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IELTS vs TOEFL® vs PTE? Which English Test Should I Take in 2022?

IELTS TOEFL and PTE English language test

Postgraduate Nigeria brings you this rich article on English language test. There are three major English language test organisation for international students seeking admission to English speaking nations. compares the three tests and gives in-depth analysis on its structure, style and acceptance. Nigerians have some waiver for language test but still need it in many ways.

Highlights of Comparison between IELTS, TOEFL and PTE

  1. Structure, number of questions and time for each test
  2. Validity, minimum score for admission and cost
  3. Online free practice for the language tests
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IELTS, TOEFL Others Remains Compulsory for Nigerians

IELTS British council IDP

IELTS is an acronym for International English Language Testing System. It is a major certification of proficiency in English Language. IELTS
checks and rates the test taker on speaking, reading, writing and listening skills in the language.

English speaking nations in the developed world have used IELTS as a means of qualifying immigrants. In addition, universities in English speaking nations often ask for a proficiency in English test like IELTS before granting admission to international students.


Happy New Year 2022

Happy New yearWow! It’s already day 3 into the new year. It seems so fast but the new year hype is still in the air. Therefore, from Postgraduate Nigeria, we wish all our readers and followers a happy and prosperous new year in 2022.

What Make the Difference in the New Year

At risk of appearing like a sermon.

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Study Visa: Best Way to Overseas Relocation for Nigerians


Student/study visa for relocation overseas

This is a guide on a plan on making your study abroad dream true. More than study, the realisation of goal for permanent relocation from Nigeria. In the multitude of experienced counsellors, there is safety. It is better and cheaper to avoid the mistakes of others  than repeat it. All in effort to study abroad.

Postgraduate Nigeria with permission is sharing this insightful article. It details reasons why the student visa and study route is the good path to relocation to the abroad. It is written by Lu Roi.


Fake Postgraduate Universities in West Africa: A Discovery


HTIB fake postgraduate UniversityMany Nigerians are seeking opportunities for a further education. This education, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels of education is preferably gotten abroad. But with the high cost of postgraduate education in North America, Europe and Australia, there is a shift to small African countries.

Hundreds and thousands of Nigerians now study in Benin Republic, Ghana, Togo and Cameroon. While many of


Masters and PhD: Public or Private University

Master and PhD in public or private university

Shade was a postgraduate student at one of the numerous private universities in South West, Nigeria. She reluctantly agreed to even enrol in the institution. That reluctance was because her undergraduate degree was from a federal university- University of Lagos. The ill conceived opinion about private universities added to the hesitation.

After resuming for the master’s program, she soon discovered her course mates were not some under-25 rich kids. To her surprise, lecturers of even the revered federal and state institutions were having either a second master’s degree or PhD in the school.

What could have made these experienced folks abandon the big names for a little known private university?

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Student Loan for International Students

International student loanReview of Top 2 Student finance and loan organisations for International Students

Students from Africa, India and other developing nations are among the highest number of international students. These students seek undergraduate and graduate admissions from univerities in Europe, United States, Canada and Australia.

While studying in first world countries is a prime desire, it comes at a literal financial cost. International students pay many times more fees than citizen of host nations. This is not even considering the cost of travel between home country and destination, settlement and language requirements cost.