Happy Independence Day Nigeria

Nigeria Independence Day Today is 1st October, a special day for a great African country. Postgraduate Nigeria felicitates with Nigerians world wide on the 62nd Independence celebration.

62 years ago, the British flag was lower and the flawless green and white flag was raised. 62 years ago, Nigeria was born into nationhood. This new nation had the ability to control her affairs. The people of Nigeria claimed freedom. Oh, sweet freedom with lots of hopes and aspirations for the future.

Nigeria at 62, How far, How well

Nigeria’s current president, Muhammad Buhari at the Independence day speech praised himself for his “achievements”. He talked about the security challenges bedeviling the country and his inputs to solve it.

No matter the self praise, it is obvious that Nigerians were safe in 1960 than in 2022. Even though Buhari was a former military general, he lacked the grit and determination to end insecurity in Nigeria. The tides of kidnapping, banditry, terrorism, arms smuggling have continued to increase. The president is overwhelmed and has no new ideas to solve the problems. Little wonder, in an Independence day event, the President’s wife, Aisha Buhari apologised to Nigerians for the massive failure of the APC government.

ASUU Strike, longest in a long time

One of the key highlights of the failure of the current President is the strike by University lecturers in Nigeria. ASUU as the union is called have quit the university campuses till their demands are met. The strike has been going on for 9 months now, with no end in sight. Students are frustrated, lecturers are unyielding but the government is non-challant.

If there would have been a joy to celebrate at Nigeria’s Independence, the long strike could easily steal it. The loss of time, opportunities and growth by the education sector would be irrecoverable. What ASUU is demanding may by huge but not extraordinary. Politicians spend as much combined for unnecessary personal expenses at government expense.

Any ray of hope at Nigeria’s Independence Day?

As bad as we might paint the situation, Nigerian must still be hopeful. A hopeless person would be simple existing.

With the 2023 Presidential election drawing closer, many Nigerians believe things can still change for good. This year’s independence Day speech would be President Buhari’s last.

For those who have totally give up on the system. The option available is to emigrate. Many students and event working class have found every means possible to depart Nigeria to first world nations. It can only get better.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria.

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