How to Prepare for UNILAG PG Screening Examination

<Unilag Pg screeningApplication forms for admission into Postgraduate programmes at University of Lagos has gone on sale, with submission about ending. The deadline for online submission of UNILAG PG forms, submission of transcripts and other information can be seen on the advert, posted previously on this blog.

To get admitted for postgraduate study at University of Lagos, all applicants must sit for and pass the University of Lagos postgraduate screening exams. This is irrespective of the postgraduate programme applied for (Masters, PGD, Mphil or PhD), class of degree or any other bias. Hence, it is necessary to get informed and prepare adequately for the screening exams.

General Information about UNILAG Screening Examination.

  1. The screening exam is subject based.  Applicants would write exams based on the course and department applied to. It is not a general aptitude test.
  2. Screening exams for spans weeks. University of Lagos would release a schedule for the week exams. Different departments on different days.
  3. The exam is a CBT for few departments and written for majority of others.
  4. Cut off mark at the screening exams determines if applicant would be admitted.
  5. Cut off mark isn’t fixed and can be as high as 60% or as low as 45% for some departments.
  6. Generally, very competitive courses like Economics, Mass communication, and few others usually have high cut off marks.

How to Prepare for University of Lagos PG Screening Examination.

These tips would be helpful in getting ready and passing the exam.

  1. Purchase UNILAG Screening past questions. The past questions contains a complication of exams and answers of previous years. It’s would surely be a great help. Postgraduate Nigeria offers for sale for a token of 1,000 naira.
  2. Review your undergraduate notes. Majorly for Masters and pgd applicants. 3rd and 4th year undergraduate notes are helpful to your preparation.
  3. Get information on the schedule for the screening exam ahead. Postgraduate Nigeria would keep you abreast. Don’t miss your exam date, because a repeat is virtually impossible.
  4. Print out your exams permit slip. It would be available on the website few days to the start of the screening exams.

After the screening, there is a long period of wait, where departments decide admission factors. The key points that determine the admission of a student are;

  •  Transcript Screening
  • Examination
  • Referee/Recommendation Letters

To request UNILAG Screening past questions for 1,000. Visit the contact page and drop your information, Name, Email and Programme/Course. I would reply.

For any other question, ask in the comment box below.


30 thoughts on “How to Prepare for UNILAG PG Screening Examination

    1. You have from now till the screening exams period to send in your Transcript. Post it to
      ‘The Secretary,
      school of postgraduate studies,
      University of Lagos.

  1. Thank you for the reply, I’ve been trying to ask a question on one of your other post but it’s not delivering.
    I graduated with a pass in Economics, I’ve come to realize anything mathematics isn’t meant for me.maybe Business management, communications or prefereably las.
    I want to apply for a pgd in Mass Communication at Unilag but I don’t know what next after that, can I go for a masters in law?

    1. Hello Damilola, I answered you already. About law right? You can’t do pgd and become a lawyer..

  2. Okay, thank you sir. But can I switch to mass comm for pgd? What do you think are the chances of me been admitted since I did economics

    1. Would it be nice to speak to you about it on phone? Number is on contact page. So this page is not flooded with off topic questions. Thanks

      1. You will receive a mail. It cost 2k for three or more years of UNILAG Mathematics PG past screening.

    1. Can I get past questions for MSc Geography and Planning (Transportation Geography Option)? Thank you.

  3. Hello how do I get msc mass communication past question.

    Also, does the transcript have to be email or hardcopy?

    1. Transcript should be in hard copy. Put in a sealed envelope and send.

      Past questions are available for 1,500 naira

  4. Please what king of transcripts should I send, Because I only have student copy and it’s hard copy.

    Also I need past questions and answers for Msc Computer science 3-5years till date

    1. Use your official sealed transcript. Student copy is not allowed. Past questions are available for purchase

  5. Hello, please can I get past question for Civil and Environmental Engineering (with specialization in Highway and Traffic Control) I’m preparing for the MSc qualifying exams and I bumped on this site.

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