Applying to UK Universities with 2.2, Third Class or HND

UK Universities with 2.2

If you want to study for your master’s or Ph.D. in the UK, Postgraduate Nigeria has a number of blog posts to help you along the way. If you need advice, drop your question as a comment.

In the United Kingdom, a postgraduate or master’s degree follows the successful completion of an undergraduate degree. In general, it lasts only one year in comparison to Canada. Over 45% of overseas students studying in the UK are doing so to pursue a postgraduate degree. It is the main destination for academic research, finance, and culture, with some of the world’s best universities.


Furthermore, UK institutions have some of the best facilities. Applying to study in the UK opens up opportunities for scholarships and visas to world-class universities, as well as postgraduate stay visas. With such promising potential, many international students from Nigeria frequently inquire. Your questions would be answered in the comments below.

UK Master’s and the challenge of Lower second class (2.2)

Many prospective students are faced with the challenge of a poor undergraduate degree. 

A lower class undergraduate degree, HND or third class might seem like an obstacle between you and a postgraduate course. In many cases, it makes it difficult to gain admission. When offered admission, students would be interviewed by a panel before confirmation.

However, getting into a Master’s programme despite a poor undergraduate GPA is not difficult. The option and decision both have advantages and disadvantages. There are several alternatives.

Things to keep in mind

1. Avoid Russell group university: These are top-tier universities in the United Kingdom. The Russell Group is a self-selected association of twenty-four public research universities in the United Kingdom. Cambridge is the group’s headquarters. They are well-known for their academic research and education.

2. No cheap or average cost schools: Make up your mind, if you get a straight admission, it comes at a cost. If you receive a direct entrance, it will cost you. In fact, even low-ranked universities would consider you an ideal student. As a result, your academic deficit would be charged higher in pounds sterling. There is no inexpensive way.

3. No academic merit scholarships: Well, this should be obvious. Most scholarships like Chevening or Rhodes and other highly sought after UK scholarships are for high academic students. Except in rare cases would a 2:2 be awarded a scholarship.

What to do to get a good course at a UK University despite a 2:2 or Third Class

All doors aren’t closed on you. With a little work and determination, a UK masters is possible. The following steps can be a rough guide to still gain admission to a top UK school, despite a low grade.

1. Top Up degree:

This is equivalent to the penultimate and final year of undergraduate study. Some UK universities give students the opportunity to compete a degree in two years. With this, the student can graduate with a good grade and proceed.

2. PgD or PGCert:

These are certificate courses. It is used for prospective Masters student who are considering a different academic direction. Within nine to twelve months, a student can complete a PgD or PGCert, then proceed for a Masters

3. Pre-Masters:

This is a remedial course. Upon completion, students who succeed continue for Masters

4. Job Experience:

Despite having a second class lower or third class, a student with quality work experience can be admitted directly. The work experience must be verifiable and presented to the admission committee.

50 UK Universities that accept 2:2 Class and HND Holders for Masters.

1. University of Lincoln
2. London South Bank University
3. Bournemouth University
4. University of Northampton
5. The University of Sunderland
6. Birmingham City University
7. Coventry University
8. Sheffield Hallam University
9. London Metropolitan University

10. Kingston University
11. Coventry University
12. Sheffield Hallam University
13. Swansea University
14. University of Birmingham
15. University of Warwick
16. University of Portsmouth
17. University of Kent
18. University of Surrey

19. Northumbria University
20. Kingston University London
21. University of Bradford
22. Queen Mary University of London
23. Manchester Metropolitan University
24. University of East Anglia
25. University of Staffordshire
26. University of Plymouth
27. University of South Wales

28. Edinburgh Napier University
29. University of Essex
30. University of Hertfordshire
31. Buckinghamshire New University
32. Solent University
33. Roehampton University
34. Salford University
35. Queen Mary University of London
36. Robert Gordon University

37. Bishop Grosseteste University
38. De Montfort University
39. Buckinghamshire New University
40. York St John University

41. University of Wales Trinity Saint David
42. University of Winchester
43. University of Wolverhampton
44. Wrexham Glyndwr University
45. Anglia Ruskin University
46. University of Bolton

47. University of Hertfordshire
48. Canterbury Christ Church University
49. Leeds Trinity University
50. Leeds Beckett University

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