Graduate Scholarship at Yasar University, Turkey

Yasar University Graduate Scholarship2021 Graduate International Scholarship at Yasar University, Turkey.

Yasar University is a Turkish university, located in the city of Izmir. It is on the Aegean Sea. The university teaches in English, with courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The Yasar University graduate scholarship aims to support international students who are going to take part in Masters and PhD degree programmes at the university.

Highlight of Yasar University Graduate Scholarship

1. Scholarship cover up to 100 percent of fees
2. Available to all international students
3. GRE, GMAT, GPA or Ales test score required.
4. Scholarship application closes August 30, 2021.

Eligibility for Yasar University Graduate Scholarship

1. All prospective applicants must have applied for graduate admission in any of the programmes on offer by Yasar University.
2. Applicants must be international students.
3. Relevent test score by either GRE, GMAT, GPA or Ales
4. Applicants must present a previous degree. Master degree applicants must have a Bachelor’s while a Doctoral applicant must have a master’s degree in relevant study area.

Courses on Offer for Yasar International Graduate Scholarship

Yasar University has Graduate courses in English and Turkish. A full list of graduate courses;


PhD / Proficiency in Art Programs

PhD in Architecture (English)

PhD in Business Administration (English)

PhD in Computer Engineering (English)

PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (English)

PhD in Finance (English)

PhD in Industrial Engineering (English)

PhD in Private Law (Turkish)

PhD in Public Law (Turkish)

Proficiency in Art (English)

MA/MSc Programs (Thesis)

MA in Art and Design (English)

MA in Art and Design (Turkish)

MA in Business Administration (English)

MA in Communication (English)

MA in Economics (English)

MA in English Language and Literature (English)

MA in International Logistics Management (English)

MA in International Relations (English)

MA in International Trade and Finance (English)

MA in Private Law (Turkish)

MA in Psychology (English)

MA in Public Law (Turkish)

MA in Tourism Management (English)

MSc in Architecture (English)

MSc in Business Engineering (English)

MSc in Computer Engineering (English)

MSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (English)

MSc in Industrial Engineering (English)

MSc in Interior Architecture (English)

MSc in Logistics Engineering (English)

How to Apply


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