Twitter Influencers to follow for Foreign Postgraduate Scholarship and Advice

Postgraduate foreign study

Twitter Influencers to follow for Foreign Postgraduate Study, Scholarship Application and advice.

Social media platforms have often been used for sharing content by users. The contents, at the discretion of the user, can be personal, comedy, motivational or educational.

Specifically, Twitter is a very influential social media platform among millennials and the age groups after. The rise of the so-called influencers has given voice to previously unknown people. Consequently, some of these influencers shape opinions and create sentiments among the youths. From Twitter trends to Twitter spaces, who you follow can influence what becomes of you.

Notwithstanding, Twitter is also a platform for sharing positive and productive information. Nigerians seeking postgraduate admission, scholarships, examination tips, and visa applications share this very important information on Twitter. So, while tweeps might be catching cruise or jumping on trends, others are seeking postgraduate twitter advice.

Are you a tweep, follow these influencers for regular study abroad information. Many of their followers have returned with foreign admissions with scholarships.

Twitter Influencers for Postgraduate Study Abroad

  1. Samuel Temitope Ajayi @SamdGreat01                         Samuel is a Ph.D. student in Nuclear Physics at Florida State University. He joined the microblogging app in March 2015. This versatile Ph.D. candidate has used the platform to share regular updates. These include Ph.D. scholarships in the US, Canada and Germany. He has a YouTube channel with information on scholarships and foreign postgraduate study.            Tweeting with the handle @SamdGreat01, he reaches out to over 104,000 followers. Hence, follow him and engage in his tweets & youtube videos on scholarships/assistantships.
  2. Dr. Addy Olubamiji @DrOlubamiji An exceptional Nigerian woman, she braved the odds to pursue her postgraduate study abroad, in Finland and Canada.                                                         Dr. Addy shares postgraduate student opportunities to Nigerians while using her personal story as an inspiration. She has 80,500 followers which she updates with US and Canadian career and study information.                                    Her influence is beyond Twitter, she has been rated as one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women. The RBC ranked her Top 25 Canadian Immigrant. Olubamiji@DrOlubamiji is a mentor at  this organisation
  3. Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi, Ph.D @olumuyiwaayo                  Influencer par excellence, Dr. Olumuyiwa reaches out to 171,000 tweeps regularly. The Canadian-based Academic loves to give Nigerians a hand raise by sharing vital information to aid overseas study abroad.                                                Dr. Olumuyiwa has personally written to over 10 foreign universities seeking their exemption of Nigerians from compulsory English tests. His efforts have yielded positive results. The news of this positive development went viral.                He shares scholarship resources, admission opportunities, templates of SOP and Academic CV. All these at no cost to his followers.                                             In addition, he runs an educational outfit, Scholarship cafe.@Scholarshipcaf2. He mentors prospective postgraduate students seeking foreign postgraduate study. He is the host on his YouTube channel
  4. Toyyib Adewale Adelodun@taadelodun


5. Sola Kolawole


MSc Candidate | İstanbul University | YTB Scholarships | Founder


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6. Dr. Ann Amuta



Extra: WIP nairaland


Babajide Milton Macaulay. LinkedIn

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