Exploring the Top Online MBA Programs: A Graduate Student’s Guide


MBA masters of business administration Nigeria and online

Ranking of  Premier Online MBA Programs of 2024

According to the Financial Times’ latest rankings, the cream of the crop in Online MBA programs for 2024 prominently features European institutions, particularly from the UK. These programs are celebrated for blending rigorous academics with flexible learning environments, catering to professionals aiming to elevate their careers without pausing their professional lives.


A Shift in Global Representation and Innovations in Online MBA Delivery

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Authentic or Scampus: Global Wealth University


Global Wealth University GWU

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On this blog, I received many requests on different issues relating to postgraduate study. It became apparent, based on questions in the comment box that many Nigerians (maybe foreigners) seeking overseas education have been patronising unlicensed foreign universities. A well-researched but limited post was made based on questions about postgraduate and undergraduate degree programs run by some West African universities. Continue reading “Authentic or Scampus: Global Wealth University”

Studying for a Postgraduate Programme in Nigeria

Postgraduate study program in Nigeria

A Postgraduate education can be extremely important, depending on your life choices. A postgraduate study programme can significantly improve your career prospects and open doors to new opportunities in today’s competitive job market. Individuals who pursue advanced education gain specialised knowledge, research skills, and critical thinking abilities, all of which are highly valued in the professional world.

Nigeria, with its diverse range of higher education and research institutions, provides an environment conducive to academic growth and professional development. Moreover, postgraduate study offers the chance to delve deeper into a specific field of interest, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and innovation. There are at least 20,000 doctoral students in Nigeria.

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