Master of Science M.Sc in Geology

MSc geologyMaster of Science M.Sc in Geology.

A Master of Science (M.Sc) degree in Geology is a postgraduate degree for graduates for geology or those who desire a career in the field of geology. MSc. Geology is about the science and technology of exploration, discovery and exploitation of the earth’s resources. Many people know about geology because of its role in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector.

Geology is a course, often located in the faculty of science of Nigerian universities. A Master of science is geology involves class room lectures, field trips (if necessary) and a compulsory project work (thesis). It takes at least 18 months to complete the academic study. Many times, it takes up to 2 years because thesis work can stretch into months.

For a M.Sc. degree in geology, there is need for good knowledge in Chemistry, Physics and or Mathematics. In rare cases, a graduate of any of the afore mentioned courses would be allowed to study for a masters degree in geology.

A Masters degree graduate in Geology has vast career opportunities. They are sought after by petroleum exploration and drilling companies. They work in construction firms for geotechnical and structural engineering inputs. Borehole drilling for water and other related work is the purview of the geologist.

Master of Geology is also a pathway to a PhD, for academia and research work. They also find career in disaster prevention and management.

Specializations of Master of Science in Geology.
  1. Geochemistry: This makes use of knowledge, tools and processes in chemistry to explore the earth. MSc. Geochemistry would study, the chemical nature of earth forms (soil, rocks, shale etc), changes in earth chemistry, carbon dating, chemical composition of ores and minerals, distribution and contamination of earth chemicals. Geochemistry can also research about global warming and is effects.
  2. Economic Geology: This specialization is concerned about specific earths’ resources of economic value. It could be gems, ores, construction grade stones or petroleum. Economic geologists are needed to valuate a mineral deposit or ore reserve before exploitation begins.
  3. Applied Geophysics: Almost like geochemistry, MSc. specialization in Applied geophysics make use of the principles of physics in discovering, locating and mining earths resources. Physical elements like conductivity, electricity, resistivity, seismic wave are used for mineral exploration. Models are drawn up from such tools. A Master degree in Geophysics would surely go in depth of such.
  4. Petroleum Geology: Also called Petroleum geosciences. This is a specialization focused mainly on the geology of petroleum (crude oil and natural gas). Master degree specialization in petroleum geology would have vast knowledge on the origin, accumulation and storage of petroleum in sub-surface formations.
  5. Paleontology/Micropaleontology: This specialty of geology studies life forms that have existed before. It studies fossils of plants and animals. Micropaleontology studies microscopic fossils.
  6. Hydrogeology: Almost like petroleum geology, specialization in Hydrogeology is principally focused with geology of natural water formations and its immediate environment. It studies ground water movements and its effect on soil and rock deposition. The study involves interpretation of geographical data and maps to protect water bodies.
  7. Engineering Geology: This is the application of geology to engineering. It is important for design, construction and maintenance of engineering works like rails, bridges, tunnels e.t.c. It also involves geotechnics and soil testing
  8. Mineral Exploration: This can be loosely called mining. Mineral exploration is the recovery of commercial quantity of gems, ores or petroleum from the earth crust.
Nigerian universities offering Master of Science in Geology

Virtually all Nigerian university offer Geology at undergraduate level. A Large number also offer at Masters and PhD level too. This is a select list

  1. University of Ibadan:
  2. University of Port Harcourt:
  3. University of Jos:
  4. Olabisi Onabanjo University:
  5. University of Nigeria, Nsukka:
  6. University of Lagos:

 Popular Nigerian Graduates of Geology


  1. Late Dr. Rilwanu Lukman: Actually a mining Engineer. He had a Masters degree in Mining and Mineral Exploration from University of mining and metallurgy, Austria (1967-1968) and another Master degree in Mineral Economics from McGill University, Montreal. Canada (1978). He was Nigeria’s former Minister of Petroleum.
  2. Prof. T.K.S Abam: He bagged a BSc. Geology from University of Ibadan. He proceeded further for postgraduate studies, culminating with a PhD in Engineering Geology and Environmental Geotechnics from University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 1995. He is a fellow of Nigeria Mining and Geosciences Society.

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  2. Good morning
    I have a HND in Mining Engineering , Bsc in Computer Science , Can I use my Bsc in computer science to study an MSc in Geology ?

    1. No.
      Your computer science transcript would show that you didn’t do required courses needed for Geology.

      My advice is that. Apply for a university that accept HND at Masters in Nigeria or UK.

      The other alternative is to do a pgd in Geology

  3. Good morning,
    I have a degree in Geology and Msc in Geographical information system/remote sensing. Can I go for PhD in any suitable geology course? (Please state discipline)

    1. Hello,

      Yes, you can apply for a PhD in geology. Just that you would need a thesis supervisor that would accept you considering that your masters wasn’t in geology.

      Based on your Masters, a PhD in exploration and mineral geology, hydrogeology or petrology would be okay

  4. I bagged B. SC Geology and had graduated 25 years ago, can still pursue my masters degree

    1. Yes, you can.

      Get your transcripts and prepare to apply. It’s better in Nigeria, became study abroad with that time lag has it different challenges

  5. Good morning. I have a bachelor of science(physics and mathematics), am i qualify to do Msc. Geosciences at Ibadan University

    1. Hello James,
      With a BSc in physics, you qualify. But your options are limited. You can be admitted to a Master’s in Geophysics. UI is very competitive, make sure you have a 2.1 and pass their EPT

      1. Good evening. Now that I qualify for master in geosciences with Bsc in physics, can I do MSC.Geosciences (petroleum option) because I not sure whether geophysics is part of petroleum

  6. good day sir, i have a bsc in geology from unn, but i have a second class lower (3.33 CGPA). Can i be qualified to go for a masters degree in geology in a southwestern university because i live and work in lagos. i dont want to go too far.

    1. Precious, UNILAG Postgraduate admission has started. You might was to wait till next year for geology admission at UNILAG. Better still, try other universities

  7. Good day sir.I have degree in applied geolog,I want To go for MSC,but I want a field in geology that cut across all the other field in geology.that is my question,can you help me with the field.

  8. Hi,
    Can I do Ms. Petroleum geosciences at Ibadan University with a bachelor of science with Education. I majored in physics and minored in mathematics where I earned a Second Class Upper with a CGPA of 4.28/5.0 from Makerere University, Uganda.
    Kind regards

  9. Hi,
    Can I do Ms. Petroleum geosciences at Ibadan University with a bachelor of science with Education. I majored in physics and minored in mathematics where I earned a Second Class Upper with a CGPA of 4.28/5.0 from Makerere University, Uganda.
    Kind regards

  10. Hi,
    Can I be admitted to Ms. Petroleum geosciences option at Ibadan University with a bachelor of science with Education. I majored in physics and minored in mathematics from Makerere university-Uganda where I earned a Second Class Upper with a CGPA of 4.28/5.0

  11. Hello Sir,
    I have a Bachelors Degree in Agriculture with First Class, i did Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in 100 Level. Can i go for Msc. in Geosciences?
    Thank you.

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