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Global Wealth University GWU

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On this blog, I received many requests on different issues relating to postgraduate study. It became apparent, based on questions in the comment box that many Nigerians (maybe foreigners) seeking overseas education have been patronising unlicensed foreign universities. A well-researched but limited post was made based on questions about postgraduate and undergraduate degree programs run by some West African universities.

Postgraduate Nigeria on global Wealth University togo

Amidst the recurring questions, a name pops up significantly. It is Global Wealth University. This is supposed to be an institution of higher learning. Many readers have asked about its accreditation status as a university.

Background on Global Wealth University

Global Wealth University located in Togo is owned by a Nigerian professor, Prof. Christopher Imumolen. According to its website, it is a university that offers both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Likely, the request about the status of the university by Nigerians on this blog is based on the influence of the Nigerian proprietor. I hardly noticed any questions from other nationalities.

GWU for short, claims that it is licensed and accredited by the MINISTERE DE L’ENSEIGNEMENT SUPERIEUR ET DE LA RECHERCHE ( Ministry of Higher Education and Research Republic of Togo). This is the official government institution that accredits universities in Togo. In addition, Global Wealth University, Togo boast of some obscure affiliation with some overseas university. Whether these claims are true or not, it was for this report to find out.

Is Global Wealth University Togo Accredited?

Surprisingly, there is no list or link on the Togo Ministry of Higher Education website with names of accredited universities. After a repeated search, it is either hidden or not available.

A previous blog post shared about fake postgraduate universities while highlighting a few of them. Incidentally, I got a comment from a Nigerian professor who seemed to know more about the issue of unscrupulous university rings or has a working knowledge of Togo’s university system. Prof. OBAKPOLO reaffirmed that truly, there are only four government-approved universities in Togo. He directed me to get the UNESCO IAU numbers for the institutions.

Since there was no list of approved universities on the Ministry of Higher Education, Togo website, therefore, Postgraduate Nigeria search went deeper.

Search for GWU Accreditation Status

Further search, through the UNESCO IAU Number gives a better idea of nationally recognised universities and institutions worldwide. A database base called the World Higher Education Database is a website to find the officially recognised universities with an IAU number. It has 21,000 higher education institutions from UN member states across the world.

In Togo, a search on the database showed that there are 20 institutes and universities recognised by WHED with IAU. All the notable names like the University of Lome, and the University of Kara are on the list.

Conspicuously, Global Wealth University despite its claim as a Government licensed university is missing. This raises more questions but a conclusion cannot be authoritatively made.

Further Search ….

Another source of information is from the International Handbook of Universities. The UNESCO Centre in collaboration with the International Alliance of Universities published a dossier called, International Handbook of Universities. This document, published in 2021 contains the names of globally recognised universities around the world.

International association of Universities

According to its preface, the handbook “contains the names of all Universities and University level institutions, as provided to IAU(International Alliance of Universities Division by National authorities and competent bodies from 196 countries around the world.

In addition, this compilation is gotten from nationally recognised government authorities. For a UNESCO document, this must be a carefully done work. Going through the handbook, the names of virtually all countries in the world are present with the list of accredited universities in each of the countries. A large document of about 415 pages for reference.

Specifically, on page 325 of the International Handbook of Universities, Togo is mentioned. A list of ten universities and higher education institutions accredited and approved. Institutions like the Catholic University of Western Africa/ Academic Unit of Togo Université catholique de l’Afrique del’Ouest/ Unité Universitaire du Togo (UCAO-UT) among other were mentioned.

Accredited and licensed universities in Togo

Nowhere on this list is Global Wealth University Togo. That indicates its status.

Verdict on Global Wealth University, Togo

In all fairness, the blog did reach out to Global Wealth University. I wanted to hear from the university about its accreditation status. An email enquiry sent was not replied to. With the email delivered, either the receiver didn’t read or our enquiry was discarded.

In conclusion, from the Postgraduate Nigeria search and findings, Global Wealth University.

Update from Global Wealth University

Since the publishing of this blog post, there have been a lot of reactions from readers and concerned people. There have also been some threats by very few readers for whatever interest group.

I hereby publicly proof that this article was a product of well researched work on the subject matter. It is not in any way meant to tarnish or malign the reputation of Global Wealth University or the promoters.

Response from Global Wealth University

On the 2nd October, Postgraduate Nigeria received an official email response from Global Wealth University. A staff Dr Nathaniel Akhire, gave clarity to the issue of the accreditation of GWU by the Federal institution in Togo. We believe in the well written response and welcome this feedback. The official response from GWU will be shared below.

Unedited Email Response from Global Wealth University Togo

Oct 2 at 4:09 PM

Dear Ayodele,

Thanks for reaching GWU

Global Wealth University is fully Accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education Togo.

The Ministry of Higher Education website does not provide a comprehensive list of all Universities Accredited in Togo, we believe in the nearest future they will update their website to include list of universities accredited in togo

To Answer your second question, you can check the link for the Letter of

Evaluation from Federal Ministry of Education Nigeria Authenticating GWU

Graduands for NYSC Mobilization and other relevant documents to guide

you better.

Accreditation and Recognition

Best Regards

Dr Nathaniel Akhire

For: Global Wealth University

23 Replies to “Authentic or Scampus: Global Wealth University”

  1. So, since global wealth University Togo is not accredited in Nigeria and Togo, what about their claim that their graduates are attending NYSC

  2. I saw your post about Global Wealth University not being accredited, and I wanted to chime in with some info.

    I’m actually a student at Global Wealth University, and I can confirm that we are accredited by MINISTERE DE L’ENSEIGNEMENT SUPERIEUR ET DE LA RECHERCHE (Ministry of Higher Education and Research Republic of Togo). It’s cool that you’re discussing these things, but I thought it’s important to have accurate info out there.

    If you’re curious to know more, you can reach the school management body. Accreditation matters to us, and we’re proud of the education we’re getting!

    Take care.

    1. Why does every information needed about this school always require the school management?.. una no dey see other unis ni?
      Tell them to make information about the school public. What are they hiding?

      1. There are students graduate in 2020 till date from GWU, non of them is considered for NYSC. The school management is fooling student just to collect the money, and students are being graduated atleast 3 set per annum

    2. I am also a student of GWU, but why can’t the school’s name be found in all of the research done? I beginning to think it’s a scam. The school’s name has been search everywhere yet no concrete evidence that it’s accredited. What is Professor Chris hidding?????
      Instead of focusing on giving the school a good reputation, he chose to campaign for presidential election he clearly Knows he won’t win at all. I just wasted 3 years of my life in the scam called an institution. Until there’s concrete evidence I refuse to believe the school is accredited.


    1. For those looking for evidence,
      If all these ones never do you, continue attending the school,nobody is stopping you.
      At the end of your 4years body go tell you.
      To get admission is not easy but then wasting money,time and effort in a school that is not accredited is not the solution.
      Pesin wey attend Federal university sef still dey beg God say make he see better job,how you wey go unaccredited school wan they do am now.
      We really need to stop fooling ourselves.
      They said JPTS is affiliated with Global wealth and so many students felt relaxed about it not knowing that the Global wealth sef no sure.
      They said JPTS is affiliated with Global wealth but the IT letter given to students for their IT placement carries Edexcel university in Benin republic while their admission letter for freshman carries Global wealth university, went to check the school accreditation and I saw that Edexcel university is not accredited also.
      Why is it that JPTS is only affiliated with schools that are not accredited.
      What exactly is this professor Christopher Imumolen hiding??

  4. Please is liberal bilingual institute togo (iblt) recognized by Nuc now? Is it accredited now?. Because they said they’ve been accredited.

    1. Ask the university representative to show your an official letter of recommendation by Togo Ministry of Higher Education.

  5. Pls,am having interest to attend this citadel of higher learning . But seen the information above that’s is uncredited makes the heart blush and discouraging.I think,If GWU is really truly on a ground of honest and sobriety to catar for humanity.
    On a more viable source, they should make their modus of operandi make known to the public for proper awarenesses and write their vision and makes it plain; that he who reads May understand and be able to run with it .🙏🏽

  6. Hmmm, God abeg help me ooo.
    I don’t want to hear that i wasted years and it’s a scam ooo
    Cause i have really been screaching online to know more about the school no, much detail and there are alot of students in the school.

    1. Am just confused I paused my adimmission want to go BK to school next yr I want to be sure before going don’t want to waste time

      1. JPTS programs in Warri and and environ in affiliation with any school is purely a scam and the students need to riot now

  7. Mmmmmm, I hope I no regret putting my daughter in the school o, in 200l already, kowo ma wogbo ooo, God help me

  8. I thought JPTS is the only issue,I no know say Global wealth sef get issues.
    And they said JPTS is affiliated to Global wealth,they said students would get to do 100 – 300 level in JPTS (which is here in Nigeria)so they would go to Global wealth (in Togo) for 400 level and get their Bsc there.
    I don’t know if Global wealth university is actually accredited in Togo,but one thing I want to ask is that why is it that everything concerning this JPTS is so cunning,even the admission process,the teaching system sef is rubbish.
    You can’t get in touch with the management and ask questions from them.
    No admission board,
    No school management board,
    No administration board.
    You can’t be looking for anything concerning other institutions like UNILAG and the likes,once you just get to their website you’ll get whatever information you’re looking for there.or even go to the school, you’ll get the information there unlike JPTS,the website is not even well structured,enter the school no main campus, you’ll just be seeing different braches like community primary school, nobody to ask questions from.
    I just hope people wise up and stop wasting their money and time on JPTS (in affiliation with Global wealth)

    1. It is difficult to give a single list at once. If you have any school in mind, tell me so that I help you check

      1. Omo I just got admitted and I have paid already I’ve also been making research aboth gwu but I’ve not seen any reasonable information about the school
        Is it that both gwu and JPTS is a scam
        God my heart
        My money has gone already

  9. Omo I just got admitted and I have paid already I’ve also been making research aboth gwu but I’ve not seen any reasonable information about the school
    Is it that both gwu and JPTS is a scam
    God my heart
    My money has gone already

  10. I also just got admitted this year and the admission process was that I started with second semester year one and the coordinator told me that my first semester year one will be my final semester after I have completed my level 400 and this I could not fathom wether the jpts claiming to offer it’s students NYSC through gwu and other partner universities are real
    I don’t want to waste money time and effort for something that is not going to be accepted by Nigeria’s government so please help me to get concrete details about this institute jpts/global wealth University
    Am pleading to the public

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