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Pgde NTI The Teaching profession, which is often despised is arguably the largest body of professionals’ in Nigeria. Many people do not know that teaching is a professional with minimum entry requirements and it’s ethics.

To be a teacher is beyond just having the talent to transfer knowledge easily. The person should be trained.  All qualified teachers must possess an certificate in education. These certificates are NCE (National certificate in education), BSc.(Ed), BA.(Ed) and PGDE (Postgraduate diploma in Education).

There’s quality information on Postgraduate diploma in Education (PGDE) and general Postgraduate diploma (PGD) on this blog. The PGDE is like a conversion course for graduates and HND holders who desire to become professional teachers.

Many recent graduates or experienced ones discover that there are opportunities in the teaching professions, compared to other fields. The challenge of adequate certificate comes to bare.


The National Teachers institute is a federal government agency with the aim of training teachers. The law establishing the Institute charged it with the responsibility of providing adequate training and instruction to teachers in distance learning format.

In affiliation with the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), graduates lacking in education certificate can study and get a PGDE in part time programme.

Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree or HND can enroll for the NTI PGDE programme. Similar PGDE programme are available at conventional universities as part of their postgraduate courses. But they lack the flexibility that NTI-NOUN boast of.


The PGDE for into NTI-NOUN is about 10,000 naira. The Programme runs for a minimum of 15 months. 12 months of 2 semester course work. There would be compulsory teaching practice and time for project.

Note that NTI-NOUN has lectures on weekends. Students can even do self study with study materials.

  1. To apply for PGDE, visit
  2. Click on fresh application.
  3. Filli n the preliminary form to generate RRR invoice.
  4. Take the invoice to the approved bank and pay for the application fee using the RRR code. Payment can also be done online.
  5. After payment, return to complete application form online.


The following are recent fees gotten for the PGDE study at NTI-NOUN. Note that it is subject to change.

  1. School fees : 51, 700
  2. Computer system : 42,000
  3. Project 10,000
  4. Teaching Practice. 10,000


National Teachers institute is a distance learning program. As such, the institute operates using various study centres across the country.

The study centre per geopolitical zone and address are below.

  1.  North central.
  2. North East
  3. North West
  4. South East. .
  5. South south.
  6. South West.

For further information about PGDE by NTI-NOUN visit  NTI-NOUN.

For questions, drop it in the comments.

29 thoughts on “National Teachers Institute PGDE Programme

  1. Please, I had a carry over, in I course second semester,10 years,ago, I wasn’t around, can I be chanced to have the resit in 2022

  2. Good morning, please i want to know if NTI run Masters programme. If they do, i will need the list of the Programmes. Thank you!

  3. Good evening sir. I graduated with Upper credit in public administration in both my ND and HND program, and i have always want to work in the higher institution as a lecturer. Is it possible that i get employ? or i have to go for PGD first. Thanks

    1. Hello Nathaniel, your dreams are valid and you can make it.

      If you want to study in Nigeria, you must first do a pgd. There are few UK universities that accept HND directly for Masters.

      See this blog post about becoming a lecturer Becoming a lecturer If possible, you can lecture in a polytechnic

  4. Hello sir, please what is the fee for computer system all about in the list of the fee for PGDE ?

  5. Good day sir, i enrolled for the NTI programme in 2014 but could not write a course due to engagements at work. I later sat for the spill in 2015.

    I wants to forward my studies but i have tried to collect the result / notification and also transcript but to no avail.

    Please can you help me facilitate its collection?

    1. I’m sorry, I can help you. NTI is very slow in giving transcript and certificates. Go to your center and talk with the administrator. Even if you can’t get the result/certificate, you should be able to get transcript

  6. Pls sir, Can you suggest which institution in Nigeria accept NTI PGDE CERTIFICATE(NOUN) FOR MASTERS

  7. Good evening sir.
    Pls who is the coordinator for the PGDE program NTI Isolo study center.

    I want to enroll for it

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