How to Set and Achieve Your 2018 Postgraduate Goals

Happy new year! From Postgraduate Nigeria, its better late than never. So happy 2018 once again, sorry for the absence. Surely this year will be greater than the previous by Gods grace. But we have to make it happen, specifically in terms of chasing your Postgraduate goals. Now is the time to plan and strategize for the long year ahead. This is beyond resolutions and cheap wishes. To advance in your postgraduate course/path, you must have 2018 postgraduate goals. That brings the question


It won’t be a bad idea to know what goals are, before narrowing down. Goals are stated statements of intended actions. It is a TO-DO list. Thus, 2018 Postgraduate goals are actions and achievements that should have been accomplished by year end 2018. It is best written down or typed into soft copy. The 2018 Postgraduate goals should inspire and motivates you to drive through the year. The goals should be S- specific, M- Measurable, A- Action/active, R- realistic, T- Time checked. What kind of Postgraduate goals do you wish to achieve before the year end?


Goals are different for each people. Your postgraduate goals for 2018 depend largely on what you want out of the year. No matter your motivations and circumstances, by all means HAVE A GOAL. In case you are short of ideas, these listed examples can inspire you to craft your. It mustn’t be the same, but no problem if you ‘steal’ it.

  1. Apply for a Postgraduate Degree: as simple as it appears, the problem for many is just the inability to make up their minds. Make a list of about 3 Universities to would like to study and get set to pick their postgraduate application forms for the 2018/2019 academic session. You could be applying either at Postgraduate diploma (PGD), Master or PhD.
  2. Stay up-to-date with Postgraduate News: After your decision on starting a postgraduate degree, you will need to be abreast with information as it is released. Postgraduate application adverts, deadline and other info are available on the internet. A reputable source is this blog Postgraduate Nigeria here
  3. Apply for Postgraduate Scholarship or Grants: There are opportunities for postgraduate scholarships or grants. Staying up-to-date makes you aware of this information. Have in mind, a number of scholarships you would target and begin to prepare ahead. The internet is a powerful tool when properly utilized, you can even contact and connect with past winners/awardees of your preferred scholarship for questions and guidance.
  4. Travel abroad for Postgraduate study: This is a big and interesting goal. It may take over a year to actualized, but should be notwithstanding be one of the 2018 postgraduate goals. For Nigerians, the places preferred for foreign study has usually been Europe and North America (U.S, Canada). Recently, there has been an increasing number of Nigerians in Australia, New Zealand and China. Begin to actualize these goals by getting your international passport. It’s a test of your seriousness. Then, narrow to about two countries of choice. The decision should be based on opportunities for scholarship/teaching assistantships, research environments, visa requirements, opportunities of employment after study and many more. Also start scouting the internet for all the relevant information you might need
  5. To graduate top of your class: Postgraduate goals are not only for those seeking entry. As a Postgraduate student, it is in your best interest to finish in the upper percentile of your grading system. This is achieved by regular class attendance, doing assignments, completing laboratory/field works as at when due and staying ahead in your thesis work. Please make this one of the 2018 Postgraduate goals
  6. Concluding your thesis/Dissertation: Thesis/Dissertation is that long essay of research work that accompanies a postgraduate study. Writing a thesis/Dissertation can be rigourous and it requires tenacity and determination. A good rapport with your Thesis supervisor would help. No matter the prevailing circumstance, make it a 2018 postgraduate goal.

There can be many more activities to be added to your 2018 To do list. Don’t hesitate to share in comment. As a parting shot, trust God to execute those goals. He gives the help to your weakness.

Postgraduate Nigeria wishes you a prosperous happy new year.