Study Visa: Best Way to Overseas Relocation for Nigerians


Student/study visa for relocation overseas

This is a guide on a plan on making your study abroad dream true. More than study, the realisation of goal for permanent relocation from Nigeria. In the multitude of experienced counsellors, there is safety. It is better and cheaper to avoid the mistakes of others  than repeat it. All in effort to study abroad.

Postgraduate Nigeria with permission is sharing this insightful article. It details reasons why the student visa and study route is the good path to relocation to the abroad. It is written by Lu Roi.

Study Visa: Best Way for OVERSEA Relocation FROM NIGERIA

Chuks has been living in the UK for 7 years He works in a farm picking fruits in Kent, and is considering switching to truck driving with the recent shortage to survive. When he left Ago Palace Way Lagos in search of greener pastures, he never imagined life abroad would be this frustrating and hard. He still shares a kitchen with his neighbor at 41years old, and cannot afford to bring over his Nigerian wife as he’s yet to tidy up the divorce he had with his British ex wife for “papers”. He wishes he knew a better means of migrating. This is the fate of many Nigerians abroad.

As a Consular, I was constantly asked how best a young person could migrate overseas, and I always answered – STUDIES.

Why is studies the best option for young people?

Studies entitles you to a Residence Permit, and in most countries some work hours. Within this study period, you assimilate the culture and acclimatize. The international degree you obtain at the end of your studies, also makes it easier for you to get a job – especially if you’ve never worked in an international dimension. You also learn the language that you’ll need (if not an English speaking country); make friends, build a network and start your journey to permanent residency/dual citizenship.

How can someone without any sponsor, or knowledge of schools and countries overseas realize his/her dream of studying abroad?
  1. Have a long term plan.
    It will take you about A YEAR, at least, to put together a successful emigration. Relocating abroad for studies is a project, and should be approached holistically, with time and patience. You need to build a vision board on this, and commit to the process.
  2. Seek professional knowledge/help.Seek out a good consulting firm for your evaluation, make an appointment on telephone or in person, fill in accurate data and ask questions. You will be guided on what your viable options are, budgets and the different means of financial fulfillment.

“.. How best a young person could migrate overseas, and I always answered – STUDIES.”

Specific action steps to relocation from Nigeria through Studentship
  1. Begin your personal research.  Start researching on countries, schools, culture, immigration needs, weather, etc. This will help you make the right decision on the possible options given to you by a Consultant. You can always reach back to your Consultant on this research journey with questions for clarifications.
  2. Seek out good contacts living where you want to go.Caveat – most people living abroad may discourage you from coming where they are, so bear in mind their contact is ONLY for information and reference not for motivation or encouragement. There is nothing romantic about relocating/studying abroad. Reach out to people who have walked the path, or begin communicating with the school.
  3.  Start saving.:You may not understand how this helps because you basically do not have any money/sponsor at this point. But putting away money does something to your psyche, and will ensure you have the confidence you need when the time comes for you to approach anyone for financial help. For most people without any form of financial help, THIS STAGE WILL TAKE YOU at least 2 YEARS.
  4. Seek Financial Aid: There are many institutions offering scholarships for Bachelor’s/Master’s degree and free Ph.Ds. To be able to do this, you need to show leadership capability, community service or professional achievements. Volunteering with an organization where you add great value gratuitously will qualify you for this at Master’s degree level. Seek also tuition free schools where you could study for free. A good consultant will help you with these options.
  5. Don’t be greedy, or make decisions with your ego.A good number of people choose schools they cannot afford, in cities they cannot afford, and end up having many issues throughout their studies or dropping out. Don’t be one of them. Be sincere in your personal financial evaluation and seek to move forward with the most reasonable, affordable package. This will impact your academic performance.
  6. “Be Patient” and “Have Faith”. If you have professional guidance in your journey, it’ll censor you from a lot of pitfalls & frustration. A good consultant will offer you valuable help and help you navigate unforeseen events. You may not hit your goal in one/two years and this will test your resolve. You must show grit. Commit to the process despite the seeming delay and DON’T GIVE UP!

Congratulations in advance!

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