Covenant University to Canadian MBA

MBA in Canada

In the chat with Study International, Ifeoluwa Odelana, a first class graduate of Covenant University shares her academic journey.

From Covenant University to Canada for MBA.

Ifeoluwa Odelana is a 2018 graduate from Covenant University, Nigeria. She bagged a first-class degree in industrial relations and human management. She worked briefly in HR, marketing and at her own business. Surely these experiences would come in handy in getting admitted for a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) program.

Odelana’s is currently admitted for MBA at Langley’s Trinity Western University. Excerpts of her interview with Study International is shared here.

Why choose to pursue an MBA in Canada?

I chose to do an MBA in Canada, specifically at Trinity Western University, for both personal and academic reasons. To be away from my comfort zone and learn more about myself.

What was your first impression of Langley, Canada?

My first impression about Langley was that it’s a quiet and sweet town — more peaceful than I am used to but so beautiful.

What would constitute a “perfect” day for you in Langley?

A perfect day would be to wake up to beautiful weather (not so cold), have a nice day out with friends and then probably grab lunch or dinner afterwards.

Is there something in Langley that you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time?

Nothing that I can think of.

What do you never leave the house without?

My keys, my AirPods and my phone.

How did you spend your Christmas in Canada and how different is it from your typical celebrations back home?

This year was my first Christmas away from home and I spent it with the friends I made. We had a movie day and then dinner.

Back home, it was completely different as we would start the morning going to church and I would then cook with my mother. We would have our family over, eat, and listen to loud music — truly enjoy what Christmas is all about.

What would you advise your younger self?

Don’t overthink things because it only gives you migraines. You are intelligent so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Amazing things are going to happen in your life — more than the things you are holding onto.

What matters more to you: work satisfaction, salary, social life, or a work/life balance and why?

Work satisfaction would be the first because I want to enjoy what I do — that’s when I will give it my best. Then, salary because I need money at this point in my life and finally, a work/life balance because my family is the reason I need the money

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