Dr. Priscilla Asikhia: Youngest Babcock PhD at 25


In this maiden episode of Shinning the Spotlight, Postgraduate Nigeria brings you the amazing success of a young lady. She recently bagged a Ph.D. from the Department of Business Administration at the age of 25 years.

Shine the Spotlight: Dr. Priscilla Asikhia: Youngest Babcock Ph.D. at 25

At the last convocation ceremony at Babcock University, it was celebrations galore. Graduands, parents and well-wishers joined in the blissful mood. For Priscilla Asikhia, the celebration was peculiar.

Priscilla Asikhia, aged 25 years was awarded a doctorate in Business Administration. This makes her the youngest Ph.D. produced by Babcock University and one of the youngest in Nigeria.

Sharing her personal story, Dr. Asikhia noted her average academic beginning. As a secondary school student, she was called a girl with no future ambitions.

“Once called an 𝐍𝐅𝐀 (no future ambition), now a 25-year old Ph.D. holder!!!

A young girl who didn’t believe in herself as a result of my underperformance back in high school, A Jss2 girl, once called a No Future Ambition by her principal now a Ph.D. Holder.

I am glad to announce that I have just been awarded a Ph.D. Degree and also holding the position of the youngest Ph.D. graduate at Babcock University. All glory be to God for this great feat.”

Priscilla Asikhia graduated with a bachelor’s degree at 19. She went for the compulsory National Youth Service and returned immediately for a Master’s degree. With an M.Sc at 22, she continued for a Ph.D. This makes a ten-year university education, interrupted only by NYSC .

Dr. Priscilla Asikhia and family Babcock university

Her brother, Iseoluwa Asikhia Congratulatory mood noted that the family values education. With a Professor as a father and a mother also with Ph.D., Priscilla Asikhia is simply walking the route shown.

Postgraduate Nigeria congratulates the young scholar. More academic laurels to the bag.

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