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IELTS, TOEFL Others Remains Compulsory for Nigerians

IELTS British council IDP

IELTS is an acronym for International English Language Testing System. It is a major certification of proficiency in English Language. IELTS
checks and rates the test taker on speaking, reading, writing and listening skills in the language.

English speaking nations in the developed world have used IELTS as a means of qualifying immigrants. In addition, universities in English speaking nations often ask for a proficiency in English test like IELTS before granting admission to international students.

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2020 Tokyo Olympic Athletes with PhD degrees

2020 Tokyo Olympics athletes with PhD degreeThe 2020 Tokyo Olympics that was just concluded was an epic global sport showcase. From the glitz, grim, glamour and gladiators. Empty stands and stadiums never diminished the 2020 Tokyo Olympic vibe.

Held in 2021, because of the Corona virus pandemic. Tokyo 2020 Olympic games produced new world record, winners, sports and- athletes with PhD degrees or PhD students.

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Top Buhari Ministers And Their Postgraduate Qualifications

This post was originally written and posted in August 2019. When the website server crashed, the post was deleted. This is a backup copy but reposted.

President Muhammadu Buhari recently sent a list of 43 Ministers designate to the Senate for screening. It took President Buhari about two months to pick his team that would drive the Next level agenda. After a screening by the Senate, with all gaining approval and confirmation. The nation awaits the president to reel out their portfolios, and finally, hit the ground running.


While there’s a lot of politics about who is fit or not to be a Minister, Postgraduate Nigeria has searched and brings you the most educationally qualified among the soon-to-be sworn in Ministers of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Hopefully we can tally their academic work with the Ministry to head and what they have to offer to Nigeria. Personal success shows in public service..

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NDDC Postgraduate Scholarship: The Dilemma for Recipents

Every year, thousands of students from the Niger-Delta region apply for the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Oversea Postgraduate Scholarship. For the fortunate few who are selected, after the thorough screening and interview, it is a happy moment. Recipents of the prestigious NDDC postgraduate scholarship at Masters and Doctoral level begin a new phase for study in top countries like the United Kingdom, France, Germany and China.

In recent times, there have been a lot of issues about the NDDC postgraduate scholarship.  After the stringent screening, many winners are faced with the problem of poor planning and execution by the Niger-Delta Development Commission. This usually turns happy recipents to sour students.

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American Genius Student Wins .7 Billion Naira Scholarships

Kiscada Hastings.
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An American High school student and recipent of multiple college admissions has raked in 2 million dollars (approx. 720 million naira) worth of Scholarships.

Kiscada Hastings, a senior

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Dreams die as Graduates wait endlessly for Transcripts

Academic transcripts is one of the documents needed for a Postgraduate admission. Infact, it is arguably the most important, as it can determine whether a prospective Postgraduate student gets admitted.

Unfortunately, in Nigeria, access to academic transcript by former students is so tedious and herculean. Business Day Newspaper reports on this challenge.

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Foreign Engineering Students Guide to the US Colleges and Universities

Hello everyone, this is in particular for those interested in pursuing futher studies in Engineering fields. A Master’s or Doctorate degree in Engineering from the United States would set you up on a positive path significantly. For this, Postgraduate Nigeria brings you this post. It is gotten from a reputable website, and we are sharing the content here.

Foreign Engineering Students Guide to the US Colleges and Universities