Happy New Year 2023- Postgraduate Nigeria

Happy New Year 2023- Postgraduate Nigeria

Happy new year 2023

It’s a complete turn of planet earth around the sun. A year is done and here we go again. Welcome to 2023 and Happy New Year!!!

We did this in previous years, 2022 and 2019. It is to set the tune for the new year and put you in the mood for the academic year ahead. Every new year, there is excitement in the air. After the euphoria has quietened, the long walk begins.

Postgraduate Life in Nigeria

At the moment, many postgraduates are in session across university campuses in Nigeria. For students many writing examinations, there is literally no holiday season. The official government holiday only interjected the postgraduate exams. For others, exams begins right after the new year break.

Specifically, faculty of education students at University of Lagos have examination on the 4th January, 2023. And the examination follows daily.

The reason for the active postgraduate activities right into the new year is not far fetched. The long ASUU strike for eight months in 2022 caused a backlog of work undone. Postgraduate Nigeria wishes all students best of success.

Making 2023 a great year

For the new year to be better than the previous, steps must be taken. These points will help you achieve your academic goals in 2023

  1. Set a Goal: A goal is a desired end result. A postgraduate student or a prospective one should have a specific aim. Otherwise, effort would be like a stroll across the park.  Your academic goal can be purchasing a postgraduate form, registering and attending x,y,z number of conferences. It can pertain to thesis or research writing. Completing your literature review within 2 months is a target for a diligent postgraduate student.
  2. Connect with Mentors: How far can you go, without anyone to hold your hands? At postgraduate level, raw scholastic intelligence would do little to ace a great results. The best students are those who have a lots of mentors. They could be Thesis Supervisors, laboratory assistants, lecturers in the department or faculties or even colleagues.
  3. Prioritize your mental health: Many postgraduates are mentally stressed out by their research. Create time to connect with the world outside research. Have family moments and stop seeing them as a distraction. The anxiety, disappointment or pressure needs a release valve for better productivity.
Postgraduate Nigeria in 2023

This year, expect to be served with top rated information. We would offer write ups to support your postgraduate study.

Varieties of many kinds can also be introduced during the course of the year in 2023. Your suggestions on things you would like to see on the blog is welcome.

Remember to comment and share our links on social media. Your readership means much to me.

Happy New Year!!!


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