayodele can we talk on phone I need your phone number
this is mine 08135224969
my question is ; is this PGD mean to come after nysc or b4.

Yes you can. But it must be closely related or else you would need another O level if it’s a totally different area

Hello Mr Ayodele, I have HND in dental technology course with pass result. Can I go for my PGD in dental surgery or dental medicine with pass result before going for my NYSC? I need your enlighten on which institution to go for and can I apply for any course except from the mentioned ones but I haven’t done my NYSC

You can’t become a medical doctor through MBBS. To study for medical or dental surgery, take JAMB and be readmitted

Hello…Good Evening, Please is PGD the same as Masters.
And is HND the same as PGD… please i need a detailed answer. Thanks You.

Good morning, how are you doing?
i would like to ask about the universities in Nigeria that offer post graduate diploma in any basic medical science course. i would also like to know if you are conversant about universities outside Nigeria that also offer any of these courses. i would be very grateful. Thanks and God Bless.

Sir please can I apply for PDG in Adamawa state university, I graduated with third class from zoology department and which course can I put in for. Do you have the idea of how much it will cost me to finish the program..

Hi sir. Please has the registration for NTI PGDE programme for 2019 started? I have been offered admission but don’t know if I can pay the school fees now and possibly the closing date. Thanks for your usual response

Hi, i grad with upper credit in marine engineering from maritime Academy of nigeria, which sch in lagos can i do a part time pgd, preferably another course

Mr Ayodele John, you said there is nothing like bsc pass degree again, but I just graduated with a pass in bsc mathematics, what’s my faith??can I get a PGD in economics from any university in Nigeria??

I have HND in surveying and geoinformatics with lower result.
Do you know the university that I can do my PGD which is recognized by surcon.

Hello. I graduated with a 3rd class in English . Please is it advisable to do my PGD in public admin and master in pub admin too? or is it better to do the PGD in English and same for masters?
Also, does PGD sort of make up for my 3rd class? Like if I’m applying for a job after doing well in PGD and masters, could my previous 3rd class B.A affect my job application somehow?

Well done Sir for your great work. My wife has NCE certificate with credit passes, what does she has to do before can she go for masters? Pgde or direct entry to university?

I am a graduate of public admin from polytechnic with a pass grade….is it possible for me to get admission at the university? aside from d course I studied in school,,can I go for Economics,marketing,political science,project mgt,business admin,business mgt,, financial mgt,,all at d PGD level….

With a 3rd class degree in accounting from unimaid,and Qualified as a chartered accountant (ACA),can I be admitted for masters degree in any of the management courses ?Thanks.

Sir,can you help me with some few universities that can offer me masters degree with ACA qualification? Thanks.

Good day sir, I’m am HND holder in Petroleum Engineering Technology with Distinction Grade. I will like to seek for advice of course to study for my PGD programme and school bearing in mind that Petroleum engineering is one-sided kind of. Thanks

If u do pgd in education, can u be given admission for master in other field of studies that is not education related

Pls sir i studied hospitality and tourism management in poly with upper,but now i want to switch to digital it possible? If it is which uni offer it?

Good morning sir, am a graduate of accounting with lower credit please which do you advice me to go for a:
1. A PGD program in accounting or ICAN
2. If am to go for the PGD which university can you advice me to put in for? I live around mowe axis Ogun state can I also do PT ?

Good day sir, I graduated with an upper credit from a Polytechnic, is it possible to do a Masters degree Program in any University of my choice without undergoing Pgd??

I graduated with 2.2, Bsc AccountancyIf I want to take the teaching profession, must I do PGD to be recognized by the body or should I proceed to Masters

I graduated with a third class degree in statistics what are the possible pgd programs can i applied? and can i switch to another line like pgd in computer science is that possible thanks

Hello Abubakar, you can do a pgd in any course in the faculty of science. Yes, computer is acceptable

Hello Mr. Ayodele, i’m a graduate of Visual Art and Technology (Graphics Communication option), Second class upper division from CRUTECH. Is there any possibility of going for Master in Mass Communication in any University without PGD? Thanks.

For Msc in Mass communication, it maybe difficult. But you can be accepted to a specialization like digital media or TV production

I graduated with second class upper in international relations from estam(in republic of Benin) I want to master in literature,what’s the best University in Nigeria for that? Would I have to get a post graduate degree ?

Please I graduated with a 3rd class in physics education and want to go for medical physics for my PgD please which way

Hi Ayodele,

Good day to you. Is it possible for someone who came out with pass in English Education do Pgd? I urgently need your advise.

And also which schools can offer that minimum requirement?

Thank you.

Hello sir, I have HND in
Science laboratory technology (microbiology option) with lower credit
What are the likely PhD course that I can go for

Good day sir, please sir i have ND in electrical/Electronics Engineering and later cross to computer science. Graduated with an upper credit. Please will i b offered admission for my pgd if i apply in any university?

Sir I am an HND holder With Upper Credit In Office Technology And Management, So Is It Posible For Me To Undergo PGD in computer science?

Hello,I graduated from Uni of Jos,BA Hon in Mass Communication, Second Class Division. Am planing to go for Master Program in d same field,is there any need for PGD Edu after d Msc prog b4 I can apply for Lecturing Job?

Hello Levi, You don’t need a PGDE to be a lecturer, but it improves chances of getting a lecturing appointment.

I studied English and literary studies in a college of education but really meaning to switch to human resources or mass communication. Is getting a pgd in the said course possible before proceeding to get a masters program? Thanks

Good afternoon sir. I graduated with a cgpa of 2.6 in Science laboratory technology (Geology and mining option).Am currently serving and will be passing out by Sept,can i apply for pgd now and which course can you advise i go for?

Hello Oge, apply for a pgd in geology. Uniben offers the course.

Yes you can apply now. When registration begins, you would be through with NYSC

please which is better and which do you advice:
I graduated with distinction in Elect/Elect from a polytechnic; don’t know whether I should do direct entry to get B.Sc or to do PGD?
Also which level will the universities in Nigeria allow me to start from should I decide to do direct entry??

Hello, can’t give a specific amount pgd at Bayero university. Most pgd range between 70,000- 150,000 naira

Please what’s the difference between PGD and PGDE? Can a second class Bsc graduate use PGDE to teach in the university?

Thanks for the detailed explanation. Is it possible for an HND graduate in computer science to proceed with PGD in English and Literature? Thank you!

Had a bsc in physics but will like to switch career path to be a teacher in biology or public health… Please is it possible?

Pls I studied French,a third class,university of port harcourt, can I do a pgd in secretaryship?
Or any other schools in nigeria?

Hello Queen, there’s no course called secretaryship. You can do a pgd in secretarial studies, personel management to become a secretary

Good day sir,
I studied food science(HND) upper credit, I
want to switch to management science. Can I do PGD on business administration in Noun?

Please sir, I graduated with lower credit in statistics, which other course can I go for in PGD

Hi, im currently doing NYSC but im passin out in june/july. Can i apply for Funaab pgd programme. And id like to know the duration.

i have a 3rd class in pure physics i wish to run a PGD program in any field, 1.kindly advise on any field you think i can run the program.
2.also what the cost of running pgd in NOUN, and list of cheap schools i can run the program?
3.i am currently working, what school can i apply that wont affect week days job.

You can do a pgd in NOUN. It won’t affect your job. I can’t choose course for you, decide that yourself. Thanks

Is it possible as a Civil Engineer graduate from poly to do my master on my field of study after pgd in edu without doing another pgd in engineering.

Thank you, now i want to know if i can be a lecturer in my field of study ( civil engineering) after my pgd in edu. without going for Pgd in Civil engineering.

pls sir ,I graduated with a pass degree in pure chemistry ,is it possible for me to pursue a PGD programme ?

thanks for your reply .pls can u recommend a school that accepts pass result for PGD ?

What can i do with HND pass accounting.
Which institution can take accept me to do 1-2 year degree that is not costly,also Which institution can I do my pgd programme.

Please sir, which of the school and course can you advise me to do my PGD with upper credit in civil engineering Or better still to apply for MSc directly and which course can i go for with HND upper credit in civil engineering and the possible schools. Thanks

Hello, I depends on your interest. Which part of civil engineering do you love?

For school, there are many you can do a pgd. From UNIPORT, UNIBEN, UNILAG, FUNAAB, UNILORIN etc

Please i have not received any response from question, i asked if i can be a lecturer in my field of study ( civil engineering) after my pgd in edu. without going for Pgd in Civil engineering.

Good Day House!

Please Sir, I would like to know which university in Nigeria has a 9 months -12 months duration for PGD (part time).


Which university can I do a pgd in mechanical engineering .
I am an HND holder in mechanical engineering with lower credit..
Also is it possible I do any course abroad with HND lower credit in mechanical engineering… Ireland to be precise..

Yea, you can even be admitted for a direct Msc., But I’m not sure about Ireland.

Do a pgd mechanical at UNILAG

Good day sir please I need your assistance. M a graduate with a third class degree Bsc in Physics from federal university of petroleum resources What can I do to upgrade my degree
M currently a serving Corper

What school can I run a pgd . I checked uniport online but the school is very expensive 800k
What other course can I run outside physics.

Hi sir…. Thanks for your relentless effort!
I graduated with a Third Class in History and International Studies. Now I’m planning to do my PGD in mass communication and also to have a PGDE in order to become a professional History teacher.
Please how can I achieve this?

Register for pgde at any satellite campus., Then do the pgd mass communication in a regular university. Hope that helps?

Yeah, thanks sir!
Can I do PGDE at UI and what about using it to do masters in the same faculty?
Again, do postgraduate diplomas have professional and academic class like masters?

1. You can do pgde in UI
2. NO, there’s nothing like professional or Academic pgd

Good morning sir. I want to know if i can start my PGD while doing my Nysc . I studied pest management Technology. upper credit. which course can I do

Pls mr Ayodele, is it adviceable that i enrole for pgd in futminna since i stays in bida, i graduated with Lwer credit in HND in surveying and geoinformatics and i want to run my PGD in Geographical information system but it seems Futminna only offer that course at the PhD level, pls can you help find out if possible

IF FUT MINNA has the course, you can check UNILORIN too, it’s not so far from Niger state

Do the pgd in FUT Minna, if the course is available. You can check UNILORIN too, since it’s close to minna

Good day mr Ayodele, i learnt there is no more pass in universities but what about those dat have pass degree before stoping it, can we still go for pgd.
I studied Biochemistry bt av pass, want to do pgd in public health, all d university av searched deir brochure listed only 3rd class as the least grade, pls what do i do.
I also studied community health (CHEW) , all i wnt is dis pgd in public health, pls be of help to me.
Someone said i shd go to noun for public health as a direct student (i.e from 200L)

Hello,it’s a twisted case. I’ll advice you to take the second option. If you have a HND, then go for a pgd.

But if it’s OND, go to NOUN.

Pls sir…..
I just finished my ND in civil engineering…..
Pls should i go for my HND or Direct Entry….
Thank u sir…

I graduated with upper frm a Polytechnic, bt am sure of direct admission for masters in a particular school, bt am scared. pls, do u think there could be possible hazards on the way, since I didn’t run PGD first. the course of choice is medical microbiology. tnx

Sir,I av HND in building technology with lower credit, and want to do PGD also in building technology, which university in south east offers it(part time)?

Greetings, sir. You’re truly doing a great job. With HND in public administration, can I do PGD in education and MSc in any social science courses afterwards?

Hello Chinonso, we spoke already. Do a pgd in a course you wish to do at Msc. You can’t do pgde and return to social science

Good day sir, Please which universities can I enroll for PGD am a graduate with HND in Computer Science With lower credit

Pls sir, am currently running a pgd programme at futa, computer science department is it possible for me to use it apply for Msc outside the country.
And which country will most situable. Tnks sir.

Good day sir, Please which universities can I enroll for Analytical chemistry in PGD am a graduate with HND in science laboratory Technology

Good afternoon. I have HND certificate and a PGDM certificate. Can I use this to apply for a master’s programme abroad?

Good evening, I have HND in Computer Science with upper credit from The Federal Polytechnic Bida. Can I run a PGD programme that will possibly serve as masters entry and also serve for education?

Because I am teaching in a school and they are requesting for certificate in education and at the same time I want to run my masters, is there any PGD programme that work for the two (i.e Education and Masters)

Hello Emmanuel, to continue in the teaching profession, then you have to do a pgd in Education.

But to go for a masters in computer science, then do a pgd in a course related to computer science. You can’t do a combination of education and computer

I have HND Lower credit in Mech Engineering ( Power Plant ) option. Where can I do my PGD & what area should I specialize?

Hello, do a pgd in mechanical engineering. You can specialise when you want to do master.

At Masters, the specialisations are power, fluid mechanics/thermofluid, automobile, engineering management e.t.c

Do I need new O level result to switch from science to arts. I bagged B. Sc in Chemistry and I decided to pursue a post graduate diploma in religious studies.

I’ve a third class in Agricultural Economics. Where can I do my pgd and what area should I specialize on, sir?

I’ve a third class in Agricultural Economics. Where can I do my PGD and what area should I specialize on

You can do a pgd in any course by the faculty of Agriculture. Courses like crop science, animal science, Agric. Extension or Agric. Economics.

The universities that offer pgd in those courses are few. Better still, just a pgd in Agric. Science

I have third class, B. Eng ( Civil). Currently doing PGD in construction management (Building Dept). Is PGD an additional educational qualification that I can add in my CV. Thank you

Yes, of course.

Immediately you graduate, get your pgd transcript and use it to further education applications. Put it on your CV and on your cover letter

Thanks for your concern on getting people like us informed on stuff like these.
Please I need clarification, I have HND Accounting from ibadan poly with a lower credit. Can I go for masters directly in any university especially U.I or what will you advise? Thank you.

Hello Ola,
UI will not accept you directly for a masters. Except you have a chartered accountant.

You can go for MBA if there’s years of experience

Please, I have a friend that wants to do pgd in computer science he graduated with 2.13 bachelor’s degree in marine biology. can he go for the pdg in computer science and how many years will he spend?

The person would be accepted for Pgd in computer.

Postgraduate diploma PGD is minimum of one year. The duration depends on the university and other factors like ASUU

please i graduated with Lower credit HND in Office Technology and Management, can i apply for PGDE Office Technology and Management at EKSU

Thanks for the response Mr. Ayodele
I have Lower credit in Office Technology and Management (HND) can i apply for PGDE Office Technology and Management at EKSU.

Please i graduated with a HND pass result in library and information science,can i apply for PGD in unilorin?

Good afternoon sir, i graduate with pass result in plapoly, dept. of Social Devt. Can i apply pgd? And which course?

Am running my Hnd in mechanical engineering, but I want to know which one is better between pgd and Bsc after Hnd

After PGD in computer science which specialization in masters is the best? and which university can I do my masters in Nigeria?

Masters can be in any university of choice.

Specializations in computer science are cyber security, software engineering, web development, internet of things e.t.c

Why is UNILAG and UI not accepting HND+PGD Electrical/Electronics Engineering for their master program(Msc) in same course.They still discriminate against the HND foundation

Where did you get this information from?

UNILAG and UI would accept your pgd for masters admission if it is at a good grade and you pass their entrance screening.

Pls can I use B.Sc. in food science and technology to apply for a post graduate diploma in religious studies.

What you are saying is that if I can take GCE and include Christian Religious Studies and other arts subjects such as literature, government , etc, I can be eligible to apply for post graduate diploma in religious studies?

You can use a pgd for admission in any university in Nigeria or abroad. Just get your transcripts

I have Bsc.Ed biology and I want go for either pgd microbiology or plant biology in Nigeria university. May I know which university I can apply to if they do such. Thanks . Abel

Apply to any federal university close to you.

Some universities would give you direct masters admission with your Bsc.ed biology

Good morning, please can I use PGD in applying for the Nigerian air force because the academic qualification they need is second class upper division. Am confused
And what grade is given in PGD?

Hello, please which PGD programme will be suitable for an upper credit HND graduate in Accounting? Can one switch to another field, if yes, pls which?

Plz sir, i graduated with ( Lower Credit) in Science Laboratory Technology (Microbiology option) plz what should I actually go for in pgd? Please sir it’s urgent

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