Happy New Year: 2019

It’s a merry and happy new year. Mankind everywhere on earth celebrates the beginning of the year 2019. I pray the year would bring pleasantness into your life. It is a new beginning, and at Postgraduate Nigeria, we hope to make it new indeed. Specifically, helping your postgraduate study and making sure we deliver high quality information you need and at the right time.

Dear reader, the previous year has been challenging. A lot of up hill and valley low moments, but God has been faithful. Updating this blog regularly has been herculean. I almost quit many times out of stress. Though my heart was here, there were certain limitations. Hopefully, there is a turn around in 2019. Expect to see new posts more often on this blog going forward.

Your regular readership, questions and comments has continued to be an inspiration. At those times I abandon the blog, when I see questions seeking for help and information, I kind of have a turbo boost to continue again. Keep reading and sharing, you never know how much it means to me. You are dearly appreciated. –hugs-

A lot of new sections and varieties has been scheduled to take off on this blog. Expect loads of better package information. There would be e-books for downloads, interviews and personal stories of Nigerians studying at different postgraduate levels world wide. Hopefully, I would start taking adverts too. Running the blog for two years without making a dime hasn’t been easy. Passion has kept me thus far.

As you keep reading, share, like and retweet, also send feedbacks. You can reach me temporarily on Rhymeyjohn@yahoo.com. I need freelance writers who can research and post quality information. This is good, so that the blog has more than just one voice or opinion view. I would the person author, and he/she would simply post in his/her name, under this platform.

As a postgraduate student, or an aspiring one, begin to make effort to have a new beginning. Start preparing for when the sales of postgraduate forms would begin. Decide what school(s) and course to apply to. Any plans for study abroad? Begin by scouting the internet, get your international passport, get your transcript and recommendation letters. You may need to take international exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE. Take out two – three months to prepare ahead.

As an already registered postgraduate student, begin to work on your thesis, read and keep a library of international journals, write a literature review. You may even use the fresh year to carry out that laboratory work, before the hustle and bustle gets full blown. At times like this, why not get a gift for your thesis supervisor, it could be a stepping stone to a successful year. A sweet relationship would aid progress.

Make plans for your postgraduate year. As you plan, work hard to execute the plans. Network with fellow students and lecturers. Have time to relax and enjoy the success when it comes. Finally, never leave God out of the equation. I believe, He is the source of all true success by Jesus.

I am wishing you a Prosperous New Year 2019.

Ayodele John


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