2024/2025 Fulbright Scholarship in the United States

2024/2025 Fulbright foreign student program scholarship

Applications are open for the prestigious Fulbright scholarship for postgraduate study in the United States. The Fulbright foreign student program is an opportunity for graduate study and research in the US with all expense paid.

The Fulbright foreign student program is administered by US embassies or foundations in about 160 countries of the world. Yearly, about 4,000 students are beneficiary of the Fulbright scholarship.

Highlights of 2024/2025 Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship

1. Scholarships is at US universities

2. It is highly competitive. Awardee because part of a Fulbright scholars

3. Scholarship covers tuition, living allowance and travel

4. Nigerians can check the Fulbright scholarship page of the US embassy in Nigeria. Alternatively, send an email to NigeriaFulbright@state.gov

2024/2025 Fulbright Scholarship Eligibility and Requirement

1. Bachelor’s degree with high academic result.

2. Citizen of a country where the scholarship is offered

3. Evidence of english proficiency

Scholarship Benefits

1. Full cover of tuition, living stipends, academic funds and travel allowance

2. Cultural and professional engagements in the US

3. Lifelong membership of elite alumni group of Fulbright scholars

4. Grant opportunities after completing the scholarship year.

Scholarship Application Procedure

The Fulbright scholarship application page is online. Ensure to use a up-to-date browser, preferably Google Chrome.

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