How to Prepare for a Python Developer Interview

How to Prepare for a Python Developer Interview

Python developer interview

Python job boards are always busy. It is one of the most popular programming languages with seasoned developers, as well as newcomers in the field.

Python is now the second-most popular programming language in the world, coming in just behind JavaScript, according to RedMonk. There are an enormous number of fields you could program for. Do spend time considering where your interests lie.
For example, Python is used in algorithmic trading and popular platforms like Interactive Brokers enable connections to live markets using Python. Top research organizations like NASA and CERN use it. Industrial Light and Magic uses Python to support their special effects work. Python is used extensively at Google and they are looking to hire more developers with this skill.

First Steps

When you find a Python developer vacancy, you need to bag an interview. This is typically done Continue reading “How to Prepare for a Python Developer Interview”