Masters and PhD: Public or Private University

Master and PhD in public or private university

Shade was a postgraduate student at one of the numerous private universities in South West, Nigeria. She reluctantly agreed to even enrol in the institution. That reluctance was because her undergraduate degree was from a federal university- University of Lagos. The ill conceived opinion about private universities added to the hesitation.

After resuming for the master’s program, she soon discovered her course mates were not some under-25 rich kids. To her surprise, lecturers of even the revered federal and state institutions were having either a second master’s degree or PhD in the school.

What could have made these experienced folks abandon the big names for a little known private university?

This was the same question asked when this writer went through the profile of faculty members at Covenant University, Ogun state. Brilliant academic scholars by their publications. Many had their first or master’s degree at top Nigerian univerities like University of Benin, Obafemi Awolowo University or overseas. To see that scholar studying for a postgraduate degree within the faculty or a lowly rated university is puzzling. There must be a reason for this trend.

So Postgraduate Nigeria is asking,

Why would you choose a Nigerian private school for a Master’s or PhD degree?

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