Fake Postgraduate Universities in West Africa: A Discovery


HTIB fake postgraduate UniversityMany Nigerians are seeking opportunities for a further education. This education, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels of education is preferably gotten abroad. But with the high cost of postgraduate education in North America, Europe and Australia, there is a shift to small African countries.

Hundreds and thousands of Nigerians now study in Benin Republic, Ghana, Togo and Cameroon. While many of these univerities are legitimate and accredited, there are a handful of some that are simply certificate mills. Schools producing fake degrees.

Postgraduate Nigeria on HTIB Atlantis University

In a bid to serve our esteemed readers, Postgraduate Nigeria posted a list of accredited postgraduate institutions in Nigeria.

HTIB Atlantis

A reader sent a message, is HTIB Atlantis University, Togo accredited by NUC? While a simple response was given. This blog post will help in revealing many certificate and degree mills, especially the one in question.

First and foremost, the National Univerities Commission (NUC) is only authorised to accredit Nigerian universities. Every country has it own education regulator that sets standards for all levels of education.

If HTIB Atlantis University is accredited by the education regulator in Togo, then the degree would be authentic and surely acceptable by the NUC in Nigeria. After a thorough search, it was found that the body to accredit univerities in Togo is the Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche, Togo (Ministry of Higher Education and Research of Togo).

According to UniRank, a world University ranking organisation, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in Togo has only accredited four univerities. These are Université de Lomé, Université Catholique de l’Afrique de l’Ouest – Unité Universitaire du Togo, Université de Kara and Université des Sciences et Technologies du Togo. None of the online sources showed the accreditation of HTIB Atlantis University.

Double Checking a Fake or Authentic Foreign Postgraduate University

One method to confirm the authenticity of an University is checking the alumni. The large pool of past students of a University is proof of their long standing work in academic study and research. Postgraduate Nigeria‘s search on LinkedIn showed very scanty information about the University. A few Nigerians showed they worked or currently working with the University. In fact, they look more like the the promoters and marketing agents of HTIB Atlantis University.

I sent a invite to name on LinkedIn, in hope of getting concrete information about this school. After at least two months, there has not been any response. On LinkedIn, HTIB Atlantis has no known a academic or professor.


Based on the research done, postgraduate Nigeria can say that HTIB Atlantis is not an accredited university of study. It is advised not to see admission into this institution.

This verdict is based on the extensive scan through the internet. All information presented here can be independently verified.

Dear readers, if you need to verify any university or admission. Drop your questions or observation in the comments.

By Ayodele John

An education enthusiast, I bagged a M.Sc from University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and looking forward.

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