Top Paying Master’s Degree in 2023


Studying for a Master’s degree is demanding and rewarding. It is very well worth the stress to get back to the classroom. Well, that depends on the type of Master’s degree and course chosen.

Many return to postgraduate school for a Master’s for different reasons. This includes getting a career promotion (with a pay rise of course), changing career path, or developing a much-needed skill available specifically in school. Researchers need a Master’s degree to proceed to a doctorate. Continue reading “Top Paying Master’s Degree in 2023”

Top Free Online Courses in Computer Science

Online Courses in Computer and programming

Free online courses are a terrific way to improve your work prospects. You can achieve your dream and get diploma or transferable academic credits. Online courses add a little bit more to your CV and are a great talking point in interviews. It is as well as a fun way to spend your spare time.

Free online courses in computer science range from introductory classes to programming, data science, Continue reading “Top Free Online Courses in Computer Science”

What is MBA all about?

MBA masters of business administration Nigeria and online

MBA is Masters of Business Administration. This is the management and business postgraduate degree normally subsequent to a bachelor’s degree. The MBA is hosted by business schools and colleges of various universities across the world.

Masters of Business Administration or MBA for short, is a professional postgraduate degree. The course is designed for fresh starter in business and for experienced personnel seeking managerial and administrative skills and knowledge. For this reason, the MBA program accepts applications from virtually all fields but with strong emphasis on experience. Continue reading “What is MBA all about?”

Course Review: Master of Pharmacy


Master of Pharmacy mpharm

Course Review: Master of Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a medical field that involves the formulation, design and delivery of drugs and related medical products to patients. Pharmacists (those who study pharmacy) are highly trained medical professionals, spending at least 5 years for undergraduate training. They dispense medical prescriptions to patients and can prescribe drugs if need be. They also under go one year of internship, to become fully qualified. Continue reading “Course Review: Master of Pharmacy”