Japa: Documents Never to Leave Behind

Japa Documents for overseas study

Many Nigerian students have joined the japa flight recently. In 2022, over 60,000 students visas were awarded from January to August. This is aside students going to other countries.

Studying abroad is a dream come true for most students. The process can be long, costly and uncertain. But it is surely worth effort at the end.

Now, you have gotten the long awaited student visa. Just as you load your suitcases with all that is important. Don’t let village people catch you. Some documents are non-negotiable for both exit at your nation’s airport and entry into the new country. Leaving it behind can cost you the flight. If not detected at take off, the new student migrant can be deported at port of entry.

Students Japa Documents Never to Leave Behind

Japa students travel abroad

1. Covid-19 Vaccination Card/Test Certificate/Result

Since the outbreak of the deadly disease in 2020, there have been restrictions on international travels.

These restrictions are based on active covid-19 checks.

When there are active cases, check that flights from your country is not banned. Also, passengers who transit through countries with his risk can be placed under surveillance.

Covid-19 Travel Pass

A negative Covid-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction PCR test result is needed for entry into virtually all countries of the world. The test must be done about 48-72 hours before take off and from an approved laboratory.

Alternatively, a double covid-19 vaccination with evidence is needed for entry. A double jab of the vaccine is a necessary proof of not becoming a high risk to get the diseases. After vaccination, your card would have a QR code that can be used to verify your status.

At a time, flights from Nigeria were prohibited at the United Arab Emirates. Nigeria also restricted flights from other countries with prevalence of Covid-19.

Upon arrival, immigration and border officials will request for valid covid 19 negative test results or your vaccination card. This can even be double checked online. In Nigeria, approved test centers for Covid-19

Take Note: When on transit, take the Covid-19 such that on final arrival, the PCR test is still valid. It is better to take a straight flight or avoid long transit.

2. Yellow Fever Card

For people traveling from or within Africa, a yellow fever vaccination is needed. The vaccination is done once but the a bolster dose in rare cases.

The evidence of vaccination is requested either at the border post (excluding Europe and North America) of the country. It can also be requested by an African based airline. Many students have reported that Egypt Air and Ethiopian airlines requested yellow fever vaccination card.

How to get Yellow Fever Vaccination Card from Nigeria

Simply visit a Federal medical hospital in Nigeria to get vaccinated. Also, the vaccination can be done easily at the international airport. Just locate the Port health facility within the Muritala Muhammad Airport. Make sure to visit with your international passport.


To get the card online, follow these steps:

1. Visit www.yellowcardnigeria.com

2. Click on register

3. Fill in your personal information

4. Click on “Pay Now” generate your Remitta retrieval receipt code. With it you can pay the fee of N2000 via internet banking or by going to the bank

5. Take the payment receipt along with your international passport to the Port health services office nearest to you to get vaccinated and obtain your new yellow card.

Port health/yellow fever vaccination centres in Nigeria

3. Admission Letter and Academic Documents.

This shouldn’t need any further talk. All documents in hard copy should be neatly arranged in a clear bag/envelope. Don’t not make the assumption of having documents in soft copy. Nigerian immigration officials may not take your explanation.

Other academic related documents are, schools fees payment receipt. Scholarship award confirmation, Nigerian O’level or bachelor’s degree certificate.

4. PTA

This is your personal travel allowance. You are supposed to have an amount of hard currency with you. To get your PTA, visit any commercial bank at least three weeks before travelling. Apply with your passport with the visa already stamped.

Many students make use of the black market to get hard currency. This is because of the delay from banks in giving out PTA at the official government rates.

Add to it, things not compulsory but needed by Nigerians

1. Drivers License

2. Raw Nigerian food

3. Hair clipper


Add yours….. Happy japa


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