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IELTS, TOEFL Others Remains Compulsory for Nigerians

IELTS British council IDP

IELTS is an acronym for International English Language Testing System. It is a major certification of proficiency in English Language. IELTS
checks and rates the test taker on speaking, reading, writing and listening skills in the language.

English speaking nations in the developed world have used IELTS as a means of qualifying immigrants. In addition, universities in English speaking nations often ask for a proficiency in English test like IELTS before granting admission to international students.


Fake Postgraduate Universities in West Africa: A Discovery


HTIB fake postgraduate UniversityMany Nigerians are seeking opportunities for a further education. This education, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels of education is preferably gotten abroad. But with the high cost of postgraduate education in North America, Europe and Australia, there is a shift to small African countries.

Hundreds and thousands of Nigerians now study in Benin Republic, Ghana, Togo and Cameroon. While many of

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Student Loan for International Students

International student loanReview of Top 2 Student finance and loan organisations for International Students

Students from Africa, India and other developing nations are among the highest number of international students. These students seek undergraduate and graduate admissions from univerities in Europe, United States, Canada and Australia.

While studying in first world countries is a prime desire, it comes at a literal financial cost. International students pay many times more fees than citizen of host nations. This is not even considering the cost of travel between home country and destination, settlement and language requirements cost.

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All About Study Abroad in China

China and many other Eastern countries are becoming a major destination for both undergraduate and postgraduate study abroad.  Postgraduate Nigeria often reveals different countries for study abroad like the UK and Canada. This time, it’s about your postgraduate study in China.

This well researched article was written by Dana Vioreanu for Master portal. 

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NDDC Postgraduate Scholarship: The Dilemma for Recipents

Every year, thousands of students from the Niger-Delta region apply for the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Oversea Postgraduate Scholarship. For the fortunate few who are selected, after the thorough screening and interview, it is a happy moment. Recipents of the prestigious NDDC postgraduate scholarship at Masters and Doctoral level begin a new phase for study in top countries like the United Kingdom, France, Germany and China.

In recent times, there have been a lot of issues about the NDDC postgraduate scholarship.  After the stringent screening, many winners are faced with the problem of poor planning and execution by the Niger-Delta Development Commission. This usually turns happy recipents to sour students.


National Teachers Institute PGDE Programme

Pgde NTI The Teaching profession, which is often despised is arguably the largest body of professionals’ in Nigeria. Many people do not know that teaching is a professional with minimum entry requirements and it’s ethics.

To be a teacher is beyond just having the talent to transfer knowledge easily. The person should be trained.  All qualified teachers must possess an certificate in education. These certificates are NCE (National certificate in

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American Genius Student Wins .7 Billion Naira Scholarships

Kiscada Hastings.
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An American High school student and recipent of multiple college admissions has raked in 2 million dollars (approx. 720 million naira) worth of Scholarships.

Kiscada Hastings, a senior