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Fresh Nigerian Students in UK Savor, Lament First Ever Winter

Nigerian student in UK snow winter experience

The experiences of several Nigerian students going through their first-ever winter in the UK have been bitter-sweet. In addition to the culture shock, there is the cold weather. No matter how it is told, it is best experienced. You can’t be too prepared, so the cold hits the first-timer hard.

For context, the year 2022 saw probably the highest number of Nigerian students visa issued. The UK Home Office data show that by the year ending September 2022, more than 51,000 students visa were issued.

Scholarship/Grants Study Abroad

Fully Funded GSK Scholarships at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine UK

GSK Future Health Leaders Scholarship at LSHTM


The 2023/2024 GSK scholarships is advertising for future health leaders to study in the UK fully funded. There are three highly competitive scholarships are available to applicants intending to study at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Glaxo-Smith Kline, through it generous scholarship is offering support to train and develop next generation of leaders in global health, and strengthen health systems and health-related research in Africa.

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Japa: Documents Never to Leave Behind

Japa Documents for overseas study

Many Nigerian students have joined the japa flight recently. In 2022, over 60,000 students visas were awarded from January to August. This is aside students going to other countries.

Studying abroad is a dream come true for most students. The process can be long, costly and uncertain. But it is surely worth effort at the end.

Postgraduate admission Study Abroad

Applying to UK Universities with 2.2, Third Class or HND

UK Universities with 2.2

If you want to study for your master’s or Ph.D. in the UK, Postgraduate Nigeria has a number of blog posts to help you along the way. If you need advice, drop your question as a comment.

In the United Kingdom, a postgraduate or master’s degree follows the successful completion of an undergraduate degree. In general, it lasts only one year in comparison to Canada. Over 45% of overseas students studying in the UK are doing so to pursue a postgraduate degree. It is the main destination for academic research, finance, and culture, with some of the world’s best universities.

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Direct UK Visa for Top Global Talents

High Potential Individual Visa for Top Global Talents

High potential individual UK visa for top global talents

The UK government has announced exciting and new immigration system that seeks to attract graduates from top global universities. The new visa regime called the “High Potential Individual Visa” would offer direct work visas to graduate of the world’s top 50 universities. Graduates would not need any UK affiliation before application.

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IELTS vs TOEFL® vs PTE? Which English Test Should I Take in 2022?

IELTS TOEFL and PTE English language test

Postgraduate Nigeria brings you this rich article on English language test. There are three major English language test organisation for international students seeking admission to English speaking nations. compares the three tests and gives in-depth analysis on its structure, style and acceptance. Nigerians have some waiver for language test but still need it in many ways.

Highlights of Comparison between IELTS, TOEFL and PTE

  1. Structure, number of questions and time for each test
  2. Validity, minimum score for admission and cost
  3. Online free practice for the language tests
Study Abroad Success Stories

Covenant University to Canadian MBA

MBA in Canada

In the chat with Study International, Ifeoluwa Odelana, a first class graduate of Covenant University shares her academic journey.

From Covenant University to Canada for MBA.

Ifeoluwa Odelana is a 2018 graduate from Covenant University, Nigeria. She bagged a first-class degree in industrial relations and human management. She worked briefly in HR, marketing and at her own business. Surely these experiences would come in handy in getting admitted for a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) program.