It was a wet Saturday in Lagos. The fairly bright morning weather quickly turned moody and heavy as the clouds bellowed ready to deliver its pregnant content. I had plans for the day, and the rain almost caused a change of mind, thank goodness! I was steadfast. Lagos rain, with its consequences. I had to dare.

Eko hotels and suits, Victoria Island on my mind. Memorial University staff had confirmed my reservation for their information session for students slated for 12pm at the diamond suite. The bad weather made sure I left my end late. Traffic and the water filled pot holes added to the lateness. I arrived V.I around 2pm.

Memorial University, Canada is a top Canadian university. They are on a kind of marketing tour of Nigeria, hoping to recruit postgraduate students for the next academic session. I walked into the building and was directed to a conference room where I met other prospective students. Luckily, I met the last session for the day.

Dr. Adedoyin, a Nigerian working at Memorial University gave a brief welcome. He handed over to Ms. Jinghua who took the information session proper. Jinghua is a born and bred Chinese who attended Memorial University for her postgraduate (called graduate in Canadian lingo) studies. She had fit in to the Canadian society and probably is already a citizen. That was part of the sweet catch of this information session. A study visa to Canada can be the first leg in becoming a Canadian citizen.

Venue of Memorial University information session


Memorial University is a high ranking university in Canada. It is in the province of Newfondland. The Masters and PhD research focuses on the specific geography of the region. Around the Northern coastal waters of the Atlantic and having oil fields.

The University offers over 100 graduate diploma, masters and doctoral programs across a wide range of specializations. It is also one of the lowest tuition paying universities in Canada, in fact, masters and PhD programs in the sciences and engineering are funded. This means the tuition is further subsidized or totally free, in some cases, with even some stipends.


To get admitted for a postgraduate program, begin with search through the university’s website. The admission process can be done entirely online. Register at , register and pay the application fee of 120 Canadian dollars. Afterwards, send scanned copies of academic transcripts and degree certificate. Two letters of recommendation must also be written and sent separately. Finally, a strong statement of purpose or a research proposal must be written and sent. Memorial has fall, winter and spring admission, but the major is that of the fall.


After the wonderful information session, anchored by Ms. Jinghua and questions well trashed. I bumped into Prof Khan. He is a tier 1 Canadian researcher and in the department of Process Engineering. I asked him, why it was difficult to get reply from prospective thesis supervisors. Generally, to get admitted to Masters and PhD programme, it is better to be accepted by a professor ahead. This acceptance is for thesis supervision.

Prof. Khan suggested that, when sending out email application, put yourself in the seat of the receiving professor. The receiving professor wants a well experienced researcher. Note a green horn in academic research work that still needs to be taught the rudiments. Research Supervisors don’t have the patience. So, Prof. Khan suggested showing enough research experience in the specialization of the Research supervisor.

In fact, he suggested an ingenious method. He said, ‘why not identify researchable topic while here in Nigeria, contact the Research supervisor, telling him of the intention of working on those research problems, even while in Nigeria’ This hopefully would spark the interest of the receiving prof., and should lead to a better response.

It was a short and straight-to-the-point sessions. New insights gained. Do you like Canada for Postgraduate study? Drop comments


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